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image This Karmic Inisight Report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes. From an esoteric point of view your birth chart is a portrait of your soul's intention for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, service to be rendered.  From that perspective, the choices one makes in one's daily life have reverberations that may last beyond even this lifetime.

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Included in The Karmic Insight report :
    This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes.
Karma- the belief that all of your actions will have equal reprecussions, affecting you.


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image Vincent Anthony "Vince" Vaughn
(born March 28, 1970)

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Sun      7 Ari 59               Pluto    25 Vir 44
Moon    20 Sag 21               N. Node  11 Pis 32
Mercury 13 Ari 39               Asc.     27 Lib 09
Venus   23 Ari 25               MC        3 Leo 32
Mars    15 Tau 37               2nd cusp 24 Sco 48
Jupiter  3 Sco 55               3rd cusp 27 Sag 31
Saturn   7 Tau 46               5th cusp  7 Pis 07
Uranus   6 Lib 42               6th cusp  4 Ari 56
Neptune  0 Sag 43

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 02:12:07   Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 44 N 58 48 93 W 15 49

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 5 Deg 00 Min      Trine    : 4 Deg 00 Min
Opposition  : 5 Deg 00 Min      Sextile  : 3 Deg 00 Min
Square      : 4 Deg 00 Min      Quincunx : 3 Deg 00 Min
Conjunct Asc: 3 Deg 00 Min Above,  5 Deg 00 Min Below

Chapter 1: The Moon

     The placement of the Moon in your birth chart is very significant from a karmic perspective, as it indicates the accumulated karmic tendencies, both positive and negative, that you carry from your past incarnated experiences on earth.

     While the Sun reveals your intended purposes and lessons for this present life cycle, the MOON represents what you have already done and developed, hence, what is instinctive and natural to you, and what you tend to do over and over again. Your childhood is also reflected in the Moon's placement, as it is through those childhood circumstances that any unresolved past-life issues are re-stimulated.  Your subconscious predisposition is indicated by the Moon's position.  It is the psychic imprint of the past.  The nodes of the Moon describe behavior patterns from the past, as well as delineating a direction out of outworn or overdone behaviors and habits.

Moon in Sagittarius:

      Through your past incarnations you have developed a deeply ingrained philosophical attitude to any problems or challenges you face, and you fall back on your religious beliefs or spiritual faith in hard times.  It is likely that you were a spiritual aspirant seeking truth and wisdom, and this quest continues in this lifetime as well.  Your deep subconscious memories of being in a religious order or community dedicated to the inner life may surface as a yearning for a similar experience in this life, to find soul mates, kindred spirits, a spiritual family with which to share the journey.  Friendship and fellowship is very important to you. Instinctively open and emotionally generous, you do not like to exclude anybody, and can feel as much sympathy, closeness, and family feeling with your friends as with blood relatives.  In fact, you open your arms to just about anybody and because you are an idealist who looks for the good in other people, you are apt to have a wide circle of friends, friendly acquaintances, and people who feel warmly toward you. You may also seek to fulfill the urge for an expansive family feeling by welcoming a lot of parties, joining church groups, getting involved in school functions or community gatherings, affiliating yourself with a sports team, or in other ways. Broad-minded and tolerant, you tend to consider someone a friend unless they prove themselves otherwise.  However, you prefer to surround yourself with people who share your ideals, convictions, and aspirations, people who will support you in your cause -whatever that happens to be.

    You are essentially fun-loving, enthusiastic, and out for a good time.  You do not like to bring other people down or be brought down by other people's woes.  You do often have a cheering and inspiring effect on people.  However, you also tend to avoid emotional pain - other people's as well as your own. Brushing aside or minimizing real human feelings and reactions, whether these be sorrow, fear, self-doubt, anger, or any other "negative" feeling, or thinking you can "fix" it with philosophical advice, positive thinking, affirmations, entertaining diversions, or just plain repression is apt to be a habit of yours.  You frequently use humor to avoid confronting problems or having to take other people's suffering seriously. Deep inside you may feel spiritually superior, "above all that", a favored son or daughter of God -somehow not quite vulnerable. You can be moralistic and preachy, always pointing out the lessons to be learned from a difficult experience rather than truly empathizing or compassionately understanding what someone else might be feeling.  Ideally, however, you can combine your understanding of truth with human caring and a deep desire to better conditions for others.

      At your best, you are hopeful and optimistic without being overly inflated or impractical, expectant of positive outcomes and thereby helping to create them.

     Other lifetimes which may well influence you in the present include being a wandering minstrel, world traveler, explorer or adventurer.  A great love of freedom, open spaces, the ocean, travel, and a broad view of life was thus engendered, as well as a certain restlessness and a tendency to move on when things get too familiar and mundane.  A love of the foreign and exotic still stirs you.

North Node in Pisces:

     In your incarnational past, you relied upon your rational, analytical, and intellectual skills.  Your growth direction now is to open more to the non-rational or transcendental aspect of life, and to further your understanding through compassion, empathy, and intuition.

North Node in 5th house:

     You may find your past tendencies are particularly active whenever you are involved in a group, club, organization, or in community with others.  That is where you tend to behave in the old way.  Your growth direction is activated when you are involved in personal self expression or your individual creative projects.

Chapter 2: The Sun

     The Sun in your birth chart represents the primary creative thrust for this lifetime, those qualities you are to develop (or further develop) and express, and your current life focus.  This may be in harmony with your instincts and your emotional habits, or along completely different lines.  The Sun represents your conscious identity in this lifetime.

Sun in Aries:

     The truth that each of us is essentially alone and that we must ultimately answer to ourselves regarding our choices in life is one that resonates deeply within you.  Thus, your first loyalty is to yourself and to living your own life as authentically as possible.  When you are most yourself, you are a risk taker, a trailblazer, forging your own path rather than following anyone else's lead.  Whether or not you have the courage to do so, to boldly assert yourself and follow your own star - standing alone when necessary - is crucial to fulfilling your life purpose.

     There are many ways, both positive and negative, you could choose to express this core sense of singleness and this need to be an original or a pioneer.  You may, for instance, simply choose to remain single.  Your independence, autonomy, and freedom are very important to you, and at heart you really do not want to be distracted from your purposes or encumbered by the responsibilities and complications that accompany close, ongoing partnership with others.  You are by nature a solo. This does not necessarily mean that you will avoid intimate relationships or commitments, but there must be some arena in you life where you are the chief, where you take initiative and make the decisions. Being a sole proprietor of an upstart business enterprise, free lancing, supporting yourself with as little external input as possible - these are all possible expressions of your inner drive to live life on your own terms, by your own inner creativity and dictates.  If you do not feel you are your own boss, you simply will not be happy.  Your lifestyle and work must reflect your strong impulses to be self-reliant as well as to create something NEW, in order for you to be in harmony.

     You instinctively put yourself first: your dreams, your desires, your goals, your needs, your work.  In fact, failure to do so (by trying to fit in to someone else's picture or formula, or having to negotiate every step you take with a partner or a group) may create enormous internal frustration for you, resulting in frequent headaches, accidents, temper flare-ups, and so on. However, taking care of number one - or simply being oblivious to the equally valid needs, desires, and importance of others - is not the highest expression of your potential, and learning to adjust to and give equal weight to other's interests while not sacrificing your own, is a major challenge for you. Unconscious selfishness can be one of your greatest weaknesses.

     Part of your life task has to do with developing and embodying the qualities of courage, will, personal power, and a warrior spirit.  There is a definite militant aspect to your nature, either expressed very directly as physical aggressiveness, competitiveness, and a tendency to provoke controversy and fights, or simply as the urge to "attack" challenges to compete intellectually or professionally.  If you are spiritually inclined, the martial arts, or harnessing and using anger constructively, may appeal to you as a path of personal development.  In this lifetime you are charged with the assignment of being a creative force and a leader, of breaking new ground, doing things which are unprecedented and original. Rather than compete or compare yourself with others, honor the fire and creative force that drives you, as well as honoring others.  Being "the first" in something can be an insecure position, as you do not have the support of tradition or the majority.  In order to fulfill your purpose, you must risk being either a fool or a failure.  You need to be both self-motivated and self-sustaining, and you can not rely on someone outside yourself to direct you, sponsor you, or discover your brilliance. While you can learn from a teacher or a master, you must recognize that ultimately your truth lies within, and you have to paddle your own canoe. Uncompromising honesty and reliance on your own resources are required.
Sun Opposition Uranus:

     In many ways you "dance to the beat of a different drummer", and thus may feel out of step with the "norms" and societal expectations of the majority of mainstream culture.  Even if you appear, or actually are, conservative in some respects, you are intended to question authority, break old rules, and introduce progressive change into the world. You are fulfilling your destiny when you are innovating.  You need to be using your creative intelligence, inspiration, and opening up new channels of expression.  You are "an original", unusual in some way, not one to follow the prescribed ways of living or being. Unless you surround yourself with others who share your unusual interests and inclinations, you may feel like a "weirdo" or an outsider. Certainly there are people who would consider you too "far-out", and you may enjoy provoking these people, shocking them, shaking up their limited world-view.  You can be prone to a kind of extremism, embracing anything new, experimental or avant-garde simply because it is novel.  You are likely to reject "normal", regardless of its intrinsic value.  You tend to be impatient with convention, bureaucracy, the old school, and are unwilling to compromise yourself for the sake of fitting in.  Freedom, self-expression, and individualism are very dear to you, and there is a part of you which finds any sort of commitment or mutual dependency binding and irksome.  There is a rather impersonal quality to you in that your allegiance is to yourself, living your own truth, and "going where the spirit moves you" first and fore-most. Though you are apt to go to extremes, it is still important for you to live out these impulses which others may find odd or incomprehensible; otherwise you are apt to become quite tense, unhappy, and out of step, not only with convention but even with yourself.

     You do need to incorporate steadiness, rhythm, and regularity into your existence in some way, in order to utilize your creative genius and originality to its fullest.  The use of certain gemstones and crystals may be of some benefit to you, including clear quartz, topaz, fire agate, and opals.

Chapter 3: Rising Sign

     The point that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is called the ASCENDANT, or rising sign.  While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the Moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future.  It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart.  Everything is filtered through the Ascendant from an esoteric point of view.  It indicates your soul's function and thus a key part of your destiny.

Libra Rising:

     Your soul function involves establishing balance, and harmony in your world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together. Reconciling opposites and finding "the middle way" is your path, and the fine arts of compromise, negotiations and cooperation are key elements.  You are the dove, the diplomat, the peacemaker, the friend; partnership and personal relations are your forte.

Libra Rising and Venus in Aries:

     However, your ruling planet, Venus, is in the fiery and self-assertive sign of Aries, suggesting that direct confrontation and even conflict (when necessary) is how you seek to create harmony and relationship.  While appearing to oblige or give in, you nevertheless aim to fulfill your own intentions. You are learning about the true nature of love, of giving and receiving, and about personal integrity and honesty in the context of intimate relationships.

Chapter 4: Saturn, Your Achilles Heel

     Karmically considered, the placement of Saturn in your birth chart indicates where your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears lie, and the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required to master and overcome them.  Yet it also points to the aspects of life which can become your greatest strength if you are willing to face your fears and difficulties honestly, and work with them patiently.

Saturn in Taurus

     Security and material well-being is apt to be inordinately important to you, and many of your struggles in life revolve around this.  Regardless of what you actually possess, it may never seem like "enough" for you to feel secure.  You have an underlying fear of poverty, lack, or that "it could all be taken away from me at anytime".  Thus, you may become very territorial, frugal or acquisitive, not out of selfishness so much as out of fear.  You yearn for lasting security, something you can count on at all times, and you will work hard to achieve that in some area of your life.  When allowed to dominate your life choices, however, this deep need for security and a firm foundation in your life can inhibit you from taking any risks.  Since change and unpredictability are in the very nature of life, the kind of insurance you seek really is not available!  When does stability become stifling?  When does a secure fortress become a self-imposed prison?  Even if you are open and reasonable in many respects, there is at least one area of your life in which you are likely to be mindlessly stubborn, inflexible and unable to "flow".

     In this lifetime you are defining your values.  Since there is really nothing in this world that cannot be taken away, lost or destroyed, one of your most crucial lessons may be to "store up your treasure in heaven, where moths do not corrupt...".

     On the other side of the coin you may have a basic mistrust of your body and of physical life in general.  Placing too much or too little value on the body and the material side of life is indicated.

Saturn in 7th house:

     The whole arena of marriage, cooperative partnership and committed one-to-one relationships is where you meet some of your most frustrating and difficult challenges and also where there is great potential for soul growth.

     There may be a long delay of marriage, either by choice or simply because you never encounter "the right one".  Or, you may marry or form partnerships with people who cannot be fully available to you or meet your emotional needs.  You may marry out of a sense of duty, obligation, proper form, or for security instead of joy.  Often there is a karmic marriage (or a series of them) in which you seem to bring out the worst in one another. Actually, this may be the basis of your avoidance of marriage: the unconscious awareness that once you commit yourself, you will have to confront your own personal demons, weaknesses, flaws, and fears.  Thus, there is a sense of heaviness in your heart and mind around marriage or commitment.

     In any of your close partnerships the "other" will reflect back to you your own inadequacies.  If you are willing to become more conscious and to claim your own problems instead of blaming the other person, you will heal and become more whole through your marriage or other committed relationships.  If you are not willing to go any deeper than "this person is not making me happy", loneliness and dissatisfaction are apt to be ongoing. This is not to say that you should martyr yourself upon the altar of marriage or stay in an abusive or painful situation, simply that "for better or for worse" will entail, for you, a good bit of both.

Saturn Opposition Jupiter:

     In this lifetime any tendency you have had toward over expansion or overblown aspirations is checked. Your mobility and freedom may be severely limited in some way, perhaps due to fluctuating financial circumstances, physical ailments, or unalterable personal commitments.  Many ups and downs will test your faith.

     Your big challenge is to recognize and accept boundaries and limitations, while working in regular, consistent ways toward improving your life or position.  Developing patience and contentment with the process is important, otherwise you are apt to swing high and low, and to lose faith and confidence.  An attitude of "voluntary simplicity" can be helpful.

Saturn Quincunx Uranus:

    You carry tremendous inner tension which you will have to work to resolve and harmonize in order to have any peace in your life or any ongoing success in either your personal relationships or your life ambitions.  You have what some would call a "disobedient spirit": habitual and chronic irritability and rebelliousness, a refusal to accept or cooperate with any kind of outward authority, and perhaps most troublesome of all, a tendency to blame others(the government, the system, your parents, your ex-) for your discontent.  Because you tend to resent any kind of restrictions or limitations (including those imposed simply by living a "normal" orderly existence), you may periodically revolt, and any sort of stability, security, or seniority you may have acquired is badly damaged or destroyed. Or, your inner stress may be expressed in physical symptoms such as grinding your teeth, TMJ, headaches, or imbalances caused by disrupted rhythms.  Your karmic pattern is to operate out of an extreme, polarized, all-or-nothing position.  You may believe you must either conform and be an automaton or totally disregard convention, tradition, and the old order.  On the other hand, you may identify entirely with the established orthodoxy and feel you must repress any impulses toward change or unconventionality, that it is somehow dangerous to experiment or deviate in any way. You may see-saw between these two extremes.  Transitions tend to be especially difficult for you.  You do not want to let go AND you want to sever your ties entirely.  To begin harmonizing these patterns and healing your life, decide first of all to stop blaming others or the way the world is for your discomfort.  Make friends with "the enemy", those parts of life you have been polarized against.  On a physical level, regular, rhythmic exercise such as bicycling or swimming, and receiving massage therapy to release emotional and muscular tension can be helpful.

Chapter 5: The Hard Aspects

     The following is a description of your MAJOR LIFE CHALLENGES, both in terms of energies you are to learn to develop and express in a positive way, and those which are the result of struggles and unresolved karmic issues which you have brought into this life.

Venus Quincunx Pluto:

     The realm of human love and human relating is not one you can enter into lightly or casually.  For you it is always an all-or-nothing, whole-hearted, and ultimately transformative experience.  Great joy and tremendous pain, betrayals, intense desire, and longings are part of your soul's path and pattern in this lifetime.  A deepening of your heart and your capacity to love, as well as a purification of your values, is what this is all about.  It may be the loss of one particular person in a particularly poignant and excruciating way, or a series of encounters which bring you ever deeper into your own attachments. Even abusive relationships may be the arenas in which this occurs.  Ultimately, you are meant to discover the power of love to heal, to renew and resurrect your own and others' lives.

     The darker side or temptation on this path is to use love (or attractiveness, and others' love for you) to control, manipulate, or force your will upon them.  A love of power -instead of the power of love - would then be your downfall.

Jupiter is Retrograde:

     Moral concerns (including lingering unresolved issues stemming from a prior lifetime or lifetimes in which you exercised poor judgment in moral, ethical, or religious matters) come into play here.  Thus, it is especially important for you to maintain high standards while pursuing your aspirations.

Uranus is Retrograde:

     All of the above is complicated by the fact that in prior times, you experienced great personal instability as a result of impersonal, collective impulses toward change (during a time of revolution, political upheaval, war, etc.).  You may well have been an agent of these movements, with a lingering inclination toward radical solutions, extremism, flauntingly disregarding social mores.  Or you may have become a reactionary, fearing and resisting all reforms or departures from the "main stream".  It is thus difficult for you to be balanced and fair towards any eccentricities (in others or even in yourself).  A misuse of science or technology, perhaps participating in experiments which were harmful to you or others, is also indicated.  Thus, you may have a deep distrust of or an attraction/repulsion toward science and technological advancement.

Neptune is Retrograde:

     The above is complicated by the fact that you had a prior lifetime or lifetimes in which you dissipated your energy, fell away from your disciplines, or were too passive or irresolute to go after the spiritual opportunities open to you at that time. This carries over as a vague yet persistent inner nagging that you should be further on than you are, or a fear of spiritual failure.  You may also have been involved in mystical or magical practices that created distortions in your life.  It is important for you to take a balanced, patient, well-grounded attitude toward life - nothing too otherworldly, ethereal, or glamorous. Indulging in any mood-altering substances is particularly deleterious for you.

Pluto is Retrograde:

     These issues are further complicated by the fact that in a prior life or lives you experienced a terrible betrayal, and may even have been tortured or put to death when you claimed power (social, political or spiritual).  You may have misused power or employed Machiavellian strategies in which many suffered. Whether you were a perpetrator or a victim of such abuses, deep fears were engendered at that time, of being powerful or of people in power who would crush you if you display your strengths.  An unconscious desire for revenge may motivate you and prevent you from healing.  Letting go of this may require deep inner work and some kind of therapeutic energetic release of the grief you hold.

Chapter 6: Soft Aspects

     The following is a description of your GIFTS and STRENGTHS which can help you work with your major life challenges. These are abilities and qualities of heart, mind, and soul which are quite natural to you.  You probably take them for granted. Because these represent the lines of least resistance for you, you may rely too much upon them at times; hence, there are some cautions suggested.  Still, these are the areas where good flows into your life and/or where you have considerable inner resources.

Moon Trine Venus:

     You have an affectionate nature and the ability to create a beautiful, loving home, to nurture a family (or a family of close friends), and to give and receive love and devotion.  Although you possess these qualities in abundance, you may not pay much attention to them.

     You tend to value people and feelings more than material things or ambitions; thus, you tend to have an emotionally rich, satisfying personal life.  If you do not have a family of your own to love and care about, you will take a kind interest in your neighbors or form loving attachments to other people's children.

     The ability to relax and to enjoy yourself is also a talent of yours, though you may not think of it as such.  Furthermore, creating a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable environment or helping others enjoy themselves and take pleasure in life is also one of your strengths.  Even if your have other indications in your chart which point to a highly aggressive or driven personality, there is an aspect of you which is agreeably unambitious and can simply take it easy.

     Nurturing activities like cooking, growing a garden, taking care of children or of pets, and so on, come naturally to you. From prior-life involvement in the arts, you have developed a fine appreciation of beauty and an innate artistic sensibility, gifts which you may choose to draw upon and further develop in this lifetime, if you so wish.

No trines or sextiles:

     You are a person that thrives on challenges and your greatest gift may be your willingness to work hard for what you have. While you take it for granted that effort, attention, and discipline are necessary for success and happiness, others often complain when things do not come easily. This allows you to succeed in the long run. If you ever allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by challenges, to pity yourself, or be jealous of others who seem to have an easier path, then you need to shake yourself loose from this indulgence and develop the inner strength and determination that are beautiful and special qualities of yours.


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