Destiny and Decisions Astrology Report

image This report is titled the "Destiny and Decisions Astrology Forecast" because there is an element of the future that you cannot change; this is your destiny. But you also have choices and options available to you; these are your decisions.

Price - $20
Availaibility = 24 hours through email or add to your Astro Selfie.

Included in The Destiny and Decisions report :
    This report predicts where the planets are in the current time period, when they will be forming aspects to your natal planets, what influences these aspects bring, and how long they will last--as far into the future as you wish to look. THIS is truly PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY!

    Our report goes beyond the limitations of most astrological forecast reports in two very important ways: (1) we go into a much more detailed interpretation for the heavier aspects that could have a greater impact on your life, and (2) we include some suggestions for you to consider regarding how you may deal with the influences. This should eliminate the need for further counseling in most cases.


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Your forecast begins on the next page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "July 1, 1999 (June 15, 1999 to July 15, 1999)", then it starts in mid-June, reaches greatest intensity around July 1, and ends in mid-July. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength.

An influence may last for as little as a week to as long as half a year or so.

To obtain maximum benefit from this report, we recommend a periodic study and review of the information as the time period unfolds--once a week, at least, and more often when there are significant things going on in your life. It is always good to keep a diary or a journal to get a sense of the timing of the transits and a history of how they affected your life.

Following is the data from your natal chart with which the transiting planets form aspects:

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL CHART
Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:
  Sun=12AQ04    Moo=24SA42    Mer= 0PI20    Ven=25CP57    Mar=25AQ19
  Jup=10LI18    Sat= 9LI38    Ura=29SC39    Nep=24SA04    Plu=24LI20
  Asc=25LE52     MC=21TA16    2H.=19VI54    3H.=18LI33    5H.=25SA10

Natal: Sun Moo Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB
Conj    (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos   (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr     ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine   (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil   ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Jun 16, 2014          (Jun 15, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)                       f 10th H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE TENTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express yourself socially, artistically and romantically in the various areas of your life. Tenth house position may bring social and artistic ambitions. You will probably choose a profession related to the arts and are likely to have the talent to achieve recognition. You will do well in dealing with the opposite sex, and are likely to seek (or have already found) marriage with someone who can further your artistic career. You are likely to receive status and wealth from a romantic partner now.

Jun 16, 2014          (Jun 15, 2014 to Jul 19, 2014)                       a 11th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it will influence the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In the eleventh house it will focus your interest in friendships and group activities. You are also likely to become interested in occult subjects, scientific endeavors, and technological advances. You will have many friends by whom you are held in high esteem. You have a strong sense of the brotherhood of mankind with strong humanitarian feelings. You like to see things in terms of universal laws that apply impartially to all. With your nature toward group leadership, however, you need to beware of any tendency to dominate others for selfish purposes--or tendency to let others dominate you for the same reasons.

Jun 20, 2014          (Jun 15, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014)                           h c ;

TRANSITING JUPITER SQUARE NATAL PLUTO--This transit can stimulate the ambition to higher things. You feel as if your energy can carry you farther and higher than usual, and are willing to strive for power and success. You need to be careful, however, since it is possible to meet with stiff opposition and resistance from others. There may be motivation for repair and rebuilding, in the physical areas or the abstract. Avoid becoming obsessed with any project, and be careful of your motives. Proceed cautiously in matters of the occult, but this is a good time to study and pursue mystical interests. Just be sure of positive influences and directions.

Jun 25, 2014     4 AM (Jun 23, 2014 to Jun 27, 2014)                           d n S

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This aspect quickens the mind and enhances communications skills. Self confidence and self-worth are enhanced. You will like to talk, and are more mentally alert than usual. It will be easy to reach agreements, and is a good tome to get rid of paperwork and to write letters. It is a good time for any kind of commercial or business transactions, contract negotiations, and/or buying and selling.

Jun 26, 2014     2 PM (Jun 24, 2014 to Jul 8, 2014)                            d b g

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL MARS-This is a good transit for all Kinds of mental work. The harmony of the trine can effectively produce cooperation with the mentality of Mercury and the actions of Mars. You can communicate positively and with confidence. Plans you make today are likely to be bolder and more innovative than usual, and you may see obstacles as challenges which spur you on. Your self-image is enhanced and you will attack any challenge with courage and confidence. It would be a good time to ask for a raise.

Jun 26, 2014          (Jun 25, 2014 to Jul 5, 2014)                        d 10th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE TENTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the tenth house it influence you to pursue education for reasons of professional ambition. You have good organizational ability and the capacity to plan for the future. Your career is not likely to be accidental. You are able to communicate with people of power and prestige, and with the public, so that politics would be a natural for you. Whatever your occupation, it will involve communications media. Ambition is the keyword during this transit, but beware that it could take precedence over principles if you are not careful.

Jun 28, 2014          (Jun 23, 2014 to Jul 2, 2014)                            h x f

TRANSITING JUPITER OPPOSITE NATAL VENUS--This transit can indicate harmony in relationships, or possibly even a new relationship. You want love very much, and are able to give it generously. On the other hand, this transit sometimes brings out a polarity between the need for emotional closeness and the latitude to move around freely. When this happens in a love relationship, one may want the freedom and the other may want the closeness. This can be resolved only by bringing the feelings out into the open with total honesty. The aspect also encourages your taste for the lavish and the beautiful in material things, and you need to be careful not to go overboard in squandering money.

Jun 28, 2014     4 PM (Jun 25, 2014 to Jul 7, 2014)                            d x s

TRANSITING MERCURY OPPOSITE NATAL MOON--During this transit it may be difficult to keep emotional issues from affecting the clarity of your communications. Unconscious drives and impulses may influence your thinking now, and it is important that you try to bring the cause of these compulsions up to the conscious level. These feelings and emotions could be influenced by habits and speech patterns from your early childhood. This is a good time to look at the past and remove all of the negative compulsions you can recognize. Know that your mental effectiveness can be skewed during this transit. Try to postpone any major decisions and be careful to say what you really mean.

Jul 1, 2014           (Jun 28, 2014 to Aug 31, 2014)                        g 3rd H.

TRANSITING MARS IN THE THIRD HOUSE--Mars transiting the houses influences the areas of life in which you express your actions and desires, and where you need to use energy and initiative in order to get results. In three, it deals with intellect and indicates quick thinking in emergency situations. During this transit you will assert yourself aggressively in order to get your communications across--you will be direct and can be caustic. You can be impulsive in daily movements and in short-distance traveling. You may be tempted to drive carelessly now--patience is not related to this position. You need to avoid sarcasm and argumentative tendencies, especially now.

Jul 1, 2014      1 PM (Jun 30, 2014 to Jul 2, 2014)                            a c j

TRANSITING SUN SQUARE NATAL SATURN--This is not a "lucky" transit. It can be difficult because it raises issues you find hard to handle. Remember, Squares bring challenges to be met and obstacles to overcome, and one of the major influences of Saturn is discipline. You may feel depressed and restricted, but you must still deal with the issues. It is easy to make assumptions and to not check them out for truth. Life has not forced this on you--you reinforce the feelings by not challenging them. You need to break out of this "vicious circle" by taking a positive look at the world and the people around you. Your physical and psychological energies are low, and you are likely to be holding yourself back. The purpose of discouragement is to reveal the weaknesses and the areas where you need to shore up your strength and self-confidence. At this time, try to recall all the successful efforts you have experienced in your lifetime and all the obstacles you have already overcome. Remember, also, all the good relationships you have had with other people and don't forget to cherish those you still have. Don't let your negative attitude deny that there has been positive experiences in your life.

Jul 1, 2014      2 PM (Jun 30, 2014 to Jul 2, 2014)                            f b j

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL SATURN--Trines are supportive and this is a steady, stable transit. You will be satisfied with relationships and will make few demands. You are understanding of others and can share willingly. This same stability of thought applies to business and financial affairs, and you will be realistic about limited resources. It is a good time for taking inventory of material things, and assessing any need for action. Artistic activities could be very successful now.

Jul 2, 2014      4 AM (Jul 2, 2014 to Jul 3, 2014)                             f b h

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL JUPITER--This is one of the "best" transits, although of short duration. It brings grace, ease, and pleasant social interaction into your life. You will feel content, and it will rub off on others. It can be a good time to make a major investment, as financial interests are favored. You will not want to work at work however, but will tend to be lazy. Artistic interests are high, but from the standpoint of "enjoyment"--so ENJOY! . . . .

Jul 2, 2014      6 AM (Jul 2, 2014 to Jul 3, 2014)                             a c h

TRANSITING SUN SQUARE NATAL JUPITER--Squares usually bring obstacles to overcome and challenges to be met. This is a little different square transit, as it brings enormous energy for accomplishment. You can succeed at tasks you would not normally tackle, but with the expansive influences of Jupiter, you may be inclined to bite off more than you can chew. Try to rein in your enthusiasm and apply the energy to tasks you can reasonably expect to complete. You may experience some opposition from others, so be careful to consider their points of view. Find a common ground of compromise, and avoid taking a position of arrogance or self-righteousness. Any positive effort seasoned with restraint will succeed under this aspect.

Jul 2, 2014                                                                    d b ; (no partile)

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL PLUTO--This transiting trine gives you the ability to get to the bottom of things. It helps the influences of mental Mercury to penetrate the often heavy depths of the influences of Pluto. You will have good powers of concentration during this time. You will be able to use your willpower intelligently, giving you the ability to increase your mental abilities and improve your mind in the areas of communication. You probably like mystery stories, and could write them as well. You have a sensitivity to nuclear science, but this can also be interpreted as an interest in the occult. Interest in activities toward preserving the world environment may surface now. Pluto demands that your efforts include the betterment of conditions for all mankind.

Jul 2, 2014                                                                    d x l (no partile)

TRANSITING MERCURY OPPOSITE NATAL NEPTUNE--When this aspect is in transit, you could be sensitive to other people's thoughts and motivations through subconscious telepathy. This could lead to deceitful practices by attempts at subtle telepathic out-maneuvering if you're not careful. It is difficult for you to shut off environmental influences and hard to control your imagination. You have so many subconscious messages at times that it is hard to concentrate on reality and responsibilities. You need to practice openness and straightforwardness now. It is not that you mean to deceive, but your intuitions are strong and not always accurate. Cultivate communications with the spiritual source and seek positive guidance for these gifts.

Jul 3, 2014           (Jun 28, 2014 to Jul 22, 2015)                       h 12th H.

TRANSITING JUPITER IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE--This could be one of the most beneficial of twelfth house transits, but not in ways as obvious as some of the others. You have the capacity to learn much about the spiritual and philosophical dimensions of life during this time. You are also able to learn more about yourself without the self-criticism and fear which is usually felt when you confront aspects of yourself which you consider less than desirable. You have more compassion for yourself and others, and can feel more direct empathy for suffering than usual. There seems to be a natural understanding that what helps one will help everyone. This transit could influence you to delve deeper into metaphysics and the occult, and/or, it could indicate a deeper involvement with an established religion. A significant person or entity could possibly emerge now in the role of spiritual guide or teacher. Some area of your life could be spiritually healed now, and you can learn to pass the healing on to others. You are likely to grow considerably more comfortable with mysticism and the deeper meaning of life while Jupiter is transiting the twelfth house.

Jul 3, 2014      3 PM (Jul 2, 2014 to Jul 4, 2014)                             f b a

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL SUN--Trines are supportive and this is one of the most pleasant of all transits. It doesn't signify anything earth shattering, but is a good time for all kinds of enjoyable activity. In work you will feel a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness, making it go smoothly. However, pleasure and recreation are the highlights of this transit. It is a good time for personal and love relationships. If you feel the least bit ambitious, it is a good time for creative and craft projects, or for almost anything you may want to do. It could be a shame to waste this energy, but if you really don't want to work, just relax and enjoy.

Jul 4, 2014      8 AM (Jun 25, 2014 to Jul 7, 2014)                            d x s

This astrological influence (Mer Oppos Moo) also occurred on Jun 28, 2014 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Jul 5, 2014           (Jun 30, 2014 to Jul 30, 2014)                       d 11th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the eleventh house the focus is on communications and the exchange of ideas with friends and groups. You will seek out associations which will stimulate your mind, and you will both teach your friends and learn from them. You are open to all humanity, and are likely to have much compassion and insight into the larger social issues. You love truth, impartiality, and the ability to think with originality and objectivity. You need to take care that your ideas do not become eccentric or impractical during this transit.

Jul 6, 2014      7 AM (Jun 24, 2014 to Jul 8, 2014)                            d b g

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL MARS-This is a good transit for all Kinds of mental work. The harmony of the trine can effectively produce cooperation with the mentality of Mercury and the actions of Mars. You can communicate positively and with confidence. Plans you make today are likely to be bolder and more innovative than usual, and you may see obstacles as challenges which spur you on. Your self-image is enhanced and you will attack any challenge with courage and confidence. It would be a good time to ask for a raise.

Jul 7, 2014     12 PM (Jul 4, 2014 to Jul 9, 2014)                             d n S

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This aspect quickens the mind and enhances communications skills. Self confidence and self-worth are enhanced. You will like to talk, and are more mentally alert than usual. It will be easy to reach agreements, and is a good tome to get rid of paperwork and to write letters. It is a good time for any kind of commercial or business transactions, contract negotiations, and/or buying and selling.

Jul 13, 2014     1 PM (Jul 12, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)                           d b d

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL MERCURY--This supportive trine aspect helps your mind in everything it has to do. Your thinking is clear and precise. This is an excellent time for making plans and for communicating them, especially in business and commercial transactions. It is also a good time for traveling to see something new. Your curiosity will be highly aroused and expanding your mental and communications skills will come easy. It is a good time for learning and study.

Jul 13, 2014     4 PM (Jul 12, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)                           f x l

TRANSITING VENUS OPPOSITE NATAL NEPTUNE--This could be a transit of illusion and confusion where relationships are concerned. Unrealistic ideals could cause you to expect too much, and you will be disappointed. This is not a time to start a new relationship, for both parties could be deceived. You are likely to be disappointed by other loved ones, as well. You could have the illusion that you are totally unselfish to those you love and find that they are not as grateful to you as you expected and thought you deserved. The lesson here is to look for the reality and don't expect more than can be delivered. On the positive side, you could have a pleasant romantic interlude, provided you can accept it for what it is and not expect it to be permanent.

Jul 13, 2014     6 PM (Jul 12, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)                           a n D

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit should help you to feel strong, confident and full of vim, vigor and vitality. Optimism and self-confidence is high, and you know inside yourself what you can do--you do not need re-enforcement from others. You are likely to focus your attention on getting ahead professionally during this transit. It is a good time to plan your future course of action. Because of your awareness of personal responsibility and inner strength, your personal and family life also benefit from this aspect.

Jul 13, 2014     9 PM (Jul 13, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)                           f b ;

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL PLUTO--The Natal interpretation of this aspect is as follows: "This trine gives you an intense emotional nature which is capable of the highest form of love. It could mean a spiritual regeneration through love. You are romantic, but in a powerful, positive way. You are almost sure to have a strong sex drive, and need to be able to channel it into positive directions. When you meet your "true love", it will seem like it was "predestined". Wow!". . . . . . In the transit aspect, the personality benefits from an awareness of expansion of the Venus dimensions. If things are not good in a relationship, there can be extreme emotional difficulty. If they are good, or if they can be turned around when not so good (regenerated), this aspect can bring about a permanency of well-being.

Jul 14, 2014     3 AM (Jul 11, 2014 to Jul 16, 2014)                           g n l

TRANSITING MARS SEXTILE NATAL NEPTUNE--This transit provides an impulse to retire for meditation. Ego drives are low and you see the world around you with greater sensitivity. You could be open to insights into mysticism and the occult. Explore the spiritual approach to your goals, as well as their propriety and purpose. Do you need to change some of them?

Jul 14, 2014     5 AM (Jul 14, 2014 to Jul 15, 2014)                           f x s

TRANSITING VENUS OPPOSITE NATAL MOON--Oppositions usually bring challenges and/or obstacles to overcome, but this is not normally a difficult transit. It increases affections in all kinds of relationships and the ability for both to give and receive love. One problem may be that your desire to love someone could overrule your normal sense of discretion and your emotions could inhibit your ability to handle problems objectively. It might not be wise to make a commitment to a new love affair during this time. However, there should be warm and tender feelings between you and your loved ones.

Jul 14, 2014          (Jul 13, 2014 to Aug 9, 2014)                        f 11th H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express yourself socially, artistically, and romantically in the various areas of your life. In the eleventh house, it indicates warm friendships and relationships established through group activities. Kindness gets kindness in return. You will have many friends of the opposite sex. Friends often become romantic partners and romantic partners often become good friends. Strong alliances with musicians and other artists are strongly indicated now.

Jul 14, 2014     5 PM (Jul 14, 2014 to Jul 15, 2014)                           f b g

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL MARS--This trine aspect supports most activities. Of course, with Venus and Mars involved, the sex drive is likely to be high. In a relationship, this would indicate gentleness and mutual receptivity. In this and in other areas of your life, you are able to assert yourself in ways that enable you to get what you want without offending anybody. Action in some area of artistic expression can be very successful during this time.

Jul 14, 2014     5 PM (Jul 12, 2014 to Jul 16, 2014)                           g z ;

TRANSITING MARS CONJUNCT NATAL PLUTO--This transit enlarges your ego and your ambition. You may want to dominate everything and everyone around you. Although this may provide an almost superhuman ability to get things done, you must also consider the feelings of others. If you are not careful, your ego demonstrations could trigger opposition and arouse the same kinds of feelings in them. Remember, with Pluto influences, if what you are trying to accomplish is strictly  selfish and not for the good of mankind, your efforts will be destroyed and you must start over. This is an excellent time for activities requiring heavy work and concentration, but try to avoid ego conflicts.

Jul 14, 2014          (Jul 10, 2014 to Jul 19, 2014)                           h b k

TRANSITING JUPITER TRINE NATAL URANUS--This is one of the old-timer's "Lucky" transits. It will give you a strong need to express yourself in ways different from your normal routine. There may be new opportunities "out of the blue". It is a good time for metaphysical research--a seeking for the inner truth.

Jul 15, 2014     4 AM (Jul 14, 2014 to Jul 16, 2014)                           f n S

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit brings a very lighthearted time for enjoying yourself and relaxing with friends and loved ones. You are able to express your feelings of affection, and relationships are improved. It is a good time to meet new people, also.

Jul 15, 2014    12 PM (Jul 13, 2014 to Jul 17, 2014)                           g n s

TRANSITING MARS SEXTILE NATAL MOON--This transit brings strong emotions, and you seek out experiences that involve both your mind and your feelings. You have the energy to work hard, but only on projects which affect you and your emotional interest. You can be impulsive and your thinking is not very objective. You may seek a passionate sexual relationship--or this transit can make an ongoing one more intense. Be careful to avoid obsessions and try not to make enemies.

Jul 16, 2014     6 PM (Jul 14, 2014 to Jul 18, 2014)                           g b g

TRANSITING MARS TRINE NATAL MARS--This is a high-energy transit. It is a time to take the initiative, to start new projects, and enjoy the cooperation of others. Work toward goals that give credit to you, for Mars is an ego-oriented planet. Your self-confidence is high, and you can be positive and self-assertive without appearing aggressive. Work will not resist your energies. You may want to do something different from the same old grind, and new efforts could be favorable.

Jul 16, 2014    11 PM (Jul 15, 2014 to Jul 18, 2014)                           a c ;

TRANSITING SUN SQUARE NATAL PLUTO--The way you live and work will be tested during this transit. The Sun will help to illuminate the areas of your life that are not working very well, and Pluto will influence you to repair (regenerate) them. Be willing to give them up and make room for positive creative changes that can take place now. As in most aspects with Pluto, changes tend to be permanent. You will feel satisfaction from those methods that prove to be right, and a great sense of relief from those that you purged from your life and regenerated.

Jul 17, 2014    10 PM (Jul 15, 2014 to Jul 19, 2014)                           g n S

TRANSITING MARS SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This is a rare Mars transit in that it is good for working with others in a team effort (though you will probably need to feel like YOU are the leader of the team!). With the energy of the transit, you will not be happy just sitting around, so if there is some kind of a project you can put together with friends or co-workers, now is the time to do it. Environmental concerns would be high on the interest index. This transit also provides a good time to tell other people how you feel about things in general, as well as things of a personal nature. Physical activities are likely to be most appealing and most satisfying.

Jul 18, 2014     2 AM (Jul 16, 2014 to Jul 20, 2014)                           g c f

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE NATAL VENUS--This transit can bring out the base physical needs and desires within a relationship. Sexuality is strong in the consciousness now, and it can be a time for truly finding and expressing mutual needs and enhancements. If there is no current relationship, a purely sexual episode could occur. Sharing needs with complete honesty is important, and this could be the beginning of a mutual understanding and fulfillment. However, sex under this transit is demanding and vigorous, rather than soft and loving. On a personal level, your creative and artistic energies will be stimulated now, and this can be a very productive time for any artistic endeavor.

Jul 18, 2014     4 PM (Jul 18, 2014 to Jul 19, 2014)                           a x f

TRANSITING SUN OPPOSITE NATAL VENUS--This transit brings all relationships into focus by releasing the hidden tensions and forcing them out into the open where you will have to deal with them. It is usually not an unpleasant experience, and you will encounter your SELF through your different relationships. If you will study your reactions and your handling of the situations, you could learn a lot about yourself. Good relationships could get better and not so good ones could go to pieces. This IS an opposition aspect, and it DOES create challenges. If you feel overwhelmed by interpersonal situations, it could be wise to seek help and/or discussion with a professional counselor. This aspect can make you aware of how much you need your loved ones, and help you to feel much love and tenderness toward those close to you. You will not want to be alone.

Jul 18, 2014     9 PM (Jul 18, 2014 to Jul 19, 2014)                           f b d

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL MERCURY--Trine aspects are most supportive, and this is a good transit for pleasant thoughts and communication. It is an excellent time to tell someone you love them. All relationships should be pleasant and congenial. You will be light-hearted and ready for a good time. Go for a drive, have a party, or begin a long vacation. It is a good time to just sit back, relax and let your thoughts wander.

Jul 19, 2014          (Jul 18, 2014 to Aug 18, 2014)                       a 12th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it will influence the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In the twelfth house, it indicates a time when your personality may become somewhat retiring. Your will may be directed inward, exploring the resources of your own subconscious. Because of this, you could be lonely and withdrawn. Psychology and psychic research are likely to interest you, and you may find your best self-expression through working in psychiatric hospitals or places established for mental or spiritual retreats. Service to others can provide you with recognition and fulfillment. You need to work to overcome shyness and possible neurotic tendencies during this time.

Jul 20, 2014     9 PM (Jul 20, 2014 to Jul 21, 2014)                           d c j

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE NATAL SATURN--Square aspects usually bring challenges and obstacles to be overcome. With this one, your critical faculties are sharp and your standards are high, but communication may be difficult. It may be hard to "think positive" during this transit, but it is good for heavy mental work and tasks which require disciplined thinking. It is not a good time for negotiations and business transactions. Mental discipline is never pleasant, but try to avoid undue criticism of yourself and others.

Jul 21, 2014     7 AM (Jul 20, 2014 to Jul 22, 2014)                           d c h

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE NATAL JUPITER--Squares usually present challenges and obstacles, but with the expansiveness of Jupiter, the energy seems to "blend". This transit makes you feel optimistic and positive about life. You have the ability to see the "big picture", and are inclined to make big plans and set long range goals. You think in more abstract terms, therefore the implementation of plans could be sloppy. Don't forget details. Watch out for arrogance in communications. With awareness, this transit can be a great force for good.

Jul 22, 2014     1 PM (Jul 22, 2014 to Jul 23, 2014)                           a b k

TRANSITING SUN TRINE NATAL URANUS--The Sun illuminates you and the world around you and this transit encourages self-discovery. There will be an air of excitement and suddenness with a heightened level of understanding about yourself and the world around you. It is a good time to expand your horizons and for the study of any technical discipline, such as astrology, mysticism and psychic phenomena. Very little that affects you is hidden from you during this transit, and you can be very much aware of who you are. You will be energetic and restless, so it is not a good time to relax. Use the energy to expand your life with new experiences and new encounters.

Jul 26, 2014     5 PM (Jul 24, 2014 to Jul 28, 2014)                           g b d

TRANSITING MARS TRINE NATAL MERCURY--Trine aspects are usually very supportive and this one is no exception. This is a good time for planning, writing, and all types of mental work. It is also excellent for dealings and negotiations with others since you are able to assert your position and make it understood. It is favorable for travel and study, and for the broadening of your base of knowledge.


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