Vocation Possibilities Astrology Report

image Are you living your dream? Are you doing what you were born to do? Do you know what your interests even are? Or your talents? Order one of these vocation reports and it will show you possibilities. It's all about the planets and the possibilities.

The Vocation Astrology Report is approximately 25-page report and the goal is to provide an astrological consideration of your vocational potentialities and to help you, and anyone who reads this report, to reflect on a fulfilling career path.

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Included in the report are:

  • An Introduction to Vocation
  • Vocation and Destiny - The Lunar Nodes
  • Vocation and Direction - The Ascendant and Angular Planets
  • Vocation and Character - The Sun and Moon
  • Income - The 2nd House Cusp and Planets in the 2nd House.
  • Work - the 6th House Cusp and Planets in the 6th House.
  • Profession - The Midheaven and Planets in the 10th House, Planets conjunct and opposite the Midheaven.
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A Fulfilling Vocation

In the midst of our busy lives, worn out by the endless repetition of meaningless tasks, it is difficult to appreciate Kahlil Gibran's poetic image of work as a soul-making sphere. In a technological environment work and soul seem worlds apart. The outer rewards of career - prestige, status, vacations, salary packages, job security - conceal the urge to express soul through our vocation. When we are no longer anchored by values and images that remind us of a meaningful life, emptiness permeates the working atmosphere, contributing to an epidemic of dissatisfaction, depression and insecurity in the workplace. This report is aimed at helping you reflect on your vocation or calling. It is not meant as a quick fix, but rather as an aid to self-understanding and awareness which in turn helps your vocational choices.


The Lunar Nodes

The North Node is in Leo

You were born with North Node in Leo and the South Node in the opposite sign of Aquarius suggesting that in your pride of lions, your destiny is to have the loudest roar. Your invitation appeals to the aspect of yourself that is playful and childlike, as it through your natural and spontaneous expressiveness that you will become connected to your purpose. Developing creative ideas, performing innovative plays or creating artistic pieces are all avenues to this sense of fulfillment. Virtues ripe for development are loyalty and affection, especially to the inner child, who seeks expression. Inherently you know how to be a team player and support and encourage fellow members, but circumstances may conspire to lead you away from the group and more into the spotlight. With such a strong social conscience and well-developed capacity to be part of a group it is easy to sideline your own creative impulses in favour of communal needs. However, it is important to know that your creative, original focus on your own ideas and projects will be productive and beneficial to the group at large. Vocationally you need to be at the centre, heartened by and 'in love' with the career path you take through life.

Lions need to feel they are being recognised for their achievements and need to receive feedback and a form of applause in order to feel fulfilled. Praise goes a long way in encouraging anyone to perform well and in your case it is necessary. Fundamentally you have already developed a solid network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances and they will be on hand to acknowledge you if you let them. With their support and acknowledgement you will brighten the world around you through your innovative personality. Your sense of self-esteem and confidence is probably linked to your vocation; therefore it is important that you have pride in what you do. The need for self-expression and self-promotion in a career is also important. Most probably you will also find that your need for self-discovery and self knowledge is forged through a creative occupation.

While you instinctually know how to be a friend it is important to develop your own identity through your vocation. As a colleague and friend you are able to listen to others but it is your creativity that now needs to be identified and demonstrated. So whether you produce your own play, design your own label, or manage your own business, what makes the difference is that your name is attached to the creative output and that it is recognised by others. Specifically you thrive in professions like promoters, teachers, entertainers, instructors, motivators, authors, and actors where you interact with others using your creative skills. At the end of the working day you will need to have felt a response for your creative endeavours, a reflection from the community that your contribution has been valuable.

The North Node is in the 9th House

The North Node is in your 9th house with the South Node being opposite in the 3rd house. This contrasts the sphere of ideas and information with meaning and imagination. You might be instinctually able to gather together statements, pieces of evidence, figures, statistics and information but in your vocation you will be called upon to infuse these facts with meaning and insight. With the North Node in the 9th you are called to expand your horizons, remove yourself from your familiar surrounds and look farther afield. There are broader issues, wider social parameters and cross-cultural attitudes that want to be developed vocationally. Therefore you might become involved in travel and adventure that exists outside the normal bell curve, find yourself drawn to the study of different religions and cultures to understand others' philosophy of life, or you might be challenged to learn human values and ideals becoming educated in the ageless traditions of human aspirations. Your soul urges you to take flight into the search for meaning and the pursuit of higher values. To do this you need to develop a vision and not get trapped by the details of the smaller picture.

Your comfort zone may be become involved in detailed information and ideas rather than exploring the larger picture. However your vocational probably calls you away from the safety zone of your neighbourhood and all its familiar connections. Vocationally you might be challenged to step away from your schoolmates, your friends and familial surrounds to find what feels missing. What you need to discover is outside these familial and cultural safety sectors. While your career may lead you into information technology or the world of ideas your destiny will be to infuse this area with meaning and imagination, educating and awakening others to greater meaning. Your nodal invitation is to become an educator, inspiring others to become more of who they are. Your gift is that you have an instinctual and intuitive way of being able to express this in a language others understand. Your strategic capacity provides maps for others to follow on their journeys through life.

Pluto is Conjunct The North Node

With the combination of Pluto on your North Node you may feel drawn to the unknown, interested in what lies under the surface of things and always probing for answers about the nature of life. Pluto's archetypal realm is the underworld, the vast expanse below what is visible. It is the storehouse of buried treasure and the repository of hidden secrets. Since its nature is highlighted on the northern pole of your axis of destiny, you may have always felt engaged with the mysteries of life, acutely aware of your depth of feeling. While you may be more inclined to withdraw into the silence of your own thoughts or feel the urge to find sanctuary in your own world, vocationally you are invited to integrate your passion for mystery and intrigue with your career path. You may be surprised how many different paths through the world could capture your attention.

Pluto is akin to vocations which dig deep down, either into the literal ground, or into the psychic ground of an individual to locate the truth and encourage the release of the repressed. Either way you are like an archaeologist who can dig to find the buried treasure or a miner who finds the minerals embedded in the rock. Psychologically this terrain is the subconscious and you may develop a great interest in the many fields of work in the area of the unconscious, whether this is psychology, medicine, or any other variation on the theme. Research and investigative vocations are also well suited to this image as you have an instinct for unearthing the truth. Pluto is the realm of the dead, therefore in a vocational sense this suggests careers where the cycle of destruction and renewal is prevalent, such as medical research, agriculture, ecology, recycling etc. However Pluto also suggests the power to influence the masses and transform public opinion and areas where you can make an impact on human values and consumption may also be of interest. There are many paths to choose but on all what is necessary is that you remain true to your own calling and never shy away from the truth. Pluto demands integrity and this of utmost importance.


The Ascendant and Angular Planets

1st House Cusp is in Scorpio

At the time of your birth the sign Scorpio was rising in the East, foreshadowing the way you reach out into the world. Since you are fiercely private, having no time for small talk, you are often seen as being intense and unapproachable. Truth is you are wary of becoming too close too fast. Trust is important to build over time and when it is established you are loyal and true. Sincerity and honesty are priorities for you and you have a knack of knowing when others are phoney or inauthentic. Therefore you are often intimidating to other, yet paradoxically they are also drawn to your depth and charisma. Ironically, though, in your vocation you are called upon to share your insights and beliefs, be challenging and self expressive. Satisfaction in your working life comes not through being private and insular but through the acknowledgement of your identity and forging a good approval rating. Vocationally your challenge is to be creative and popular in the world without losing your soul. Therefore you need to retreat from time to time. A sabbatical, not a full time retreat, is the answer. On the other side of the horizon is the sign Taurus. This suggests that you need to be complemented by a stable and grounding partner. Therefore you are attracted to others who can help you build your life but are self contained enough to not interfere with your vocation. However it is these qualities of stability, durability and reliability you need to develop in yourself. Ironically once you find your own inner rock and stability you are free to enjoy a variety of relationships and friendships. Therefore while you might feel more inclined to closet yourself away, your vocation is found through exploration, expression, learning and developing. And when you are not looking, praise and recognition come your way.


Considering the Sun and Moon

THE SUN: Virtues of the Essential Self In the final analysis, we count for something only because of the essential we embody, and if we do not embody that, life is wasted. - C.G. Jung

The Sun is in Capricorn

From the beginning of life you might have felt responsible, not just for yourself, but for the people and environment around you. With your Sun in Capricorn you have a heightened sense of what is right and wrong, even perhaps an over-developed sense of guilt. Like the mountain goat whose gaze is on the pinnacle of the mountain, your peak represents the summit of excellence always striving to reach the highest point in yourself. Being so acutely aware of what should be done and what constitutes an offence, you endeavour to always do the right thing, and can often feel inadequate or ill equipped to succeed. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and over the course of time your success is revealed through hard work, dedication and commitment. Time is your ally.

Most present-day portrayals of Capricorn suggest they play by the rule book. And this is true to a certain degree. Ultimately the rule book that you want to adhere to is your own, yet often you may end up with a weak authority figure steering the organisation in an impossible direction. One of the designs that often show up in the tapestry of your life is woven by a string of unskilled or inefficient authority figuresteachers, bosses, and managers, even paid professionals! Often you are more proficient with a higher level of comprehension of the job than your boss or service provider. This is your challenge to become your own boss and strive for excellence without the impediment of a system that does share similar values. Yet this takes time to figure out.

Time, quality, excellence and distinction are all hallmarks of your character. You know how to preserve and contain things of value. Responsibility is your great virtue. This suggests response-ability or the ability to respond. In other words you need to support yourself authentically from within, becoming the authority or author of your own life script, not living out of someone else's program. Capricorn is old in its wisdom, but youthful as well, since it has the time to grow into itself. Your honourable traits such as commitment, dedication and perseverance help to support you in gaining autonomy from the system you feel bound to. You have a strong work ethic and integrity shaped by your innate responsibility to whatever you are doing or whomever you are with. Therefore you are never free of a system, but hopefully free from the systems that no longer support or acknowledge you. In this way you are freer to pursue your own vocational path and not one already earmarked for you. It is important for you to be self-reliant but not exclusively so, as you also need to be responsible to something in the world, be it a project, a task, a baby, a book! Therefore it is not uncommon for you to find yourself as the managing director of your corporation, the president of your golf club, the principal of your school or at the top of the ladder. But your satisfaction comes not from being the supervisor of others, but by being the boss of yourself. Having learnt the lesson of inner authority and personal responsibility you can be liberated enough to feel acknowledged within the system. To find your vitality and spirit and to feel soulful in the world, you need to strive to be committed, reliable and respectful of tradition. Your efficiency, practicality and work ethic are your guiding lights.

THE MOON: Caring for Your Soul

Care of the soul asks us to observe its needs continually, to give them our wholehearted attention. -Thomas Moore

The Moon is in Cancer

Your Moon is in Cancer, its natural home. As the governess of the tides you too are aware of the constantly changing moods, the fullness of feelings and the letting go of attachments. Therefore you are highly sensitive to the subtle textures and colours of the feeling life, especially when you are in a closely-knit group. You respond to others in your environment and can feel easily hurt when they are unresponsive or withdrawn. Therefore in your daily work and rituals it is important to feel emotionally safe and secure. You prefer your work environment to be like family and instinctually might try and recreate a familial environment. It is important to be aware of your security needs at work and strive to have these met or protect yourself when you feel unsafe. Building both emotional and financial security in your vocation is important.

From an early age you recognised your tender touch. You might have imagined being a nurse, a vet, a carer or a teacher. While your life path may have veered away from your childhood images you still need to feel engaged and attached to what you are doing. Much of your need to care can be fulfilled through parenting. However if you do not choose this path then you might find yourself drawn towards professions where care is highlighted. To care for your own soul, however, you need to feel supported by close friends and provide a safe nest for yourself.

If you are called to the nurturing professions then your Moon in Cancer might lean towards caring for the dependent, such as aged care, childcare, becoming a paediatrician or specialising in infant illnesses. Women's issues or family orientated concerns may also appeal. Nurturing professions such as health care, nursery or day care, primary teaching, social work, nursing, counsellors and helpers of all kinds like family therapists and social workers would be part of the wide spectrum that you may feel drawn towards.


The Rich Resources of Your Life

2nd House Cusp is in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the sign that searches for meaning, is on the cusp of your 2nd house, suggesting that the quest for meaning supports and strengthens your personal worth. You value and appreciate education, vision and philosophy and incorporate these concepts in your occupation. You are invested with the gift of giving meaning to other people's life experience. When this is coupled with your intense and charismatic personality you are able to make your living in meaningful and significant ways. Literally one of these ways might be as a teacher, instructor, professor, guide or educator. However, in your own way, you are satisfied when you are able to help shape other's beliefs and attitudes about themselves in order to improve the world they live in, their life experience or lifestyle. In modern jargon you are a life coach, best suited to making your living inspiriting others. Because of your intense commitment to your beliefs you are able to be inspirational and influential. You are valued and respected for your beliefs, therefore it is imperative that you value and respect what you do. What you value, appreciate and believe is disseminated through your occupation and therefore your capital worth is intimately bound up with being true to your beliefs. Ethics play a large role in your sense of wealth and investments. You also bring your philosophy and principles to your understanding of money. On one extreme you might have lofty ideals about money and end up feeling ripped off when others do not aspire to such ideals. On the other pole you could exaggerate and inflate your resources to cover up a meaningless life. Your quest is to forge a valid way of thinking about money, assets and possessions so that you feel satisfied and supported in doing the things that you value, like travelling, studying and learning.

Qualities that seek expression in your vocation are your search for truth and knowledge, your vision, far-sightedness and optimism, as well as the idealistic, philosophical side of your nature. The freedom to explore, be involved in cross-cultural projects, travel and learn is key to your sense of satisfaction. Vocationally this suggests that you will need to be expansive in your ideas, your principles and your opinions and remain open for all kinds of possibilities. You learn on the job and opportunities are always on the horizon for you when you let yourself have faith and confidence. Even though you may not recognise it, there is a pattern of development in your choice of jobs. You might feel that your fortunes are not paying off but Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, spins your Wheel of Fortune. Luck and timing are on your side so make sure you have enough faith to keep searching. Believe in yourself and your abilities and the world responds.

The Sun is in the 2nd House

The Sun is in your house of resources, suggesting that assets and income are important to you and in some way your identity is shaped by your attitudes towards ownership and possessions. The Sun indicates the building of ego strength and identity in the world; being in the 2nd house this suggests that confidence is forged through the expression of your individual skills and abilities, especially when it comes to turning your innate talents into income. Building of a successful career with disposable income is intimately tied to your feelings of confidence. In other words when you feel connected to the inner self, cash flows. On the other hand when you lack a sense of identity or importance you might compensate for this feeling of inferiority through finances and possessions, finding power in money, rather than the self. Displaying wealth or boasting of your properties or stock portfolio is a sure sign of overcompensation for feelings of inadequacy. Prestige and possessions are bound together with this astrological signature and it is up to you to find the appropriate channels for this expression. Ultimately the power of money helps to free the sense of self and facilitates you to find what is important and valuable in your life. You are naturally generous and giving; however when this turns to extravagance, the unconscious reveals a lack of self esteem.

Financial security is realised through your strengths and courage. You have a great resource in yourself, a high degree of creative ability and a flair for placing yourself in the right circumstance. To be successful at building your assets and income you need to express your individuality and uniqueness and find the courage to express your creativity in the job. You need to put your own mark on whatever you do and therefore it is important to speak up, find your voice and express your talents. Keep rehearsing. Don't be afraid to audition for the part or be interviewed for the job, as you need to put yourself forward to be known. Acknowledgement and approval contribute to your feelings of worth and value; however, they are not a given. You need to seek these out. On a personal level, your relationship with father may underpin your feelings of worth and value. If these were impoverished then you might be at risk of carrying these feelings into the world of work. However, this placement suggests you rebuild your confidence and self worth through work and by expressing your skills and talents in the creative sphere of the world. Vocationally your skills may range from the entertainment or self-improvement professions through to working with children. There are a variety of ways your talents could be profitable. But the bottom line is always your need to put your creative self at the centre of what you do. One sure way of knowing if you are on the right track is your level of vitality and energy. When you are in the right position and expressing your skills and talents your energetic level and vitality will be high. So will your income. But when you are in the wrong place you will feel drained. Make sure you are able to shine in whatever you are doing.

Mercury is in the 2nd House

Mythologically Mercury is the divine patron of commerce, the god of the marketplace, trade and exchange of money. He was also known as the trickster god and also brought his penchant for deceit and theft into the marketplace. All archetypes have dual faces and both sides of Mercury influence your experiences with and attitudes towards money. Consider both sides of the coin in all financial dealings for what may seem to be a sound investment could turn out to be a sham or on the other hand what appears to be dodgy could really be beneficial. You have an innate capacity to tell the difference and you hone your skills at reading people and situations in the marketplace. You are at home in the world of commerce, bargaining, buying or selling, trading, importing and exporting, even communicating about financial markets. E-Bay and shopping on line are the modern manifestations. If Mercury were given a portfolio in the government he would either be the Minister for Communication and Transportation or the Minister of Information.

Vocationally you would make a good living as a trader, salesperson, commercial investor, financial writer, and stock expert. You can thrive in areas where there is a lot of anxiety, movement and change. Whether you are on the floor of the stock exchange, behind a counter on Boxing Day sales or purchasing the latest fashion line in Milan you are at your best when there is lots of activity, challenges, and things to do. Your great skill is to think fast, be swift footed and mobile. Also as the divine patron of writers, Mercury in this sector suggests that you have a knack for earning your income by telling a story, writing, lecturing, educating. Whether you are a scriptwriter, songwriter, speechwriter, screen writer, journalist, novelist, columnist or just write in your journal for pleasure you are satisfied when you are exchanging stories and information. However you also might be the one delivering the speech, radio announcing, public speaking or teaching, as it is through communication that your find your worth and value. You certainty are capable of earning your living in the communication and transport industry. To be realistic would be to suggest that you would have many wild ideas and great schemes about how to make money and earn your living. Why not? That's part of the fun. For you making a living is about having fun, communicating what is important and being able to be flexible and mobile. You need money to buy books, travel, pay for your courses and use the Internet. After that it is debatable. Mercury inspires you to use your intellect, your ideas and your ability to communicate in the way you earn your living. Whether you write it, think it, speak it or draw it you need to express it to feel satisfied. Your secret to success is that when you are able to express your ideas are when you attract appreciation, acknowledgement and assets.


The Labours of the 6th House

6th House Cusp is in Aries

Aries is the sign on the cusp of your 6th house. This suggests that independence and freedom are important considerations in the routine conditions of your employment. You need to be unconstrained in your work environment and are able to work effectively when there is an atmosphere of spontaneity and you are given the permission to be adventuresome and risk-taking in your position. Movement and challenge are important considerations in your job portfolio; therefore you may be well suited to travelling with work or changing environments regularly. Once the goal posts are in place, it is important that your work environs encourage you to be self-motivated. Therefore if your entrepreneurial and visionary character does not find an outlet in the everyday world of work, you at risk of becoming bored and restless.

You work best when invested with responsibility and free from reporting to superiors constantly, therefore you may be better suited to self-employment or at least employment that allows you to be in charge. Your competitive spirit seeks an outlet through work so the more challenges the better; therefore without constant change and stimulation you become impatient and uninterested. Restlessness, boredom, lack of direction or an inability to commit yourself to the job at hand may result in a sudden urge to leave your employment, or if you stay, you become frustrated and short tempered with those in the environment. When frustrated and irritable, you may provoke your co-workers just to get a reaction and enliven the atmosphere. Frustration and anger in the atmosphere of your workplace signals the lack of spirit and enthusiasm in the working environment which creates tension and stress for you. Your nature is more akin to taking the risk to leave, rather than try and steer a sinking ship. This sign also suggests the area/s of the body that are most likely to reveal the stress when your daily work life is not supportive. Since Aries rules the head, stress may be expressed through headaches, migraines, hearing loss or eyestrain. If you are not mobile enough in your occupation you could also feel fatigued and exhausted. However, it is your lack of focus, restlessness and even reckless manner in your workplace that reveal you are not suited to the job. This aspect of your chart suggests you should be invigorated and energised by the challenges and labours of work. It is important to remember that there are ways of minimising stress at work. Movement, a change of pace, a challenge, going to the gym during your lunch break, playing a competitive sport with one of your work colleagues are all healthy outlets. When you feel bottlenecked and the vital signs of life are not responding, you need to expend physical energy to get back on track. Being physical, motivated and challenged are the necessary components of a daily life.


The Status of the Tenth House

10th House Cusp is in Virgo

Virgo is represented by the maiden, a complex image that has undergone considerable transformation from its original meaning. Ironically it implies an image of freedom and independence, a woman in relationship to her internal self, contained and autonomous, in charge of her own desires. Vocationally this motif is important to you, suggesting you need to follow your own call into the world considering your own needs and honouring your desire to be of service. Depending on other aspects of your personality you may prefer to be the assistant rather than the leader, however, you are still likely to display executive abilities. You could choose a career in administration, either as a civil servant or as a manager. The urge to serve and to strive for wholeness should be considered in any vocational pursuit. However while this urge may be projected onto a literal career your true vocation is serving yourself in your quest for wholeness. Therefore it is important that your vocation fulfills the desire for self-improvement and self-understanding. It is this quest that leads you into considering a wide spectrum of occupations in health care, social services or holistic healing. Reflect on the field of health care as a potential vocation, for instance dentistry, nursing, mental health, nutrition, vetinary science, chemistry, or medicine. Social work and clinical psychology are spheres where you may also be adept. Holistic healing careers involving herbs, natural remedies and therapies, nutrition, hygiene, physical realignment etc. are also well suited to Virgo's sympathy with the natural world. A naturopath is both a literal and metaphoric image that encapsulates this urge to find a path towards wholeness.

Virgo's need to serve may be satisfied through a myriad of repair and service industries as well. However this earthy side of Virgo can also manifest in many other ways. You might have an innate technical skill that could be utilised vocationally in scientific (laboratory technicians, scientific research) or medical occupations (health inspection, medical research and technology). Or you may resonate with the instinctual and natural world of plants and animals; vocationally an example could be a nurseryman attending to plants or a veterinarian attending to animals.

Analysing facts and figures is another skill that can be used in a variety of ways such as auditing mathematics, and accounting. Your ability for detail and precision is also a skill, which can be utilised in your vocation. The influence of Virgo suggests the ability to deconstruct the whole into its various parts to help it function better. Whether this deconstruction is done through dissection, editing or criticising your goal is to improve whatever you become involved in. Your quest for perfection needs to be recognised and directed in any profession, or else you may feel unsatisfied obsessing on what is not right. A common theme is to feel that your job is constantly improving. At the end of the day Virgo you need to feel that you have completed your tasks and that your efforts have improved the system you work in. You also need to feel contained and ordered in the execution of these tasks as well as by the atmosphere of your workplace. Routine and ritual are very necessary in order to promote a sense of coherence. Chaos in the workplace feels very unsettling for you. The thin line between the need to constantly improve and the pressure to be perfect may drive you into over compensating by working too hard and for too long. You need to be reminded that your calling towards wholeness needs balance and moderation.

Chiron is in the 10th House

While Chiron is not categorised as a planet, its archetypal influence is important to consider. Being in your 10th house, Chiron symbolises the professional encounter with healing and commemorates your exclusive role in the world. While you might feel marginal in your career aspirations, foreign to what others strive for, even an outsider in your system, you have a distinctive role to play. Chirons cave on Mount Pelion was the place where young, homeless and orphaned boys were initiated into the ways of the hero. With Chiron they were reminded of their birthright and were schooled in the arts of heroism and healing. In classical myth Chiron is the ancient link to the archetype of the healer/hero and reminds us of traditions that linked the mystical with the mundane or the spirit with the body. It was also reminiscent of the heroic urge to heal the self. In contemporary times Chiron symbolises this quest for wholeness, individuation and the attempts to repair the split between the body and the soul. Hence in vocational pursuits Chiron tends towards the healing professions that address the need to reconcile the body/mind split. Having this archetype strongly placed in your vocational sector, you may feel drawn to the healing arts, especially complementary and alternative medicine and healing.

With Chiron in the 10th house there is a myriad of possible paths to find your way into healing. Holistic healing professions including naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism, chiropractors, Chinese medicine and all alternate healing practices which attempt to work with body and mind, dream therapists, channels, Reiki and other new age healing modalities, astrologers and others working with imagery and symbols as a healing tool are all resonant with this placement in your horoscope. Chiron was also a mentor and teacher and therefore you may also be drawn to mentoring professions such as life coaches, mentors, inspirational teachers, meditation instruction or health education.

As a foster figure Chiron is also associated with the marginalized and therefore professions which work with refugees, the homeless, the handicapped and vocations which aid the underprivileged and the outcast are ways you might feel called. The 10th house is your pathway into the world and when you are in public life you feel drawn to the wounded. You are likely to be the person who donates a coin to a passing beggar, or you might feel compelled to work for a charity or organisation that helps the less fortunate. Whether this is through social work, a caring or medical profession, trauma counselling or even private practice, you find your capacity to heal is drawn up from your own wounds. With Chiron in the 10th your innate capacity to heal and your intrinsic understanding of trauma is forged through your own experience. Ironically it is your own wounds and complexities that call you to be a healer and educator. For many of the same reasons you are also likely to be in synch with the objectives of workers' unions, or international protection groups. In other words your need to be a champion of the underdog is reflected in your choice of career, whether this is a worker, mentor or teacher looking after your flock or literally working with the underprivileged.

Jupiter is Conjunct The Midheaven

Jupiter, the archetype associated with philosophies, ideologies and beliefs is at the pinnacle of your chart suggesting that fate has placed these concerns in a prominent position of your life. You are a born educator and visionary, drawn to the dissemination of ideas that help foster understanding and expansion. Your search for truth and meaning is at the forefront of your investigations leading you down a path of cross-cultural discovery and learning. You are both pilgrim and professor on life's path, gathering and disseminating wisdom to help expand human understanding. Whether teacher, explorer, guide or publisher, optimism, faith and vision are vocational necessities.


'Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.' -Robert Frost

A Considered Vocation

Fulfillment in the world is more a product of who we are, not what we do. Our vocational nature implies a path of individuation, a road 'less traveled by', and in some ways, a road still under construction. Hopefully this astrological consideration of your vocational potentialities has helped you reflect on a fulfilling career path.

Astrological consideration of a vocation also needs to be placed in the context of the life cycle. Adolescents greatly benefit from a traditional examination of the vocational patterns in the horoscope to help confirm and inspire their career plans. However in adult years, especially when on the verge of mid-life (36+), the urge to find meaning and purpose through vocation is more the issue. Vocation is a lifelong task and one that is at the heart of the individuation process and the lenses through which we view vocation need to be re-examined and rechecked at every new stage of the life cycle.


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