Soulmate Astrology Report

image The Soulmate Astrology Report provides an in-depth insight into relationships. This world-leading astrologer shares his insights into our first budding relationships with our family, through to associations with friends and peers, and ultimately our significant adult bonds.

The in each approximately 25-page report is to provide an astrological consideration of your relationship patterns, and offer insights into how to meet your needs in intimate unions. Price - $20
Availaibility = 24 hours through email or add to your Astro Selfie.

Included in The Soulmate report are:
  • An Introduction to Kindred Spirits
  • Lunar Legacies: In the Beginning was Family (the Moon in the Signs, Aspects to the Moon and planets in the 4th House
  • Primary Patterns of Relationship (Sign on the 3rd House Cusp, Planets in the 3rd House
  • Friends, Acquaintances and Colleagues (Signs on the 11th House Cusp, Planets in the 11th House
  • Equality and Partnership (Signs on the 7th House Cusp, Planets in the 7th House
  • Pleasure, Passion and Love (Venus and Mars in the Signs)
  • Crossing Paths (Nodes in the Houses)
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Kindred Spirits and Soulmates

Anne Shirley, the heroine of the delightful Anne of Green Gables, innately knew when she had met her soulmate, whom she endearingly referred to as a kindred spirit. It was not the persons age, sex, race, what they were wearing, their social status, income, physical appearance, charm or any other visible clue that gave her this sense of profound knowing. Nothing purposeful or intentional drew her to her soulmates. Her heart inexplicably knew that a divine grace brought them both together. Such is the nature of the mysterious force that brings two soulmates into contact. Relationship is a sacred rite that brings us into a close encounter with the truth of our own heart and the elusiveness of our soul. True relationship cannot be arranged, figured out or fixed up. Any attempt to control a relationship flows against the current of our soul. The best that we can do is to enter into its mystery, engage in its paradoxes and know our selves intimately enough to be in relationship, whatever that might bring.


Lunar Legacies

The Moon is in Cancer

Your Moon is in Cancer, a Water sign. When you are born with your Moon in the Element of Water this suggests that you need to feel close to someone in order to feel secure. In astrology Water is the Element associated with emotions. This Element is, in a manner of speaking, considered to be closest to the depths of the soul. The Water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) are all associated with crustaceans. Hard shells, crusts or scales, symbolising the protective persona of the watery element, cover the crab, the scorpion and the fish. However this also suggests the depth and age of these signs: primitive in nature, closest to the depths of the self. Hence feelings are often perceived as archaic, primitive and bothersome, yet ironically they connect us to the past and the depth of human experience. But most importantly water unites and merges, enabling the possibility of closeness, symbiosis, attachment and union. With your Moon in a Water sign you might assume that others also want to forge close bonds, feeling bruised when this does happen or recoiling at the first hint of separateness. You might feel that if others do love you they should know how you feel and also try their best to make amends. Not everyone has your depth of feeling and connection.

Cancer is the sign that represents the personal sphere, in particular bringing depth and intensity of feeling to family relationships and kinship. Hence from the earliest memory your Moon in Cancer instinctually sought attachment to your mother and caretakers. You needed to feel protected and part of a clan in order to feel secure. With this deep sense of closeness you were more likely to develop your ability to feel safe. Rather than retreating from the world or shying away from life you could feel a part of the family. You need to belong and when you do you are secure enough to express your tenderness and kindness. Having such vulnerability you need to feel safe enough to express your feelings without fear of being hurt or rejected. However, if this deep sense of safety and family was compromised in your early experience, so too is your ability to be open and vulnerable. If this is the case then you are likely to retreat into the hard shell that protects you.

Your family of origin and parents are associated with the sign of Cancer; therefore the Moon here suggests that you need a clan, a tribe, a group to belong to. Yes we do have hermit crabs, but thats probably not you. You need to belong and the instinctual response to this need is through nurturing, either by being cared for or caring for others. You bring your caring nature into your attachments, whether that is your family of origin, your family of choice, your friends, work mates or house mates. As a child you needed this sense of tenderness; as an adult you seek this sense of belonging through kindness, which can make it difficult when the world does not share your sensitivities. Cancer is a Cardinal sign suggesting the need to act on your instincts, hunches and feelings about others. As well as harbouring deep feelings you are probably quite expressive of these emotions, not able to hide how you are feeling. Laughter, tears, moods, all describe you. Therefore it is best to use these to your advantage. Sometimes just a simple act of kindness is all it takes.

In adult relationships love and care often are intertwined and it is best to be conscious of this. Since you forge deeply caring bonds, you need to be aware of how others lean on you and inhibit your own needs. What is the difference between nurturing and caring for others as opposed to unhealthy dependency? While dependency is a necessary aspect of your relationships it is always important to balance this with taking care of your own needs, expressing your true feelings and trusting your instincts. Sentiment, the past and tradition are important to you and in relationship you need to feel you are part of something larger. Therefore family values become important to you and your partner needs to be your family as well.

Feeling Secure in an Insecure World

Planets that affect the Moon need to be honoured and acknowledged in each individuals style of attachment, as they reveal an authentic way of being in relationship. When aspecting the Moon, planets influence your early development and your ability to be intimate in adult relationships. Hence planets aspecting the Moon influence our capacity for closeness, comfort and trust in relationships.

Mars is Opposite The Moon

When the feisty planet Mars combines with the emotional Moon, the tug-of-war between individuality and belonging is highlighted. This is because Mars stresses independence while the Moon favours dependence. There is a dilemma in choosing between activity and passivity, aggression and pacification even violation, and protection. Perhaps your family experience placed a strong focus on independence overriding the development of personal security. Concentration on self-sufficiency, standing up for your self, being tough and striving forward might be triggered as a reactive defence when you feel insecure. With this aspect you were highly sensitive to any antagonistic or hostile feelings that permeated the family atmosphere. Unexpressed anger, rivalry and ill feelings may have compromised your sense of safety. Therefore to protect your vulnerability a passive-aggressive pattern of behaviour may have solidified to help you get what you wanted without ruffling any feathers. An aggressive and provocative personality is helpful in masking insecurities. However it also acts against your own needs by defending intimacy. With this difficult combination it is important to consider how you react when vulnerability or dependency is stimulated in your relationships.

If your attachment was secure, your parents have encouraged your expression of appropriate desires, self-assertion and how to use your will to achieve positive outcomes. You feel able to express your individuality and your anger and still feel that you are loved and that you belong. By feeling bonded, your capacity to explore outside the family would not been compromised by unresolved feelings of anger or rivalry. Therefore you are better equipped to differentiate between your own desires and the needs of others, not feeling that you need to act in the way others demand in order for you to feel safe and acceptable.

However, when attachment has been compromised, the family atmosphere of suppressing anger clouds your ability to express anger in a healthy manner and leaves you feeling you must go after what you want in a covert or under-handed way. You learn that that to be angry means love will be withdrawn. Your inability to sustain an enduring bond might be anchored in the early feelings of not being supported to be both independent and intimate. When caught in a fight-or-flight syndrome, you might indiscriminately react.

Your kindred spirits will understand your need for freedom and self expression without demanding concessions. They will also support your independent spirit and volatile reactions without threat of withdrawal. Because your attachment style may have shaped your vigilance and strong reactions, it does not mean that all adult relationships will demand you compromise your integrity or mask your negative feelings. Through your relationships you learn that the dual impulses of mastery and frustration, love and anger, freedom and intimacy can coexist.

Saturn is Conjunct The Moon

When the serious planet Saturn combines with the Moon, rules and regulations are an important feature of family life.

If your parents values and rules did not support your sense of self or your feelings of belonging, then it is likely that you felt imprisoned in a system not of your choice, but controlled by an external authority. As you mature it is important to consider whether your ability to perform, set goals and be self-sufficient was an integral part of the family atmosphere. Did the family ethos encourage you to be a contributing member of society, follow tradition and respect authority? Or did you feel burdened by the pressure to perform in order to be loved? Your feelings of acceptance may be gauged by your performance; the need to be good and be loved becomes interlaced. Therefore you might have withdrawn rather than reach out. Rather than feeling contained and safe in the family environs, you may have felt that boundaries and rules isolated you, severing you from feeling close and included. Becoming self-sufficient helped to mask your feelings of rejection and exclusion. You may have felt that love was measured or controlled, only meted out with good behaviour or top marks. Performance and acceptance become entangled in feeling safe. Hence your ability to leave the family or other situations is often compromised by your feelings of responsibility for those left behind.

If your attachment was secure, regulations and the consequences when rules were broken helped you set appropriate limits and goals. Firm boundaries ensured you felt safe. Predictability in family life encouraged you to feel in control and helped you manage the gaps of aloneness. Regularity is a vital ally to secure development; however, if this engenders fear and anxiety then the rigidity of the family system suffocates individuality. Hierarchy is essential in early childhood but its grip must loosen if you are to develop a healthy sense of personal autonomy.

If the family atmosphere was cold and distant, your fear of rejection and anxiety at doing the wrong thing was increased. Lacking the appropriate boundaries you were unable to be in control, feeling limited and stuck. A lack of adequate fostering or authoritative guidance added to your isolation in the family. Therefore in later years insularity and isolation are confused with containment and self-control. In an adult context intimacy is impaired through fear of rejection and an exaggerated sense of responsibility for others feelings.

Ask yourself if you have the feeling that to be loved you need to be perfect, or if not perfect then in the top percentile. Do you expect the same from your loved ones? It is more important for you to develop a strong sense of values than encompass love and compassion. Then it is your kindred spirits who can accept you unconditionally and provide a safe place for you to belong. Your soulmates are your good-enough folk who show you that what you do is not only better than perfect but so useful. They make you feel that you are a necessary contribution to their lives. But the learning curve is steep as you face the patterns in your adult relationships around earning love, the need to be taken seriously, fear of rejection and self- reliance. Your biggest test is letting someone love you.

Chiron is Square The Moon

Chiron is not a Planet in the astronomical sense, but as a celestial wanderer it fits the ancient tradition of a Planet. In many ways Chiron is marginal to the herd of Planets and metaphorically parallels these feelings of being an outsider. In aspect to the Moon it highlights the sense of feeling displaced. Often this is experienced through dislocation, abandonment or relinquishment.

Chiron combines with the Moon in a way that is akin to that uncomfortable feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. For many this combination has been experienced as their mother?s postnatal depression, a family separation, an adoption or emigration. It is also possible that a parental wound of displacement or exclusion may have psychically harmed your sense of safety. However this presents in your life experience, it suggests your process of being close to your caretakers has been bruised by feelings of exclusion that infected the family atmosphere and your feelings of security. You may harbour feelings of marginality with the need to be accepted often resulting in a feeling of exclusion. Your task is to accept that your apex of security is not at the centre of the system, but on its fringe. Your fate may be to wander or feel displaced before your sense of belonging can be established. Or you may have had the experience of your family being the outsider in the culture or society you grew up in. This family wound of feeling marginal may have hampered your ability to leave the enmeshed family unit. You may feel that your family has perpetuated and confirmed a myth that the pain of living is great. If this is so, then you may feel that your spirit to adventure and explore beyond the family and its culture has been compromised. When you feel secure, you know you can be heroic when faced with being foreign or marginal in the system within which you find yourself. If your parents encouraged a healthy sense of feeling different and demonstrated freedom was possible by not being part of the system, then you internalised a healthy sense of being foreign. You would have developed the self-esteem to be secure in a foreign environment and acquired the ability to be compassionate and caring about others who suffer the same sense of disenfranchisement. In many ways this is the task of this aspect.

However if there was not enough parental support, you felt orphaned from your family unit. Your sense of attachment may have suffered due to a parental wound. When a parents spirit is broken, the shade haunts the family atmosphere, leaving you feeling helpless and unprepared to become part of a greater community. Your destiny is to engage in the depth understanding and healing of the family wound that keeps you feeling disenfranchised.

Feeling marginal and peripheral you are at risk of recreating relationships where abandonment or exclusion impedes intimacy. Healing comes through the forging of close bonds with others who accept you. Your kindred spirits accept you into their inner circle and celebrate your differences. They engage with you on your own level without making you feel that you need to be one of them. Through your close relationships with soulmates your feelings of exclusion and marginality are healed.

Home is Where We Start From

In astrology the 4th House signifies the environmental atmosphere of the family home. It is also the terrain of our innermost life where basic needs for emotional security and nurturing are first experienced. It is in this section of the Horoscope where we first experience feelings of belonging, being at home, and being connected. These experiences lay the foundation for security levels in adult relationships. When considering relationships with others, the 4th House symbolises our most intimate ties with family and those who support and nurture us. As well-respected psychotherapist D.W. Winnicott said home is where we start from.

Planets in the 4th House describe the climate of your family home and the attitudes and influences of your family of origin. These attitudes shape your sense of inner security and the degree to which you feel safe enough to reach out to others. Because 4th House patterns are not always conscious, the planetary energies may not be fully known or understood until they surface in adult relationships as non-supportive habits and unclear behaviourial patterns. A planet or planets located in the 4th House are bedrock and foundation for the security, inner strength and self acceptance that you later bring into your adult relationships.

Without planets in this sphere, the conditions of the House can be described in other ways such as the Sign on the Cusp and its Ruler. Planets, however, personify archetypal images and without a planet in the 4th, the astrologers focus would be on the Moon to describe the attachment style moulded through the family. Take a moment to reflect on how you feel the level of emotional safety in your family influenced your relationship blueprint.


Our Early Soulmates

Siblings, Cousins, Neighbours, Playmates and School Chums

The Third House

3rd House Cusp is in Leo

The Fire Sign Leo on your 3rd House Cusp suggests that warmth, creative expression, playfulness and fun are primary qualities of relationship that are important to you and experienced in some way with your siblings and early friends.

Feedback when growing up was vital as it contributed to your sense of confidence and faith in yourself. Therefore you might have looked to your siblings, cousins and schoolmates to encourage your personal creativity and help mirror your skills and talents. They may have acted as the reflecting pool for your developing sense of self.

You would also have wanted to engage in the joy and rapture of self-discovery with others; hence this astrological image might also suggest that your siblings and childhood chums are important as playmates and co-creators for your sense of personal creativity. However, you could also project your creativity onto your friends, echoing back their emerging creativity while yours remains unacknowledged. You might see the others as the heroic and bright ones. Therefore this combination could also speak of the possibility of adoration of the sibling. Or favouritism in the sibling system could have been an issue that confronted your sense of self. You might look for the heroic in siblings and others and at the same time feel eclipsed by them. Or your creative flair and popularity stood out positioning you at the centre of attention. Popularity and glamour may have become an issue as you entered adolescence. All these possible scenarios point to the pattern of learning to integrate your self expression and creativity with others.

Drama in your early relationships may have centred on who got more attention. Carrying your early patterning into adult relationships suggests that your sense of self needs to feel acknowledged and respected in the partnership. Without that you might feel like you are regressing back to early feelings of being unacknowledged. You bring your playful and optimistic self to relationship and expect that to be returned. Whether that was returned or not is your fate. But how you handle that is your destiny. You need relationships to be positive, optimistic and cheerful and strive to bring that into your intimate encounters. Your learning curve is to let your heart still love when the light fades. Your kindred spirits love your vitality and warmth and are loyal supporters of creativity, bringing joy and laughter into the bright arena of your relationships.


Friends, Acquaintances and Colleagues

The Eleventh House

11th House Cusp is in Aries

The 11th House represents your community, the groups you encounter and belong to outside the family: groups that you belong to because of your interests, your passions and your professional affiliations. In this House are kin, not bound by blood, but by a similar spirit of interest. Eleventh House experiences include your first class photo, your circle of friends, Girl Guides and Boy Scout experiences, the school council; groups where you were part of the community without other family members. But this House also describes your friends and kindred spirits who share your hopes and wishes and contribute to making your world the ideal place to live in.

With Aries on the Cusp of the 11th House, you are drawn to dynamic and energetic friends who help boost your confidence and encourage you to be more of who you truly are. You are able to find your kindred spirits within groups that are adventurous, sports focused, pioneering and spirited. As a youth any venture into the social world was a great adventure in itself. You were amazed and inspired by others, drawn to interesting and exciting friends who challenged you to try new things and travel new pathways. As a youth you experienced a new way of being with others, a part of yourself that felt challenged and excited about venturing beyond your limits and trying new things. Friends inspire you and challenge you to move farther afield and they promote a sense of discovery and adventure in your life. Therefore it is common for you to share your explorations and enterprises with them. As a kid your gang took risks; as an adult your friends are active and entrepreneurial. Friends bring out your confidence in yourself and allow you to be courageous. Even though you cannot see it in yourself your friends are able to see your code of honour and they award you the medal of bravery. Through their actions and inclusion of you, friends boost your sense of self.

While friends encourage your fighting spirit they might also ignite your competitive streak. This is great as long as you are honest about it and able to find healthy ways of competing. Friends inspire you to find the place where you can meet as equals and revel in the enjoyment of competitive games or challenging adventures. So whether they ignite the competitive streak on the gold course, tennis court, dance floor or scrabble table, it is important to recognise that this is how you engage and meet. While winning might be the goal, engagement and mateship is the outcome. The energy created through this contact might inspire you and your friend to form a team, create an enterprise or begin an adventure together. Aries, being the leading sign of the Zodiac, might inspire you to become a leader of your group, the captain of your team, the president of your organisation. You are a team player but also a leader and this is constantly reinforced through your organisational activities. It might be easier to do your own thing but your challenge is to do your own thing with others in a productive way for the group. Others might seem slower or less passionate than you might, but your challenge is to inspire them. That fine balance between individuality and being part of a team is a constant chemistry experiment in your life. But in these groups you find your kindred spirits who inspire and champion you. There is nothing quite like a friends warm embrace at the end of the game who honestly acknowledges your effort and full participation.

Chiron is in the 11th House

In Greek myth Chiron was the carrier of the ancient ways of healing, divination and magic. As a vestige of the past Chiron was marginalised in the shift when rational medicine and science became the dominant paradigm. Chiron is marginal to the rational sphere and therefore feels excluded and excommunicated from the modern world where linear thinking, information and certainty are prized. In the 11th House Chiron struggles to be part of a group which is conformist and conventional. Instead you need to find like minded others who also are marginal to the prevailing paradigm. With Chiron in the 11th finds you will find your tribe outside convention and tradition feeling at home with groups who are interested in the authentic ancient ways.

In each of the houses of relationship Chirons experiences the archetype of the outsider. In the 11th the individual will often feel outside the group or excluded from associations and organisations you are a member of. In a developmental way this is a painful experience as your feelings of exclusion often fester and become a wound. In order to insure that these do not become chronic or lifelong wounds it is imperative for you to understand that your communal life exists away from the mainstream. Your colleagues are also marginal and share the similar wound of feeling apart. While your soul group may exist outside convention, your role is to act as a mentor or healer in the group s experience since you are able to see things differently or from another perspective. With Chiron in the 11th you are able to remain on the sidelines to comment on what is taking place at the centre of the group. In this way you are be a spokesperson for radical ideals, controversial ideas and groundbreaking social reform. Underlying Chiron in the 11th is a bigger agenda about healing the tribe!

Close friendships are healing boons. With Chiron in the 11th you are drawn to friends who are both mentors and guides. However in return you are able to offer healing in your mutual companionship. This placement also suggests your friends and close associates can help heal your wounds of feeling disconnected from others and may help to reshape your earlier feelings of not belonging. With Chiron in the 11th you are prone to recreating your feelings of abandonment through your relationships with colleagues and associates. Therefore with this placement it is imperative to recognise your unconscious patterns and become more aware of your role in your friendships. The friend and the group are both arenas of wounding and healing and therefore while you may have experienced the pain of being excluded from the system, you must return to the group to find your salvation. Your kindred spirits will also be friends who feel disenfranchised, yet with their support and love you will find a place to belong.


Intimate Friends and Committed Partners

The Seventh House

7th House Cusp is in Sagittarius

Astronomically your 7th House begins on the western point of the horizon. Astrologically this is the sector of the Zodiac that was setting when you were born. This Zodiacal location is exactly opposite your Ascendant or Rising Sign. Your Rising Sign depicts your personality and independent outreach into life. Your descending Sign or Descendant, as it is known, represents others. Therefore the Ascendant-Descendant axis becomes vital in any relationship analysis. It describes the intimate dance between yourself and your partner.

Your Ascendant is Gemini; therefore the Fire Sign Sagittarius is on your 7th House Cusp. Fire is a spirited Element and its approach to life experience is generally highly instinctive, spontaneous, forthright and willful. With this Element on your 7th House, you are attracted to adventure and spontaneity in your relationships. You are drawn to freedom-loving, high-spirited and knowledgeable, intuitive partners who encourage your sense of self-discovery and support your urge for adventure. Relationships are a vital area for investigation and experimentation of the self; hence the qualities of adventure, travel and wanderlust in others stimulate you.

Sagittarius burning spirit and quest for philosophical perfection and absolute truth meets its challenges in negative feeling, lethargy and uncertainty. Therefore you may easily become frustrated with your partner when they are unable to share your enthusiasm, certainty or feelings of being right. You often struggle with negative feelings in your relationship, as you need to be buoyant and on the move. However, denying negativity or depression encourages projection of these feelings on to your partner, who may feel misunderstood and frustrated.

What you are first attracted to in others is their independent spirit, their vitality, philosophy of life and ability to see the larger picture. You love their optimism and freedom-loving spirit. They re so straight shooting and honest, it makes life less complicated. Not to mention their good nature and fun. While you may attract these qualities in your quest for equal relationship, you will also attract their shadow. The farsighted and open-minded wise partner may also be dogmatic and rigid. What you once experienced as jovial and good-natured may now just seem loud, tactless and quite boring. But through light and shadow Sagittarius on the 7th draws you into a relationship that inspires you to crosses many borders, move farther afield and see a wider horizon to life. With Sagittarius on this House Cusp it is quite possible your partner and kindred spirit is from another country of origin or a completely foreign background to you. You are attracted to the cultural, social and educational differences in their upbringing.

Qualities you admire and are attracted to in others include expansiveness and visionary thinking, idealism, freedom, ethical and moral behaviour. And it is these very qualities that a partner helps you find in yourself. So don not be surprised when your kindred spirits have their Sun or Moon in Sagittarius or are wise beyond their years.


The Joys of Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars

Venus is in Pisces

Prince Charming looking for Orphan with one shoe Would you respond to an advertisement like this in the personal column of your local paper? You might. You are romantic at heart and believe in fairy tales. Well you used to, before you realised what the odds were of truly finding your Prince or Princess. You found a few Frogs formerly known as Prince and one or two Bitches formerly known as Princess, but should this discolour your hopefulness. Perhaps you need to just have a more realistic idea about relationship. Or steer that energy towards your own creativity, sing your own songs or rescue your own inner child. You are prone to idealisation and projecting your enchantment out into the world; better onto a canvas than a person. You are blessed with an imaginative and inspired heart that is best expressed through creativity. In close relationship you are prone to idealising the other and then becoming enmeshed in their world.

As you say you can t help helping, or falling in love. But sometimes you are in love with the ideal and possibility of love, rather than the person. You are also prone to surrendering yourself to these possibilities before they have been tested or had a reality check. Sensitive to sacrificing aspects of yourself to help others leaves you feeling adrift, lost to yourself. Neptune is the modern ruler of your Venus sign and with this nebulous planet standing behind the stage of your relationships you are susceptible to fantasy and reading into situations influenced by your own desires. It is magic but also madness. You have a gift of great compassion and understanding but relationship teaches you how to contain and shape this in the best possible ways. When you are in touch with that energy you flow and magic does happen.

You value the spiritual and unseen. With soulmates you are often able to part the veil between the two worlds and be in a timeless space together. Therefore it is always wise that you literally create a time out of time or a space away from routine in your close relationships, so that you can enter into this enchantment together. When magic and relationship combine then you find your soul mate. Sometimes it might take longer than you would like, but when you are together, you feel as if you are together in eternity.

Mars is in Capricorn

How you assert yourself in your relationship and take the courage to be your own person is the domain of the Planet Mars. In the earthy Sign of Capricorn you strive to be the captain of your own ship. And you ve got the determination, will power, grit and commitment to succeed. The Planet Saturn rules your Mars sign and brings his age-old wisdom and experience to what you desire. As a young person this might have been more difficult as you were only allowed training wheels when you were capable of so much more. But with adulthood comes the opportunity and wherewithal to apply yourself to your ambition. You will find your own way to express this powerful astrological archetype, but what is probably common to all the possible expressions is the attitude of authority and the quality of responsibility that you display in all your assignments.

These are highly valuable traits to use in your professional life to get what you desire. But what about the personal arena, how do you express your desires here? Well in a calculated way you could choose partners that support your professional goals. However, more that likely, you will take your time, assess the situation and hold back a bit until you know that you are respected for who you are, not what you do. You have a strong will that can be projected onto your intimate others who might complain about your controlling nature. Be aware of that fine line between controlling and sharing. And also take note of taking time away from your relationships to accomplish your worldly ambitions. You might find you are successful but not partnered, humming the popular Neil Sedaka song I miss the hungry years to yourself. That song is a lament about trading success for relating.

You just want things to work and work well. So you might have to make some room for human frailty, irrationality and emotionality. Its bound to show up. You want to work hard and be accomplished and you want those you love on board as well. So its possible you may start a business together or work in the same profession. Desire for success at work might clash with relationship responsibilities and hence time management is essential in satisfying the demands of a busy life. You bring dignity and worldly wisdom into your relationships and strive to find those who can share your goals and ambitions.


Close Encounters with Kindred Spirits

The Nodes

The North Node is in the 6th House

Consider what makes your everyday, ordinary, run of the mill routines special. Yes its probably when a little charm or out of the ordinary enchantment permeates the atmosphere for a moment. In that split second you are reminded that in the commotion and turbulence of an everyday life there is magic. Its when you are able to be present in the present that you cross paths with your soulmates. Perhaps they work in the same building, shop at the same supermarket, take the same train or visit the same naturopath. They are there in the everyday routines that make a life. Your ordinary life becomes extraordinary when you decide to bloom where youre planted

Your North Node is in the 6th House of your birth chart; the South Node is in the 12th House. This polarity of the Zodiacal opposition of Virgo and Pisces represents the extremes of science and magic, spirit and matter, dreams and waking play out. Your North Node in the 6th House suggests that the process of ordering, sorting, discriminating and focusing become important themes in your everyday experience. However there has to be enough room in the order to make way for the slivers of magic that need to seep in to your life. Since work is such an important aspect of the everyday, you also need to be open to those you work with and their circles. Kindred spirits occupy your workspace and whether they are in it or connected to those who are in it, they are on the landscape of your everyday.

You need to feel present, know what you are doing; therefore, being in the moment is very important. However being too concerned about what you are working on or in the grip of deadlines and details takes you out of your comfort zone. And when that happens, you lose that thin thread that connects you back to a meaningful and soulful place. Obsessing draws your focus away and then it is more difficult to see who is there for you. Without balancing your work and spiritual needs, you feel pulled back into the rip of confusion or lost in a hazy fog, which keeps you from applying yourself to a useful outcome. At this juncture, stress accumulates.

Innately you have an understanding of health and well being and may even feel pulled to this professionally. However part of your health regime needs to be life affirming relationships. Kindred spirits need to support your search for wellness and help you understand your drive for perfection. Deep inside you know you have a fertile imagination and depth of understanding, yet you are invited to use this in more pragmatic ways. It is in this tug between the worlds of the everyday and the eternal where you find your kindred spirits. With them you can share your search for perfection and well being. You also meet your kindred spirits in the professional arenas of the everyday. Whether you are consulting a health professional, a technical expert or a mechanic, be open to spirit, as it works in mysterious ways.


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