Natal Predisposition Astrology Report

image The Natal Predisposition Astrology Report is to show where the talents and nature of the natives. It highlights the life goals, the home, the education and community, relationships, motivation, career, creativity, challenges, and purpose and joy of the native. The report, averages 20 pages, includes easy-to-understand text and beautiful graphics. I don't have the graphics listed below, only the text.

Price - $20
Availaibility = 24-48 hours through email

Included in The Natal Predisposition report are:

  • Life Goals the Sun and Jupiter in the signs, houses and aspects .
  • Home the Moon in the signs, houses and aspects
  • Education and Communication Mercury in the signs, houses and aspects.
  • Relationships Venus in the signs, houses and aspects
  • Motivation Mars in the signs, houses and aspects
  • Career Saturn in the signs, houses and aspects, and the Midheaven
  • Creativity and Originality Uranus and Neptune in the signs, houses and aspects
  • Challenges in Life Pluto in the signs
  • Purpose and Joy The Ascendant in the signs and houses
Birth Date
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Birth Time
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Birth Name

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This report has been written to introduce you to the concepts of astrology and how to get started with your natal chart. Astrology is a complex and meaningful science which takes years to study and apply successfully; however, we would like to whet your appetite with this report, and encourage you to deepen your understanding through other means.


The Sun

Just as the Sun is the centre of the earths Solar System, so does the Sun play a vital role in your life on earth. Your life goals are linked to your Sun - its Zodiac Sign and its position in your chart. Contrary to popular belief, the Sun isn't the only planet to be considered in a persons chart, but it is an important component. The Sun gives you an indication of how you can shine in your life. You will feel truly alive when you are living the traits indicated by your Sun. Therefore it is likely that you will spend much of your life on a journey to self discovery, aiming to incorporate these traits into your life. Understanding the energy of your Sun is a good starting point to understanding yourself and your purpose in life.

The Sun is in the 12th House

Your Sun is in the 12th House of your birth chart meaning that much of your life is spent working behind the scenes. This could mean taking a back seat in your job as the secretary rather than the boss, the stage manager rather than the actor or the editor rather than the published author. On the other hand you may work in the relative anonymity of a large institution such as a hospital or the armed services. Although you have the ability to succeed in your life, it is likely to involve some form of self-sacrifice. you have the ability to overcome any difficulties entirely through your own efforts, although you can benefit from other peoples charity at great times of need. You seem to be constantly forced into situations where you have to tackle things on your own and may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the forces of the world. Seclusion is a prominent theme of your life, whether it is enforced or by choice. It may be that you actually enjoy long periods on your own, recharging your batteries through moments of quiet reflection. it is also possible that you could have some difficulty spending time on your own, as this forces you to contemplate painful memories, particularly those connected with your father. It is likely that you have missed out on an opportunity to have a close relationship with your father. This separation could have been because your father was forced through circumstances to leave the family home, or perhaps he was unwell, or simply the type of person who lacked the strength to face up to his parental duties. In some cases it is possible that your father could have died when you were a young child, leaving a sense of loss. Although you may find it difficult, moments of quiet reflection will ultimately prove to have a healing effect on any emotional pain. You may even discover a sense of being deeply connected with the psychic world.

The Sun is in Sagittarius

Your Sun is in the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius indicating that you are a sunny and optimistic individual, with a love of adventure. In fact adventure plays a key role in your life, whether it be literally travelling around the globe, or metaphorically speaking exploring the world of ideas and philosophy. you are particularly enthusiastic about anything that expands your world and helps you forget about daily chores. Religion, law, sport, philosophy, academia, and ethics are just some of the many areas which provide a gourmet of ideas for exploration. For these reasons you are also likely to be attracted to people from foreign lands, who help to give you a fresh and different perspective on life. You also enjoy setting goals, as looking forward to a new vision provides excitement. Your excitement is contagious, and this can be uplifting and a lesson to those around you. But you need to beware of grandiosity, and remember to enjoy the present moment. In your eagerness to embrace life and all of its possibilities you need also to be aware that others may lack your enthusiasm. While you certainly have the ability to inspire and teach others, you need also to learn tact and diplomacy in your approach. You may be surprised to learn that you possess a tendency to be blunt which needs to be reined in from time to time.


The planet Jupiter also tells you about your goals in life, in particular the areas in which you are likely to succeed. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and wisdom. Ancient astrologers believed that the planet Jupiter had a greatly beneficial effect on a persons life.

Jupiter is in the 6th House

Jupiter is also in the 6th House of your chart signifying that you certainly know how to liven up a dull day, even if it does mean re-scheduling a few commitments and shaking up other peoples routines. You like to live each day to the full, ignoring the rigours of should and have to in favour of comfort and fun. you are full of boundless energy and tend to complete the mundane jobs in a flurry of activity so that the rest of the day can be enjoyed in other ways. Fortunately you are usually healthy and your body is quite resilient, which means you have lots of energy for filling your day with fun-filled projects. You can achieve quite a lot in one day. Work and fun often mean the same thing to you, with you spending much of your time on the job. Mostly this isn't a problem as you enjoy your work and can make a good income, but you need to be careful not to overdo things. it is also possible that your work is linked to your own personal and spiritual beliefs, and these may be associated with caring for other people. You enjoy employment that gives you plenty of freedom to set your own goals, a job that doesn't tie you to a desk but involves some travel.

Jupiter is in Cancer

you have the planet Jupiter in the Zodiac Sign of Cancer in your birth chart indicating that you are an idealistic person, who has a strong humanitarian side to your nature. You want to take everyone under your wing, whether they be family members in trouble or victims of world disasters. You may feel the urge to travel overseas to take care of other people, possibly even becoming involved in a humanitarian or religious welfare group. It is also possible that you have a large family. If not your friends will become your family, and you have many friends. This depends on other influences in your birth chart. you are kind-hearted and popular and so attract friends from both the lower and higher echelons of society. Although you mean well, you do need to be wary of becoming too meddlesome in other peoples affairs. You are likely to benefit from your connections with your loved ones, possibly through unexpected inheritances and legacies. Astrologically the planet Jupiter is considered to be in a favourable position in the sign of Cancer and therefore it is likely that you will achieve your goals.

Jupiter is Opposite Saturn

You can succeed in achieving your life goals, but only after you ve learnt to balance the conventional and unorthodox sides of your nature. This is because the planets Jupiter and Saturn are making a difficult aspect in your birth chart. There is a dissident side to your nature, which you have difficulty keeping under control. Unrestrained enthusiasm can lead you into trouble. At other times there's an orthodox side which is overly cautious, causing you to hesitate unnecessarily when action is required. Finding the right balance is hard work. Generally speaking you are a poor judge of when to take action and when to wait patiently. As a result you are likely to suffer financial loss if speculating in the business or financial world. You would also do well, if possible, to steer clear of lawsuits. On a positive note when you can blend the two opposing forces you are capable of great things. You can enjoy success in self-employment or be a valued member of a team, particularly in the business world. Once a balance is achieved you are sure of achieving your objectives in life.

Jupiter is Opposite Uranus

The planets Jupiter and Uranus are making a difficult aspect in your chart indicating that your unusual approach to achieving your goals can sometimes land you in hot water! you are keen to change things in this world because you can see where traditional methods have failed. You see no reason to continue with out-moded traditions, preferring unconventional and new ideas. The trouble is that at times you lack tact and diplomacy. you are impatient to see results, not realising that your very impatience is jeopardising your success. Repeatedly throughout your life, experience is likely to teach you that success isn't an overnight accomplishment. Results don't always come quickly. Perhaps you could remind yourself of the motto all good things come to those who wait. it is worth persevering with your goals and taking a positive approach to overcoming the obstacles in your life. You can achieve a great deal in the world through your innovative and unusual methods. You may also benefit by joining with like-minded individuals, perhaps in the fields of metaphysics, unorthodox religion or science.

Jupiter is Opposite Neptune

The planets Jupiter and Neptune are forming a difficult aspect in your chart indicating that you encounter difficulties early in life when expressing the creative side of your nature. It could be that you are not aware of your talents, or it could be that you are a dreamer who has trouble making practical moves to develop your abilities. Perhaps you are idealistic when it comes to assessing your options. The good news is that you are likely to overcome these difficulties as you mature. Whether you know it or not, you are a highly-talented individual. you are not necessarily a budding artist, but there's at least one area in your life in which you are creative. Of course you need to become aware of this talent before you can fully develop. You then need to acquire self-discipline if you are to make something of your gifts. Once you have made this discovery, whether it be in teaching, the arts, healing or spirituality, then you are capable of reaching for the stars. Your spiritual beliefs may also play a prominent role in helping you achieve your ambitions.


The Moon

Astrologers from different schools of thought allocate varying meanings to the Moon in a birth chart. Ancient astrologers say that the Moon changes its nature according to its phases, and merely passes on impressions from other planets rather than directly influencing a persons life. However, modern astrologers tell us that the Moon depicts a persons roots, our home and family. They say the Moon also shows our habitual nature or subconscious patterns of behaviour which stand in the way of achieving our life goals. While the Moon can show us our strengths, it can also depict our weaknesses which need to be overcome in order to be successful in life.

The Moon is in the 6th House

The Moon is placed in the 6th House of your birth chart suggesting that health - intellectual, emotional or the physical component - is a major focus of your life. Other components of your birth chart may indicate whether intellectual, emotional and/or physical health is the focus. Whatever the focus your own health can be a constant source of pre-occupation forcing you to constantly adjust your daily commitments and to reassess your priorities in life. Sometimes it is other peoples health that concerns you, particularly a woman close to your heart. it is possible that you suffered from ill health early in your life, or that you suffered emotional or intellectual setbacks in early childhood. Perhaps you are still bearing the brunt of childhood experiences. it is also possible that you have learnt a great deal about the relationship between the mind and the body. You may want to share your own discoveries about medical treatments and the healing process with other people, possibly through your work. Your health may disrupt your daily routine, or perhaps you have learnt to adapt your lifestyle. Either way your daily life is constantly undergoing change, routines being disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Finding a way to serve your fellow humans may be more important, more so than shining in your own right. Therefore you are likely to choose an occupation whereby you can be of service to other people.

The Moon is in Cancer

With the Moon in the sign of Cancer you are the homebody of the zodiac, enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones in your own home. You enjoy the feeling of belonging to a tribe, be it your own family or a tribe of friends. you are an understanding person, with strong feelings of sympathy. You also enjoy looking after others either through cooking them something tasty or simply lending an ear to their troubles. For this reason you are often the person to whom others turn in a crisis. Friends and family can often be found in your kitchen with a comforting cuppa. In fact have you noticed how you also have a tendency to attract stray animals? Loyalty features strongly in your life, although you need to take care that you bestow your loyalty with some discrimination. Sometimes strong emotions, which seem true at the time, can be seen to be misplaced with hindsight. Depending on other aspects in your chart, it is likely that you'll feel a strong emotional bond with your mother. You may have difficulty in breaking this bond, and therefore in leaving home. Astrologically speaking, the Moon is in its own rulership in Cancer, emphasising the benefits of emotional satisfaction through caring for others.

The Moon is Conjunct Jupiter

The Moon is making a positive aspect to the beneficial planet Jupiter in your birth chart suggesting that you enjoy your home and family life. This is a favourable aspect for health, wealth and family life. Depending on other influences in your birth chart you are likely to enjoy good fortune with your home, and any property investments. it is possible that you have a large family, enjoying connections with close and extended family members. you have a generous and expansive nature and an easy-going, philosophical approach to life. This makes your home a very hospitable environment. You enjoy catering for friends and family in your home, and may live in a large home or in spacious surroundings. Your optimistic view on life means that you are usually rewarded with many visitors. Family relationships are favourable, particularly with the women. it is likely that your good fortune has been influenced by your positive relationship with your mother, or an important female member of your family. You have fond memories of a warm and loving mother and want to share your good fortune with others. Perhaps there's a benevolent matriarch in the family tree. In some cases it is possible that your childhood relationship with your mother was not a positive experience. In this case you may be determined, as an adult, to be everything that your mother was not. Either way you are likely to benefit through your relationships with family members. You may also benefit through shared religious or spiritual beliefs.

The Moon is Opposite Uranus

The Moon and the planet Uranus are connected in your chart suggesting that your home life is unusual and changeable. It could be that you have difficulty settling down in one place, or that you live in extraordinary surroundings. In some way your family life is unusual. This isn't necessarily a negative experience, although it could be upsetting. Perhaps you, or a member of your family, have an unusual hobby which has taken over the household, or necessity requires that your family often changes residence. The erratic nature of your household probably stems from your childhood experiences. Perhaps your family was different from traditional families, or circumstances led to emotional upsets in the family home. it is possible that you suffered from a sense of insecurity as a child as a result of changing family life. Your mother, or an important mother figure, may have been an unusual or unstable influence in your early childhood. A continuing sense of a lack of security in your home and family may be a source of emotional distress, as you struggle to come to terms with conflicting emotions. However, you are a resourceful, inventive and independent person, and will eventually learn to blend your individual need for excitement and stimulation in the home environment with a need for comfort and security.

The Moon is Opposite Neptune

The Moon is making a difficult aspect to the planet Neptune in your birth chart indicating that you have a sensitive nature, and are prone to spending long periods of time in solitude in the safety of your home. Sometimes you thoroughly enjoy your own company, but at other times you can feel somewhat despondent and confused, tired and caught in a web of inexplicable emotions. The problem may be that you are unrealistic in your expectations of yourself and your loved ones, idealising them only to be disillusioned when they fail to live up to your expectations. A more realistic approach can be helpful. you are often confused about your direction in life, wondering if you'll ever fulfil your dreams. Your home needs to be your haven from the world because you feel overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the world, and you need to shut away. If this isn't possible then it is likely that you'll be distressed. Depending on other influences in your chart it is possible that you spend long periods living in a fantasy world. Family members may have stories about your daydreaming ways as a child, which continue well into adulthood. it is also possible that your loved ones feel the need to bring you back down to earth, believing that this will help you cope with the world. Nevertheless you have learned to trust your own instincts, telling you of a need to escape somewhere to dream, even if it is only one room. In this case a room with a beautiful view would definitely appeal to your aesthetic nature. it is likely that your relationship with your mother, grandmother, or an important woman, has played a key role in your life, positively or negatively. On the negative side it is possible that this mother figure demanded that you ignore your sensitive nature, turning your back on your artistic and spiritual gifts. On the other hand perhaps she cosseted you as a child and adolescent, fanning your unrealistic view of the world. Another scenario could have been that your mother was unwell, or regularly adopted a victim-like approach to life, which forced you into the role of caretaker at a young age. Whatever the scenario in your childhood, the outcome is likely to be your own struggle to face your responsibilities while still finding time for your spiritual, artistic, or contemplative needs. it is possible that this same woman, or another woman, could have encouraged you to develop the imaginative side of your nature. Perhaps this woman had artistic or spiritual gifts, or encouraged your own talents. Whatever the scenario, it is likely that you have an idealised or distorted picture in your mind of this woman, which affects your adult relationships with your loved ones. Your lesson is to learn to balance your needs for artistry, spiritual pursuits or moments of quiet contemplation with the practical, and very-real, demands of the mundane. This is when you are most likely to appreciate the soothing nature of your home. Your house may also be a restful haven for your loved ones, because you have a flair for creating a peaceful environment. you have the ability to listen with sensitivity to other peoples problems and plans, or to create a beautiful environment with artistic ornaments, soothing music and indoor plants and flowers. Perhaps you also have artistic talents, which can be displayed in your home. You may find a great sense of satisfaction in living close to water, or surrounded by nature.



Our academic schooling and learning through life experience are linked to the planet Mercury. This planet stands for the intellect, common sense, cold reason, commerce and business. It tells us about our communication and learning habits and our modes of thinking.

Mercury is in the 1st House

The planet Mercury in the 1st House of your chart signifies that, possessing a lively and enquiring mind, you are constantly seeking information and data about the world around you. You are curious, wanting to discover new things about the world, and this can take you to some very interesting places, both in your local neighbourhood and further abroad. "Curiosity killed the cat" is the old saying. However, you would be quick to add the often forgotten ending to the saying, "satisfaction brought him back"! you have a keen intellect and don't like to be bored, otherwise you can feel quite restless. You are fond of books, whether they be considered true literature or just a fun-filled novel. Resource books and cross-word puzzles also hold a strong appeal. You also enjoy studying new subjects, and may have literary talents. While other people may enjoy a quiet and unchanging routine, you prefer the stimulation of changing circumstances. You are resourceful and adaptable. These abilities can also stand you in good stead in the business world, where adaptability and resourcefulness can equate business acumen.

Mercury is in Capricorn

The planet Mercury in the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn indicates that you are a wise and careful thinker, preferring to take your time to consider all possibilities before making decision. You are also likely to choose your words carefully before talking. You place importance on credibility and authority. Therefore you'll seek knowledge which carries some authority. you have an astute mind and enjoy studying a variety of subjects, approaching your topics in a serious fashion. For this reason you enjoy success in the academic world. it is also likely that others will appreciate your wisdom and counsel in many matters. While it is true that you have the ability to become an acknowledged expert in your field, it is also true that you can become a little rigid in your thinking. You approach new ideas with caution, preferring the tried and tested ways that have already been trod. However, with your practical nature you will soon see the advantages of anything new on offer.

Mercury is Conjunct Saturn

The planet Mercury is making favourable contact with the planet Saturn in your birth chart indicating that you have good intellectual abilities. Your mind is contemplative and profound, capable of concentration and comprehension. Therefore you are likely to shine in pursuits such as study, writing, publishing, lecturing, teaching, travelling, diplomacy, and business. You may be particularly interested in science, politics or medicine. you are fortunate to have good judgement and reasoning powers, as well as an excellent memory. You may have had difficulty expressing yourself as a child, but as an adult you are able to speak your mind in a logical and methodical manner. The saying "older and wiser" certainly applies in your case. you are a sensible person, able to make careful plans and carry them through to completion. Depending on other aspects in your chart you are more likely to take a traditional path in your education, rather than explore unchartered territory. The steady approach to education and communication suits you. you have the ability to become a voice of authority in your field of expertise, particularly a field which requires business acumen, good communication skills and common sense. In other words, you are capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to.

Mercury is Conjunct Uranus

The planets Mercury and Uranus are connected in your birth chart indicating that you have an incisive and ingenious mind. You enjoy progressive topics in your studies and your communications with other people. In fact you may be ahead of your time in your thoughts, ideas and opinions. you are generally successful in your studies because you are able to communicate your original ideas with ease. Creativity and intuition are second nature. you are an independent thinker, who likes to be given the freedom to express your ideas. In fact woe betide anyone who tries to keep you quiet or change your mind. You make impulsive decisions, some would say rash, but generally speaking you tend to land on your feet. Your projects tend to reflect your individual flair, and stand out from the rest of the class or society. Writing, publishing, advertising, science, astrology and electrical affairs may all be of interest, although any unusual subject will catch your attention.

Mercury is Conjunct Neptune

The planets Mercury and Neptune are making favourable contact in your chart suggesting that you have a fertile imagination which, if encouraged, can lead to success in education, communication and any creative projects. you are receptive to new ideas and have a resourceful mind. You may also be inspired by the beauty of nature and the expanse of the ocean. Although at times you can seem a little vague, it is more likely that you are lost in a world of creative thought. If left to your reflections, then you are likely to express your thoughts in an artistic or creative manner. This could be through art, poetry, literature, story-telling, or music. it is possible that you possess genius in one of these fields. you are also likely to excel in medical or spiritual circles, where your heightened sensitivity to other people can be truly appreciated. you are more likely to follow an unconventional, rather than orthodox, path if you become involved in medicine. This is because you are attracted in psychic and spiritual phenomenon. In fact you may possess psychic gifts in the form of clairvoyance, psychometry, crystal gazing, trance and inspirational speaking and writing, and prophetic dreams.

Mercury is Opposite The Moon

You need to take care in your communications and education because of the unfavourable combination of the Moon and the Planet Mercury. you have a sharp mind and a quick wit, but unfortunately you have a tendency to gossip and be sarcastic rather than put your skills to good use. In some cases this combination can also highlight a tendency to dishonesty and worry. Of course you are worried, because you can only judge other people by your own standards and these may not be very high! Of course much of this depends on other influences in your birth chart. On a positive note you can turn your mind to your studies and to improving your communication skills.

Mercury is Opposite Jupiter

The planet Mercury is making an unfavourable aspect to the planet Jupiter in your chart indicating that you are likely to encounter obstacles in your education. This could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have so many ideas and plans that you are not sure which ones to follow, and as a result never seem to get started. it is also possible that you have many unfinished projects, because your attention span is limited. Perhaps you lack good judgement. In all of these scenarios your intentions are good, but you lack the discipline to accomplish your goals. You make promises you can't keep and are prone to exaggeration. As a result your credibility is generally low. You may even become the subject of scandal and gossip. Of course this all depends on other influences in your chart. And the good news is that you learn a great deal from your mistakes, growing older and wiser with each passing year. As a result you are likely to overcome your obstacles, and achieve your goals, particularly in the areas of communication and education. it is also possible that you choose to communicate your experience through teaching, writing or public speaking.



The planet Venus tells about love and relationships. It reveals the type of relationship we value, and what we are seeking from our most intimate relationship, as well as how we like to show our love. It answers questions such as, are we attracted to strong, sensual and intense relationships? Or do we prefer some freedom and independence? This planet also depicts how we like to relate to our environment and other people, not just our primary partner, and how much importance we place on money and resources.

Venus is in the 1st House

When the planet Venus is placed in the 1st House of your birth chart you have a natural inclination to express love, with a desire to make life a pleasure for yourself and other people. Whether you realise it or not you are physically attractive. This, combined with your pleasing nature, ensures that you are surrounded by loved ones seeking your company. you have a calm and harmonious demeanor, and your presence seems to bring peace to any environment. you have refined tastes and an appreciation of art, music, singing, dance and theatre. You use these gifts to bring beauty to your surroundings. Through you others discover the power of beauty and love. it is even possible that you inspire the artists and poets of the world in their creative efforts. Your attraction to romance and beauty means that daily life can sometimes seem dull. At these times you need to be wary of becoming involved in love affairs, which may enliven your life for a short time, but in the long term bring hurt and disrepute. This does largely depend on other influences in your chart. it is more likely that both you and your loved ones benefit from the strength of your love. Ancient astrologers believe that the favourable planet Venus in the angular 1st House brings good fortune.

Venus is in Aquarius

With Venus in the Sign of Aquarius you are a social being by nature, enjoying friendships with people from all walks of life. This of course depends on other influences in your chart, which may indicate a preference for solitude. However, on the whole you are likely to flourish in groups of people because you make friends so easily. In other words you are a real party animal. You love to organise social events with your friends, and often receive invitations to various social events. you are the sort of person who talks to the person sitting next to you on the bus, easily striking up a conversation with a total stranger. Whether introverted or extraverted by nature you are particularly interested in sharing cultural and intellectual pursuits with your friends. it is important that you have the freedom to pursue your many friendships, and attend your group and social functions, otherwise you become restless and bored, and consequently rebellious. For these reasons your primary partner in life needs to be someone who is intellectually stimulating and who understands your social butterfly urges, giving you plenty of room to spread your wings. You may find yourself attracted to unusual people, and possibly choose a partner, who's out of the ordinary.



Mars is the planet that tells us about our assertion and drive. It tells us what motivates us and what desires drive us most powerfully. Are we ambitious for professional power, or do we desire a meaningful relationship? Do we pursue our desires aggressively? Or do we sit back, lacking the confidence to achieve our ambitions? These are the types of questions answered by the qualities of the planet Mars in our chart.

Mars is in the 11th House

With Mars placed in the 11th House of your birth chart groups, organisations and clubs provide an outlet for the passionate side of your nature. On a positive note this means that your leadership qualities come to the fore inspiring group projects. You have the power to rally group members, charging them with purpose and vision. Others admire your prowess. However, it is also likely to come at a cost. You have difficulty curbing your passion and can alienate other people through your lack of restraint. In other words you push too far, not knowing when to stop. You don't recognise the signs of mutiny. If any thing you have difficulty curbing your impatience with the group process, perhaps even losing your temper with individual members. While you achieve your own goals, you lose a lot of friends along the way. This hardly seems right as you believe that you are only trying to help other people, but perhaps you have difficulty seeing your own faults. it is also fair to say that you have very few true friends, which is difficult to understand when you desire to have many. You lose your friends through quarrels, which seem to erupt from nowhere and it doesn't seem possible to heal the rift. However, the few true friends can usually be counted on to fight on your behalf, and you, too, are willing to stand up and fight for them.

Mars is in Scorpio

The planet Mars in the Sign of Scorpio indicates that you are the type of person who can be relied on to make sure that a task is finished, because you are resourceful and, once committed, quite tenacious. you are executive material and have the ambitions to match. you are also the type of person who likes to get to the bottom of matters in order to resolve problems. Sometimes this can also involve an interest in investigating the mysteries of the occult world. You certainly don't like to have difficulties swept under the carpet, but prefer to bring things out in the open. This applies to both your work and your private life. you are a passionate person, and sometimes your life can resemble an emotional battlefield. Although this can be a bit overwhelming, mostly you like a sense of the dramatic in your life. At least it is preferable to boredom. On the whole you are strongly committed to those around you, but woe betide anyone who tries to stand in your way because you can be a vengeful opponent. You need to be cautious before going into battle with others because the planet Mars is considered to be powerful in the Sign of Scorpio and therefore while you may win, the outcome could be unpleasant.

Mars is Semisquare Saturn

Conflict is likely to be a key feature of your life because of the influence of the planets Saturn and Mars in your chart. When these combine in an unfavourable manner it leads to troubles and discord. you are probably well aware of the difficulties that you face in some areas of your life, finding it difficult to motivate yourself to overcome them. Other people and circumstances seem to stand in the path of your success, which is frustrating. In some cases you could be frustrated by a physical illness, which prevents you working towards your ambitions. it is true that you shouldn't neglect your physical health, because you could be prone to illness and harm through accidents. You may find that resentment and thoughts of revenge are ways in which you motivate yourself into action. Of course you would do well to avoid acting on these feelings, otherwise you could end up in violent disputes or in trouble with the law. This influence in your chart can indicate achieving notoriety, which is very different from achieving success. it is possible that you have difficulty remembering a time when life didn't have its problems. Perhaps you had a tough life as a child either through difficult family circumstances or because of a strict and harsh parent figure. Of course much of this scenario depends on other influences in your chart. On a more positive note you are confident and ambitious, capable of driving yourself and others to achieve your objectives. You can be motivated by the thought of achievement, and are likely to succeed through hard work and self-discipline. In fact you are determined to succeed in certain areas of your life. Your will power can be indomitable, particularly when you have determined on a course of action.

Mars is Semisquare Neptune

At times you have difficulty getting motivated, lacking the energy to fulfil the many task in your life. This is because of the difficult combination of the planets Mars and Neptune. it is not that you lack in creative ideas, but rather that you sense that you don't have the energy to carry them out. it is possible that you are prone to allergies and physical illness, but one of the keys to success is taking time out to experience quiet and reflective moments. You need to slow down and smell the roses on a regular basis. This could be spending time in nature, listening to inspirational music, swimming in the ocean or sitting in a quiet house of prayer; any activity which provides emotional and physical rest and soothes the soul. If you don't schedule in quiet time then you are likely to suffer from lethargy and despondency, and possibly even physical illness. you have the ability to develop great creative power but you need to avoid drugs and alcohol. it is also possible that you have either a strong artistic or spiritual side to your nature, which could be used for self-motivation. Your hobbies or career may reflect your spiritual or artistic gifts. Your spirituality could be either orthodox or liberal. The artistic side of your nature may benefit from activities such as art, theatre, dance, music, design, film and craft work.



The planet Saturn represents responsibility, boundaries and structure; structure that provides a positive framework within which we can build, or structure that limits our development and forces us to reassess our liabilities and assets. This planet is also linked with our ambitions, and how we approach the practical side of life. This planet often represents the professional side of our lives.

Saturn is in the 1st House

The planet Saturn placed in the 1st House of your birth chart suggests that there's a quiet side to your nature, which gives you a natural reserve and a serious demeanour. You tend to sit back and observe, keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself, while you assess any given situation. you have done this ever since you were young, although then it was more likely to be due to timidity or shyness. As you grow and mature, it is more a quiet reserve which enables you make a proper assessment before taking any action. you are naturally cautious, but once committed to a course of action, you can be relied on to complete your responsibilities. you are concerned for the welfare of other people, and are willing to help others in practical ways. You believe in achieving results through hard-work. Depending on other influences in your birth chart, you may suffer from periods of depression when you feel that your responsibilities are too onerous or because you doubt that you can achieve your ambitions. it is true that you are not likely to be an overnight success, but success does come as a result of your reputation, which has built up over the years. In your case, perseverance pays off.

Saturn is in Capricorn

The planet Saturn in the Sign of Capricorn signifies that conservative values play a strong role in your life, although you are able to embrace new ideas when practicable. You strive to have a fair balance because you are pragmatic. you are quiet and, reserved, although by no means a pushover. In fact you have a strong, ambitious side to your nature, and in your own quiet way you work towards achieving your goals. Astrologically the planet Saturn is considered to be favourably placed in the Sign of Capricorn, which means that you are likely to achieve your life's ambitions through quiet persistence. you are serious and cautious by nature and can experience moments of anxiety, but you are likely to overcome these worrisome traits, particularly later in your life. You possess tact and diplomacy. This, coupled with your tenacity, will result in success. you have a tendency to work alone rather than depend on other people. This could be a sign of your reserved nature, or it could be that you have been let down by co-workers and acquaintances in the past. On the whole you are wise to rely on your own resources, because acquaintances could prove a disappointment from time to time.

Saturn is Conjunct Neptune

The favourable combination of the planets Saturn and Neptune indicate that you have the ability to be both practical and creative. If you have musical or artistic talent you have the self-discipline to make something of your gift. Whereas other people may give up in despair, you are likely to endure through long hours of practice in order to perfect your skills. As a result you could make a career from your artistic talents, such as performing on stage, designing for a theatrical production, or teaching your craft. you have a good sense of values, and an innate sense of timing. Both of these traits stand you in good stead in your career ambitions. it is also possible that you have a firm set of spiritual beliefs which guides your choice of life direction. In some cases you could enjoy a career directly connected with your spiritual beliefs.

Saturn is Sextile Pluto

The combination of the planets Saturn and Pluto in your chart suggests that you are an ambitious, insightful and powerful person. you are likely to make a powerful impact on your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones, both as a child and an adult. At times you might be surprised by the extent of other peoples reactions to your presence and opinions. You may even surprise yourself by your own reactions to some circumstances. Authority is likely to be a continuing source of difficulty in your life, as you attempt to find the right balance between your own individual rights, and those of the community. Of course there are many instances when these two rights coincide, but you are more likely to find yourself involved in the clashes, perhaps as a mediator. it is possible that you could become involved in someones power struggles, in which your role may or may not be central to the outcome. it is true that you have the ability to be a powerful leader, perhaps in the government or armed forces, or as an executive or politician. You can be a powerful leader, but first you must learn to use your unique insights for positive purposes. The 19th Century author John Stuart Mill said in his work On Liberty (1859) that: Everyone who desires power, desires it most over those who are nearest to him, with whom his life is passed, with whom he has most concerns in common, and in whom any independence of his authority is oftenest likely to interfere with his individual preferences. Herein lies a key to your chart. you have the ability to succeed in your ambitions, but first you must learn how to deal with the balance of power in your life, respecting both your own and other peoples rights to succeed.

Saturn is Semisquare Mars

An unfavourable combination of the planets Saturn and Mars can indicate difficulties in your profession, particularly in partnerships or companies. You need to be careful to avoid litigation, which you are like to lose. Of course this depends largely on other influences in your chart. Nevertheless you need to act with the utmost integrity within your career to ensure success rather than scandal.

The Midheaven

The Midheaven is one of the important angles in a birth chart and is also known by astrologers as the MC or Medium Coeli. This angle tells us of our public life, our profession and social status. In other words how we are viewed by the public, how we want to be viewed by the public and what type of profession we are likely to choose. it is also important to note the house position of the ruling planet of your Midheaven for further information about your career as this can greatly influence the interpretation.

The Midheaven is in Scorpio

With a Midheaven in the Sign of Scorpio and ruled by the planet Pluto, you are likely to be extremely resourceful in your professional life. You may work in a field that deals with research and development, the earth's physical resources, financial analysis or politics. If you are not careful your career is likely to be littered with drama and crisis. This could be that you literally work in a field which is involved in crises or conflict resolution, or it could be that you experience upheaval in your professional life. You could be restless, eager for change and new challenges. One of the most positive ways of expressing this restless career energy can be to make the changes that you need to make before you become embroiled in unnecessary problems. Either way it seems that life is never dull at your workplace. Fortunately you prefer change and upheaval to a boring working routine, even if it is a little overwhelming at times. Your insights and ability to work under pressure can be put to good use in many professions including research work, crisis counselling, psychology, investigative work, business troubleshooting and politics. you are not afraid to confront tricky situations. The key to success in your professional life is to approach every task and decision with the utmost integrity, because every misdemeanour, no matter how slight, will be discovered. In other words you are amazed to see that others get away with things that are never overlooked in your career path. Examples of famous people with the same Midheaven include American musician Jim Morrison, Australian feminist writer Germaine Greer, American senator Edward Kennedy, Director of the FBI John Edgar Hoover, and UK Queen Elizabeth II.



The planet Uranus represents originality and unconventionality. This can be both the unusual and brilliant genius or the wilful rebel without a cause. This planet tells us the areas in which we break with convention, become innovative and experiment with new and exciting ways. In some circles of astrology Uranus represents the creative genius which comes directly via our soul or higher self.

Uranus is in the 12th House

The planet Uranus is in the 12th House of your birth chart suggesting that you often experience intuitive flashes, on which you rely to guide you through difficult situations. While it is true that you do possess psychic abilities that enable you to foresee troubles, you also need to be wary of falling prey to thoughts of doom and gloom. you are likely to suffer at the hands of secret enemies at some stage of your life, perhaps even being forced to flee from your home. It probably comes as a complete surprise to you that you have secret enemies, but on reflection you can see how your own actions may have stirred up resentment in other people. it is possible that you have been conducting a secret love affair, which suddenly becomes public, or it could be that you have been secretly plotting to undermine someone else. Either way these things have a habit of suddenly becoming public and leading to your downfall. Fortunately, you possess an unusual ability to overcome these challenges. you are not easily deterred from exploring your original talents. Your challenge is to put your talents to good use, which you may do by working in an unusual institution or taking an interest in occult studies. Your psychic and mystical experiences can be ultimately of great benefit to humanity.

Uranus is in Capricorn

The planet Uranus was in the Sign of Capricorn from 1988 - 1996. it is important to note that Uranus spends a long time in each Sign, and therefore the interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation you need to look at the house position of Uranus in your chart. Uranus in the Sign of Capricorn indicates that you belong to a generation that will introduce new structures, possibly governmental or business structures. It indicates a generation which will consolidate original ideas and introduce a practical building of new ways. This is also a period of the breaking down of old structures such as the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

Uranus is Conjunct Neptune

The planets Uranus and Neptune are combining in your chart suggesting that your creative urges are strong. You enjoy exploring new territory, either through studying or travelling and your talents may lie in writing, healing, social welfare, healing or spiritual fields. You may be keen to explore metaphysical matters, perhaps even belonging to a secret society or a group dedicated to global healing, charity or spirituality. Your psychic abilities and intuition are likely to be heightened, and this may help you explore your creativity.


Neptune is the planet of creativity and spirituality. It represents both the bliss of spiritual attainment and the heights of creativity. This isn't personal spirituality and creativity which comes at the expense of others, but gifts which can benefit humanity. This planet also represents the confusion that can accompany the road to discovering when we are being selfish, as opposed to when we are generously thinking of how our gifts can benefit others.

Neptune is in the 1st House

The planet Neptune placed in the 1st House of your chart means that you are a compassionate and loving individual, although sometimes this side of your nature can be overwhelming. In other words you are so sensitive to the responses of other people, and to external circumstances that you are easily swayed and have difficulty pursuing your own path in life. As a result you become lethargic and morose, and your own creative interests suffer. it is also possible that you possess such chameleon-like qualities that you have trouble being honest in certain situations. You deceive yourself and others. You need to be wary of allowing this to become too prominent a feature of your life, concentrating instead on developing techniques for developing creative communication with others. On a more positive note your sensitivity means that you have heightened artistic tastes. you are greatly moved by beauty in all forms, but particularly the attractions of colour and sound. The colours and sounds of the ocean have the ability to move you at a deep level, soothing your troubles and providing you with a source of inspiration. Your sensitivity may also extend to the spiritual realms, and you may possess psychic talents, in particular mediumship or clairaudience. it is also possible that a grandmother has had an important influence on your life.

Neptune is in Capricorn

The planet Neptune is in the Sign of Capricorn from 1984 - 2000. it is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each Sign, and therefore the interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation you need to look at the house position of Neptune in your chart. Neptune in the Sign of Capricorn indicates that you belong to a generation possessing the ability to apply discipline on the spiritual path. You'll possess the wisdom to incorporate both the old and new spiritual values to form a firm foundation for future spiritual growth.



The planet Pluto challenges us to transform our lives by clearing out our old habits to make way for the new, more rewarding ways of living. The process isn't necessarily an easy one, as most of us cling tenaciously to the comfort offered by habitual patterns, and are rather scared of new paths. Pluto shows us in which areas of our lives we need to grow, and to a certain extent whether we're likely to find the process of growing painful or joyful.

Pluto is in the 10th House

The planet Pluto is in the 10th House of your birth chart indicating that you'll be a powerful leader in your chosen career. Depending on other influences in your birth chart, you may be a strong public figure, or it could be that you are working behind the scenes pulling the strings for a powerful employer. Your profession will present you with many challenges, and this is usually the way you like it. However, you are keen to embrace the more positive challenges of achieving your professional goals, rather than the hurdles that often seem to be strewn in your path. In particular you may clash with other powerful figures in your chosen career. Your challenge is to be able to co-operate with others, respecting their rights while not forgoing your own rights. it is also possible that one of your parents plays a vital role at some stage in your life, either through a dramatic event or crisis, or through demanding your attention to the temporary exclusion of your career ambitions.

Pluto is in Scorpio

The planet Pluto is in the Sign of Scorpio from 1984 - 1995. it is important to note that Pluto takes about 248 years to make a complete cycle, spending 12 - 32 years in each Sign, and therefore the interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation you need to look at the house position of Pluto in your chart. Pluto in the Sign of Scorpio suggests that you belong to a generation possessing the ability to initiate change on a world-wide basis in order to rise above the basic desires of humanity. Your generation may experience conflict on a world-wide basis, and will be forced to learn the right use of the world's resources. This generation is also concerned with changing sexual relationships.


The North Node

The North Node and South Node form an axis in astrology, which is said to represent one's destiny or spiritual quest in life. This axis is also linked with our purpose. The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. We have already learnt the skills of its opposite point, the South Node, in the past. Now we must grow and stretch ourselves through the North Node.

The North Node is in the 1st House

Your North Node is in the 1st House and your South Node is in the 7th House of your birth chart indicating a quest for identity. You need to leave behind habits of becoming overly dependent on other people in order to become more independent. you are destined to discover the balance between self-assertion and giving to others.

The North Node is in Aquarius

Your nodal axis has the North Node in Aquarius and the South Node in the Sign of Leo denoting that yours is a quest towards service to humankind. You'll experience a struggle between your own personal needs and a sense of dedication to others. You need to set aside your personal need for honour and prestige and use your talents to serve the world.

The South Node is Trine The Sun

The South Node and the Sun are combining in a way that is inhibiting you from expressing your true potential. You are being challenged to fully express yourself with integrity and with respect for other peoples rights. Perhaps you have a tendency to overpower other people, and now you need to do find the right blend of asserting your own rights and listening to other people, in order that you achieve your purpose. You would do well to remember the adage, There's no time like the present, as you may have a tendency to avoid facing problems and obstacles that stand in the path of your success.

The Ascendant

The Ascendant, or Rising Sign as its sometimes called, is a key to discovering our purpose. Ancient astrologers believed that the Ascendant depicted our primary motivation as individuals. Some believed that it was one of the links to discovering what makes a person happy. When we are accomplishing our primary motivation then we're happy. The more modern Esoteric astrologers believe that this sensitive chart point reveals our souls purpose. When we are carrying out our soul's purpose then we're joyful. They believe that acceptance of our purpose, or fate, can help us achieve success and satisfaction, and that meditation on the qualities of the Ascendant can help us focus on our life's purpose.

The Ascendant is in Capricorn

The Sign of Capricorn is considered to be feminine by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you are more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. you are also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Capricorn is also a Cardinal Sign denoting enterprise, enthusiasm, self-assertion and initiative.

you are ambitious, persistent, cautious, prudent and self-reliant. Responsibility and reserve often feature as your first choice of self-expression. You approach most things in life cautiously, making careful plans before starting anything new. you are a plodder, and take life rather seriously. You may have been shy as a young child with a serious nature and a maturity beyond your age. it is not until you are an adult that you grow in confidence, and find productive outlets for your wisdom. Your ambitions are attainable through hard work and perseverence. Others come to appreciate the fact that, in your own quiet manner, you can be relied on to complete a task. You earn the respect which is so important to you.

In Esoteric astrology the Sign of Capricorn is linked with spiritual initiation and the cycles of the universe. Your purpose is connected with showing other people the spiritual path through the example of your own life. you are also likely to play a part in building positive, possibly spiritual, structures in society.


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