Asteroid Goddess Astrology Report

image The Asteroid Goddess Astrology Report has the mystery and power of the 12 goddesses. They are revealed in this 45-page ground-breaking report helping you to discover your true potential. You can read about the mythology of 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house of your birth chart.

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Included in The Asteroid Goddess report are:

  • An Insightful Introduction to Goddess Mythology
  • The Mythology of each of the 12 Asteroid Goddess
  • Ceres - The Earth Mother
  • Pallas Athene - The Wisdom of the Warrior
  • Juno - Socialising the Soul
  • Vesta - The Inner Life
  • Hygieia - The Soul of Health
  • Ariadne - The Labyrinth of the Soul
  • Europa - The Soul of the Earth
  • Pandora - A Gift of Hope
  • Mnemosyne - The Soul of Memory
  • Hecate - The Soul in Transition
  • Cassandra - The Prophetic Soul
  • Medea - Herbalist and Healer
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image Oprah Gail Winfrey
(born January 29, 1954)

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Winfrey made a screen debut in Spielberg's "The Color Purple," 1958, for which she won award nominations.

Her relationships with men tended to be unstable before she met 6' 6" PR executive Stedman Graham. They began dating in May 1986. Happy together, they became engaged in mid-October 1992. By 1998, a marriage seemed unlikely, or perhaps unnecessary.

She achieved another personal best when she was included for the first time in the Forbes magazine list of billionaires announced on February 27, 2003.

After an investment of $40 million, Oprah Winfrey officially opened a school in Henly-on-Klip, South Africa on January 2, 2007. She called the school for 152 impoverished girls aged 11 and 12 the fulfillment of my work on earth.


Astrological Summary
Chart Point Positions: Oprah Winfrey
Abbr Asteroid Sign Position House Comment Cer Ceres Libra 12 Li46' 9th
Pal Pallas Athena Virgo 6 Vi23' 8th
Jun Juno Leo 21 Le56' 8th
Ves Vesta Pisces 22 Pi14' 3rd
Hyg Hygieia Cancer 21 Cn07' 7th
Ari Ariadne Gemini 3 Ge15' 5th
Eur Europa Pisces 9 Pi54' 2nd
Pan Pandora Capricorn 16 Cp19' 1st
Mne Mnemosyne Aquarius 5 Aq46' 2nd
Hec Hecate Libra 24 Li09' 10th
Cas Cassandra Capricorn 10 Cp20' 1st
Med Medea Capricorn 27 Cp44' 1st


The Goddess is the custodian of life's mysteries and the primal world of archetypal forces. As representative of the world soul she engages us in the sacred rites of nature and reanimates life though the cycles of birth and death. Goddess culture flourished in the prehistoric period when magical consciousness prevailed, supernatural forces were deified and natural forces were revered. As consciousness developed through its phases the wisdom of the goddess was buried beneath the rational constructs of a scientific knowledge that erased the mysteries from life and excluded the magical processes.

With the advent of the asteroids the wisdom of the goddess is once again available to consciousness. Goddess wisdom revels in the ancient wisdom of cycles, the intelligence of the inner life, the sanctity of divination, the mystery of healing and the necessity for sacrifice and ritual. The ancient feminine wisdom of the goddesses embraced all phases of life, celebrated its mysteries, ritualized its passages and knew the power of the natural world. The Solar Writer - Goddess report celebrates twelve goddesses and heroines and seeks their wisdom and guidance.

Goddess Mythology

Mythology serves as a psychological record of human development recording the imagination and symbols of the culture. Mythic stories speak to the inner life as they deal with universal themes and truths illustrating the archetypal forces that influence the course of the human drama. In archaic societies myths offered an explanation of the world and its creation, the cycle of birth, growth and death, how things came into existence as well as how they disappeared. In contemporary times we have scientific explanations for many of the ancient mysteries, but myth is just as valuable to help us to imagine our own origins and invest our lives with meaning. Mythic themes stir the imagination and broaden the horizon of the individual's story placing it in a context of a larger story.

Mythology is the link between the magical phase of being when consciousness participates in nature and the rational phase when we are separated from the natural world. The magical phase embraces the culture of the Great Goddess when life is full of mystery and wonder and we are one with the natural order, not separated or expelled from it. In this phase all nature is sacred as all life is invested with the divine. The asteroids are surrogates of the Great Goddess and reconnect us to her culture. As emissaries the asteroid goddesses and heroines invest life with the sacred, value imagination and mystery and inspire ritual and sacrifice in order to reconnect to the wellsprings of her magical forces. Following is a summary of their genealogy and mythic tradition. Let the myths resonate with your imagination and speak to you in their own way.

The Roman goddess Ceres is also known as Olympian goddess, Demeter. She is the daughter of the Titan Cronus and Rhea and mother of Persephone. She is the Corn Goddess who personifies the agricultural cycle of fertility and harvest, as well as loss and renewal through her daughter Persephone. The Olympian goddess Pallas Athena was a daughter of Zeus, born from her father's head after he had swallowed Metis. The Romans referred to her as Minerva. She is revered as representing the wisdom of reflection and strategy.

The Roman goddess Juno is also known as the Olympian goddess, Hera. She is the daughter of the Titan Cronus and Rhea and mother to Ares, Hephaestus and Hebe. She is the goddess of Marriage and Social Customs who oversees the seasons of a woman's life.

The Roman goddess Vesta is also known as the Olympian Goddess Hestia. She is the daughter of the Titan Cronus and Rhea and is the goddess of the Hearth who embodies sacred space.

Hygieia was the daughter of the Greek god of healing, Asclepius and the beloved goddess of Health. She is the sister of other minor healing deities and heroes including Panacea, Machaon and Podalirius. As the goddess of Health, Hygieia is the giver and preserver of well being whose function is to maintain a healthy relationship between body and soul.

The Cretan goddess Ariadne was from the Minoan dynasty. She is the daughter of King Minos and Queen Pasiphae, granddaughter of Helios and Zeus. She is sister of Phaedra and half-sister to the Minotaur. As the wife of Dionysus, Ariadne embodies the sacred marriage having endured the trials of betrayal and abandonment.

Europa was a Phoenician princess, sister to Cadmus and matriarch of the Minoan dynasty, mother to King Minos and grandmother of Ariadne and Phaedra. She represents the creative and earthy process that supports and guides worldly success.

Pandora was the first woman, shaped by Hephaestus, to be the harbinger of a new age. She was married to Epimetheus and was the mother of Pyrrha. As a representative of the ancient ways of the goddess, Pandora brings the gift of hope.

Mnemosyne was a Titaness, a daughter of Gaia and Uranus, known as the goddess who personified the faculty of memory. As the mother to the Nine Muses she represents enchantment, inspiration and the power of remembering.

The goddess Hecate was the daughter of Perses and Asteria, the granddaughter of Phoebe, and a powerful goddess revered by all the gods. Later she became an attendant to Persephone. As an underworld goddess she was represented in her three-fold nature and was worshipped at the crossroads and as the guardian of transitions.

Cassandra was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, the regents of the powerful dynasty of Troy. She was the twin sister to Helenus and sister to seventeen other siblings including Paris and Hector. From an early age she had oracular ability, yet no one believed her. Cassandra carries the feminine mysteries of divination even in a contemporary world that devalues the sacred tradition.

Medea was the Princess of Colchis, granddaughter of the Sun god, Helios and niece of the sorceress, Circe. Medea is the great witch of the Greek myths, knowledgeable in herbs, healing and the art of metamorphosis.

Ceres - The Earth Mother

Astrologically the goddess Ceres represents the feminine wisdom that acknowledges loss. Loss is intricately woven into the tapestry of life; attachment, separation and loss are part of life's greatest mystery. Feminine wisdom knows that grief is only one phase of the great wheel and mourning allows the process to be complete so that life may be renewed. Following is a portrayal of the goddess Ceres in your natal horoscope.

Ceres is in the 9th House

You have a deep connection with the world as a whole. As such you are likely to be passionate about travel, study and philosophy. However, you are not interested in high-minded ideals. Rather you seek an earthiness. These areas of your life provide real sustenance. As such you are likely to study subjects that are both practical and global such as international relations, environmental science, archaeology, geography, and world poverty. You are likely to want to travel to foreign lands preferring to visit people and natural environments rather than the big cities. Trekking in the Himalayas or visiting a Buddhist community in Bhutan is likely to hold more appeal than staying in a luxury hotel in the middle of Hong Kong. You may also have a strong need to visit and help the worlds poor. Your interest in philosophy feeds your soul. Discussions of religion or international politics can really feed your passionate beliefs. Music and other artistic forms from different parts of the world may soothe you in stressful times. You may also form close bonds with people from different backgrounds, perhaps those who live in far-off lands. Or you may have ancestral roots that are deeply buried in foreign soil. You may meet and marry someone from a different cultural background or form strong business connections overseas. On the other hand you may become involved in publishing your own or other people's works. If this is the case then you need to make sure that you give creative publishing works and those involved plenty of freedom of expression. If you become too attached to any creative project then you are in danger of becoming excessively scheming. You could become your own worse enemy. On the other hand if you can give yourself and everyone involved the freedom to play his or her part then your publishing is likely to be successful.

Your challenge is to nurture your own need for knowledge and the dissemination of that knowledge while respecting other people's beliefs and intellectual property. The more that you are able to let go of your grand schemes the more that you are able to attract erudite associates and stimulating creative projects.

Ceres is in Libra

Relationships are a key source of sustenance in your life, feeding a need to feel connected with other people. You enjoy company, working and playing closely with colleagues, friends and relatives. You have a keen understanding of human nature and are a wise and supportive friend. Your marital union has a significant influence on your moods on a daily basis and your life choices. Therefore you need to choose a partner carefully. You need someone who is kind, caring and who shares your need for harmonious interactions. If you have children then your relationship with your offspring is also very important. Your spouse needs to share your love of children and cooperate in parenting. Fairness and equality are important. Any marital and family conflict troubles you. Fortunately you are likely to be committed to seeking ways to improve the relations between you and your loved ones and share many happy moments. As the Spanish playwright Lope de Vega said: 'Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto.' You may also choose work that reflects your love of amicable relationships such as counseling or diplomacy.

Your relationship with your mother is the basis of all of your other interactions. Your mother has a significant influence on your need for harmony. Depending on other aspects of your birth chart, she could have been a positive influence. Your mother may have been kind and loving, showing you the way to interact. On the other hand your mothers manipulative ways may have prompted you to seek solace in other associations. Of course, one of your main challenges is to develop a positive self-image. The more that you become self-reliant, the more that you are likely to really enjoy your own company. You may also find fulfillment in creative work that explores personal and global relationships. Film, theater, dance, art and other artistic endeavors could provide a positive outlet for your knowledge.

Pallas Athena - The Wisdom Of The Warrior

In astrology the goddess Pallas Athena represents the reflection and meditation that develops out of the turmoil of chaos and uncertainty, helping us to become more strategic and deliberate in our actions. Metis is the valued intelligence that guides our instincts and plans strategically and arises into consciousness at exactly the right moment. Pallas Athena discerns and through reflecting on emotionally entangled situations allows consciousness to develop. Following are the house and sign descriptions of the goddess Pallas Athena in your horoscope.

Pallas is in the 8th House

You are skilled at managing other peoples resources - their finances, property investments and their personal matters. You are insightful, perceiving the best methods for other people to move forward in their lives. You are a born manager, able to listen, learn and make decisions. For this reason you could enjoy accounting, stock market investment, property management, publishing and sales. These skills also mean that you are skilled at running a business enterprise, either your own or someone elses. You can manage all facets of a business as well as foretell business trends and advise on methods of implementing change. You might be surprised by how quickly you achieve promotion within some enterprises. You have a strong set of business ethics to which you adhere and expect others to respect your rights. If anyone should fail to respect your code of ethics then you are likely to become warrior like in seeking justice.

While you have excellent management skills you also have high expectations. Can others always meet these expectations? You need to ensure that you choose your battles wisely. You find it difficult to let go and trust a natural course of justice. Your battle skills are considerable. You are able to rally resources and allies and beat the opposition; however, you need to make sure that you are acting with integrity. Are you really seeking justice or are you being self-righteous? Are you seeing things from all perspectives? Have people simply become numbers? The answers to these questions will help you choose your battles wisely. Make sure that you are protecting your own rights, or other people's rights, not seeking revenge. The goddess Pallas always preferred mediation rather than confrontation. Conversely if you have walked away from a battle do not have any regrets. Justice does not need to be personally sought in order to apply. Integrity is more important; otherwise you may win the battle but lose the war. In other words a court of law may find in your favor but you then have to deal with the consequences.

Your insights are valuable in business, but you are also wise in understanding human nature. Your friends, colleagues and loved ones may rely on your advice in deeply personal matters. For this reason you may enjoy counseling, social work, psychiatry or psychology as a profession. You may also be a gifted teacher, able to help others learn valuable lessons about life, not just one particular subject. On the other hand you may simply delight in learning about metaphysical matters for your own personal edification. Books about the meaning of life and death may fascinate you, as do other people's psychic experiences. The goddess Pallas discerns and through reflecting on emotionally entangled situations allows consciousness to develop. This is one of your greatest gifts, the ability to shed light on entangled situations and help others rise above them.

Pallas is in Virgo

You are a skilled artisan, a professional whose work is consistently of high quality. You apply yourself to your chosen profession with aptitude and diligence, preferring a task that requires concentration and application rather than something nebulous. You are likely to be intelligent and practical, although you may get a little lost in the details. You like to get to the heart of the matter and struggle with the nuts and bolts of a problem.

This can present some problems in your love life, because you are more likely to be more focused on finding a practical solution rather than listening to your partners feelings. You aim to be helpful and wonder why your spouse is complaining. Depending on other aspects of your birth chart this is because romance, for you, is second best to practical considerations. You may also be more focused on your own interests rather than on your spouse's activities. Try not to turn your critical mind onto your partners failings, but rather try to find common ground. Your skills are considerable when applied to a practical problem, but you can get rather tangled in human emotions, preferring the practicality of mechanics. You like to create using practical tools. You are the artisan rather than the artiste. For instance you are more likely to be the photographer than the model, the editor rather than the writer, the stage crew or theater reviewer rather than the actor and the curator rather than the artist. You are a creator of great skill in the manual arts, a person who grows or makes or invents things. You like to connect the parts into a cohesive whole. You enjoy a challenge that stimulates your analytical mind. You may be a manual worker, a craftsperson, inventor, technician or handyperson. However, you also have executive abilities. Your powers of discrimination are strong are others may come to rely on your ability to make decisions, form practical strategies and organize structures and people.

Juno - Socializing The Soul

In astrology the goddess Juno represents the status and achievement in the world that are intricately aligned with social customs and tradition. Equality in relationship is necessary at all stages of the life cycle to insure both inner and outer fulfillment. Juno's ancient legacy is equal relationship and through her archetypal experience you can become aligned with your heroic self. Descriptions of the goddess in your astrological chart follow:

Juno is in the 8th House

Marriage is a deeply personal and significant union in your eyes. You value love, commitment and the promise of marriage. You long to make a lasting commitment in an equal relationship and want to exchange the vows of commitment in an official ceremony. It doesn't matter to you whether or not this ceremony is performed in a traditional or unorthodox ceremony, but you do want the comfort that the ritual of making vows provides. Once a vow is made then you are determined to keep it. You expect the same from your spouse. You have a great capacity for being honest, loyal and trustworthy in your intimate relationships but this also needs to be experienced from your partner.

You enjoy the intensity of romance and passion at the start of your marriage and the excitement of setting up a home together. However, much to your own chagrin, you find that familiarity can indeed breed contempt. The daily grind of living together soon loses its shine. Your challenge is to keep the flames of romance burning, and to find meaning within daily acts of love and kindness. Otherwise you soon become bored, and if this is the case you are likely to create conflict simply for the effect of escaping boredom or look for trouble where it doesn't exist. You may start to doubt your partner's commitment, either because you realize that your behavior is not conducive to loving relations or because you are suspicious of your spouse's behavior. Possessiveness and jealousy, either your own or your spouse's, can cause further problems. The birth of a child in this scenario is unlikely to prove a salve to your problems. In fact it is more likely to cause further tribulations. Love, loss and betrayal can become themes in your marriage if you remain unconscious of the need to keep the relationship alive. You need to be mindful of not turning your love life into the soap operas that you enjoy so much.

On a more positive note, you learn much about the seasons of life through your marriage. The act of commitment to another person reflects your honorable intention of remaining true to yourself and another person. There is great beauty in your promise. You can learn to accept your own and your spouse's failings. In doing so, this strengthens your resolve to live your own life to the fullest extent. You also learn the true meaning of passion. As famous author Mark Twain once said, ' Of the delights of this world man cares most for sexual intercourse, yet he has left it out of his heaven.' Eventually you can attract a partner who is supportive, enterprising, as well as challenging and confronting in positive ways.

Juno is in Leo

Love is a many splendored thing and you couldnt agree more. You are seeking true love, someone to share all the joys of life. This can involve the simple pleasures of walking in nature, creating a scenic garden or watching a beautiful sunset. Or you may yearn for a playmate to accompany you to the theater, ballet, cinema and traveling to new places. Basically you want a partner who is playful, uplifting, inspirational, perhaps even your muse and vice versa. You may even yearn for a special someone to share your creative pursuits, someone to share in the joys of parenthood, or the arts, fashion or beauty industries. You want a partner who loves life in all its facets and colors. Love, fun, and romance are important.

Imagine the beauty of a Peacock and its feathered tail and you have the image of the goddess Juno in Leo. But is this all for show? Are you able to commit? You may shy away from commitment because you have a fear of becoming trapped by feelings of responsibility towards a marriage partner. You prefer the better rather than the worse in the marriage vows for better or worse. This, of course, depends on other aspects of your birth chart. Nevertheless there is a tendency for you to attract love affairs of the passionate variety rather than relationships of the more serious and committed nature. When you do marry you are likely to choose someone who can be your equal. While you enjoy sharing many activities, you are attracted to a person who values independence, both their own and yours. As a partner and equal Juno is supportive, enterprising, challenging and confronting helping shape potentiality into reality. These are traits that form as prerequisites for your marriage.

Your need for playful relationships usually leads to a strong rapport with children. You may work with children, or perhaps enjoy a large tribe of children, either your own or those within an extended family. It is also possible that you decide to direct your creative urges into one or more forms of the arts - dance, theater, painting, sculpture, photography, prose, poetry, and other such artistic pursuits. Your passionate nature needs a creative outlet. You have a warm heart and generous nature, and an ability to inspire others through your good works. You are likely to seek and find a vocation that brings much joy to your own and other's lives.

Vesta - The Inner Life

In astrology Vesta is the inner instinct that honors soul by giving it a sacred place, an altar, a quiet moment. She represents hospice and offers hospitality to the aspects of self that feel displaced and dislocated. As the hearth light she offers stillness, quietude, meditation and solitude in the midst of the everyday. The inner life is the container for anxiety and despair as well as a refuge from the pollution of daily life. Below are descriptions of where Vesta is to be found in your horoscope, the spheres where she seeks to be honored in your life.

Vesta is in the 3rd House

The creative fire of your spirit needs an outlet through the spoken or written word. If your passion is to communicate through the spoken word then your interactions with other people are paramount. Teaching, public speaking, acting, singing, training, advocacy, language interpretation, psychology, astrology and other forms of linking with others can all provide an avenue for your ingenuity. If the written word is your outlet then fiction and non-fiction writing, policy writing, transcribing, art and design could be your forte. The key is to discover your own unique talent by listening to your intuition. You are a powerful figure with the ability to speak up for yourself and on behalf of other people. Learning the ways of the spirit are important for you. You are likely to be non-conformist, particularly when it comes to spiritual teachings. If you do follow an orthodox religion then you are likely to delve into its origins to gain a full understanding of your theology. You may then become an advocate for change in your religion. Unorthodox teachings may also appeal to your inner self.

You have a gift for listening and responding truthfully to situations and people. Your imagination is also strong and you are keen to understand human nature. Your colleagues, friends and loved ones are likely to seek your counsel. Work as a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or counselor may appeal to need to administer to others. You are wise, leaning more towards the feminine arts rather than the sciences, becoming a spokesperson for downtrodden members of society or for an environmental cause. You believe in listening to all segments of society and finding resolution that considers all parties. You are likely to attract the support of women, rather than men to your cause. You may also have to sacrifice some of your own beliefs in order to achieve your goals.

While you may be an only child it is also possible you were the central focus for your siblings, being the one they sought in times of need or the one who could help them with their homework. In later years you repeat this role in your circle of friends being the compassionate listener, the loyal friend and the trusted confidante.

Vesta is in Pisces

Sacrifice is a repetitive theme in your life. You are idealistic, yearning for spiritual sustenance on a daily basis. Your creative fire burns strongly within your heart, but somehow you are called to sacrifice your dreams for others or to attend to pertinent responsibilities. In some cases you may become the sacrificial lamb within an organization, served notice for the so-called good of the group, but not necessarily for your own personal edification. This is more likely to be true if you are sacrificing your heart-felt passion for the sake of material ambition. The more that you seek material accomplishment the more that your creative urges are likely to suffer. Therefore you need to discover your true calling, rather than trying to fulfill other peoples expectations or even your own! Retreating to a natural location may help soothe your soul and help you reconnect with your inner creative fire. Mountain mists, hazy lakes, thermal ponds, and tropical islands may all renew your joie de vivre.

Philanthropy, spirituality, healing, music, dance, theater and any other inspirational arts form is likely to be linked to your unique gift. Your compassionate nature may also flourish in any form of counseling ranging from vocational to grief therapy. You may also be attracted to light - natural daylight, moonlight, the radiance of stars, and the shades of light in art. Because you are a deeply spiritual person you will be drawn to helping others on inner levels whether that be through absent healing, group mediations or prayer. Much of your assistance may go unacknowledged in the outer world, but not in the larger scheme of things.

Ultimately you are keen to shine in the full radiance of your own soul, and to encourage others to do the same. You can be a stirring teacher. At times others may misunderstand your intentions, but those that see your true motivation become your true followers, perhaps even your muses. Just remember this quote from author Stephen Nachmanovitch: 'The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.'

Hygieia - The Soul Of Health

In astrology Hygieia represents health that is forged through the alliance of the natural with the supernatural, the right brain with the left, the inner world with the outer, the serpent with the soul. Hygieia reminds us that health is an archetypal image embedded in the psyche. When the soul is not nourished or attended it speaks through illness and disease. The placement of Hygieia by house and sign that follow are where the goddess seeks her expression in your life.

Hygieia is in the 7th House

Being involved with others, especially in close relationship and partnerships, promotes a sense of feeling whole. While this is a truism for most people, for you it is especially so. Navigating your road to health and wholeness is not a solo affair but involves a partner. For instance in a fitness program you would perform much better with a personal trainer or gym friend than on your own; you would be more conscious of following a health regime when involved in a relationship, or would be more likely to prepare nutritious meals when dining with a partner rather than alone. In relationship your partner not only encourages but confronts you with your sense of feeling fit and well and may be the mirror that inspires you to remain healthy and hardy.

The 7th house is the arena of our relationships and with Hygieia housed here it suggests that health plays her role in this area of your life. Simply it indicates that you feel more vibrant and full of life when involved with other equals and need the stimulation and support of others to heal. However, it also indicates that you may be closely involved with others in healthcare, whether that is sharing a heath regime or discipline, working together in the promotion or maintenance of health or having met and forged a relationship on the path to recuperation and recovery. You would find it easy to be able to talk to others about their health. Therefore you have a natural ability to counsel others on health-related issues, or train and coach others, being an intermediary in their healing crisis or process.

You have the aptitude and tolerance to be able to endure the pain and suffering of others, and are able to partner some one who feels unwell or is on the road to recovery. Equally, when you are unwell you have the capacity to allow your partner to share in the healing journey with you. While this may be difficult, it is your providence as Hygieia suggests that health and healing are part of the bonding agent of the relationship that you will share with your partner.

Hygieia is in Cancer

No doubt the combination of Hygieia, the goddess of health, in Cancer, the sign of care taking, emphasizes the need to take care of your health. It may also suggest that the route to your well being is not only the care of the self, but also through your innate capacity to mother and nurture others. You may feel called to one of the health care professions, especially through caring for others when they are vulnerable. Whether you work in physical or mental health fields your interest in healing and caring for others was forged out of your own familial experiences. You also have an instinct and interest in early child development and the health care of the young. For you, a healthy family life is a priority. For women this placement may address the instinct to mother and the healing that is constellated through this experience. While you were pregnant or during the perinatal period a health crisis may have developed, alerting you to a larger issue of health. Perhaps pregnancy or being a mother altered your attitudes to health and well being, or simply being a mother has thrown you a new lifeline and you are radiant in your role as mother. While it suggests that well being is akin to mothering it may also imply that your own healing journey was literally connected to your mother or the familial legacy of the feminine. Caring for others was a theme in the familial environment but how fate arranged this in your own experience will be unique. On a psychological level your healing journey may have started in the role of daughter or son to a mother who herself needed care taking. Or your own sensitivity to caring for others was borne either out of your own feeling of neglect or, to the other extreme, watching your mother administer to those in need.

The goddess Hygieia draws your attention to the fluctuation of your feelings and moods as there is a strong connection between the way you feel and your own physical and mental health. Your tendency to absorb the feeling atmosphere around you and not express your own feelings, especially when hurt or offended, leaves you weakened and prone to feeling unwell. The unease or bloating in your stomach alerts you to the need to express your feeling in order to regain balance. Weight and water retention are another way the goddess draws your attention to caring for yourself and urging you to express your authentic feelings.

Ariadne - The Labyrinth Of The Soul

In astrology Ariadne represents abandonment as an archetypal process that strips away the mind's illusions in order to hear the calling of the true self. Confronted by the painful reality of being left the individual is forced to relinquish their hopes and fantasies in order to awaken to the authentic path of the heart. Ariadne embodies the soul in relationship that must first experience the painful course of the labyrinth before a divine connection can be realized. Following is the astrological thread that Ariadne weaves through her house and sign in your horoscope.

Ariadne is in the 5th House

You are an innovator with an overriding passion that claims most of your attention. As a child you are able to absorb yourself in a project for hours, to the exclusion of other members of the family. On the positive side you are able to immerse yourself in a pursuit that is deeply fulfilling. Your obsessive tendencies are fully utilized in a positive outlet. However, it is also likely that your obsession could cost you dearly. You may have to sacrifice much in order to have the freedom to pursue your hearts desire. At some stage in your life you may be forced to decide between your creative or artistic pursuits and the need for a home and family. In other words your personal projects may take precedence to the extent that you choose not to have children or your decision to have family results in you sacrificing your own interests. You may be forced to look for a day job that pays the bills rather than pursuing your innovative talents. In your younger days you may not be aware of your unique talent. As a result you may throw yourself into love affairs with talented and artistic lovers, losing yourself in the throes of ardent sex and romance. This can be a lonely path if you abandon family, friends and commitments in order to pursue such romance. Therefore it is important not to abandon your own inner child and creative processes. You would be better advised to observe the types of lovers that you are attracting. Is there a common theme? Are they all artists or fashion designers? Heroes and Actors? The common link will give you a clue as to the talents that you should be pursuing in your own life. The path from self-abandonment to self-discovery can be a painful process. You need to face your own creative desires and make appropriate choices. As US advertising legend George Lois says, Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.

Ariadne is in Gemini

Ariadne asks us to connect to our hearts, not through our connection with other people but through contemplation of our own spiritual source. She asks that we find the still, small voice within - the intuition that guides us and enables us to connect with the feminine and spiritual values in this world. This is particularly challenging when Ariadne is in Gemini because this sign represents all of the distractions offered by society - money, social gatherings, computer chat groups, telephone conversations to name a few. Your thoughts are often preoccupied with intellectual pursuits, busy schedules, a quest for information and other distractions. Your activities can be an obstacle to achieving the peace.

You may be so busy acquiring wealth or knowledge that you lose sight of the more meaningful aspects of life. You may also then have difficulty listening to your own heart. Others may be distracting you from your true purpose. It is not their fault. You are the one who is approaching life like tumbleweed, being blown from place to place at the whim of the elements. You need to become like a tree growing healthy roots with your own values and direction. Learn to trust your own instincts, rather than rely on the advice of others. As Sophocles once said, 'the keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities. You need to face the truth and learn to say no to anything other than your true purpose. Once you have your eye firmly trained on your goal then you possess the agility and flexibility to achieve your goal. Your path in life may not be a straight line but you can achieve your heart's desire through strategy and adaptability.

One of your life's distractions is likely to be a love affair with someone unsuitable, perhaps even duplicitous. You may even become involved in a love triangle. On the other hand you may become caught up in a complicated maze of interactions with siblings, friend or colleagues. For a while you feel entangled in tricky affairs. Your heart says one thing but your mind says another. Eventually you emerge feeling lost and confused. You need a new direction. Once again your lesson is to shift your focus from the myriad of distractions to your own inner voice. Meditation and prayer may help to quiet the endless chatter in your mind.

Europa - The Soul Of The Earth

In astrology Europa embodies the ability to ride the bull, harness its power and give birth to its resourceful creativity. Innately she is the image of feminine power, guidance and direction. Embodying earthy instincts she knows how to cultivate the earth and create abundance through her passionate, attractive and commanding nature. How she finds expression in your life is explored through the goddess Europa's placement in your horoscope, as follows.

Europa is in the 2nd House

The goddess Europa is asking that you focus on ways to nurture and sustain your self-esteem. If other aspects of your birth chart indicate healthy self-development from child to adult then you are likely to thrive with this position of the goddess - enjoying personal and monetary riches. However, if other aspects of your chart indicate that you tend to rely on others for your sense of self worth then this could be a challenge. You need to rely on your own emotional resources, ensuring that others do not have the power to challenge your self-worth. The more you try to rely on other people, the more you are likely to feel as if circumstances are forcing you to maintain your independence. Even though you would prefer to sit back and relax in a warm and secure relationship you first need to secure your own sense of self. On the other hand you may enjoy maintaining a sense of self-reliance no matter what bonds you form with loved ones. Money is likely to play an important role in your life. From a young age you discover that wealth is desirable and attainable. You have the ability to make a good income, but you will only keep it and build on it if you keep your other strong desires in check, especially the urge to overreach or take on too much. You tend to rate your services highly, but you are also generous with your earnings. You are more resourceful than most, but that doesn't mean that you have to give away your own income. You would be well advised to decide on a proportion that you are willing to donate to good causes and then invest the rest. This is particular true in womens charts, where the desire can be to support a man financially. You need to use your discretion to choose between a healthy decision to support a lover or husband and a need to shore up an unhealthy relationship.

You enjoy exploring different ways in which to invest your money and you are never foolish. You know when to make an investment and when to bide your time. You are not necessarily materialistic. You have the ability to earn your income from your creativity or from products of the earth. You may also enjoy studying the spiritual laws of economics. Money inspires you to see the beauty in the world. As Oscar Wilde said in The Soul of Man under Socializm, Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you'.

Europa is in Pisces

You are a water baby at heart. You love all things aquatic. This can range from enjoying a simple walk by the ocean to the urge to study marine life. Swimming, diving, and other aquatic activities are likely to appeal, calming and soothing your soul. Hence you are likely to live by the water, whether it is an ocean, lake, river, or creek. If it is not possible for you live by water then you decorate your home with water themes, perhaps even installing a pool, fountain or pond in your garden.

At some stage in your life you may fall in love with someone who lives across the seas. You may be tempted to move closer to this loved one. On the other hand once you are comfortable in your own waterside home or marine oriented profession you are unlikely to change your course for someone else. In some cases this position of the goddess Europa can indicate someone who is at the beck and call of a loved one. You need to make sure that your caring nature is not taken for granted, that you are not treated like a doormat. Stand up for your own ideals.

Water represents the intuition. Yours is strong. Generally speaking you rely on your instincts to guide many decisions, combining a rational, pragmatic approach to your intuitive intelligence. You have a strong altruistic steak, a natural inclination to save others. This can shape your life because you also have the ability to channel your ideals into practical pursuits. For instance you may become a counselor, an advocate for underprivileged or disadvantaged sections of society, a policy maker for the downtrodden or a member of a group intent on saving the planet. It is also possible that you are artistic. Whether or not you have a gift for one of the arts you are likely to be soothed by harmonious music, beautiful artwork or inspirational theater. Inspiration and ideals are important to you. As US general and politician Carl Schurz so aptly said, Ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the ocean desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny. In many ways your destiny is guided by your ideals.

Pandora - A Gift Of Hope

In astrology Pandora reminds us that embedded in every disaster is the gift of renewal through the auspices of faith and hope. Illness, destruction, old age and pain are part of feminine wisdom and this knowledge stands in direct contrast to masculine fantasies of a Golden Age and Garden of Eden. How she enters our life is reflected in the placement of the goddess. Descriptions of the goddess by house and sign in your horoscope are next.

Pandora is in the 1st House

Do your friends and family sometimes describe you as 'having a bee in your bonnet'? In other words once you have made up your mind to pursue a certain course then you just can't leave something alone. You make it your business to fix a certain problem, tackle someone over unresolved conflict or continue on a certain project long after others would have given up. No matter how often you remind yourself that it is none of your business or that you would be better off just letting something go, you can't. Often you end up making matters worse, or at least initially that's how it appears. You can be reassured that you are probably doing everyone a good service in the long run, but the short term consequences are likely to be a bit uncomfortable. This dogged attitude is likely to upset close personal friends and family members at times, but in the end they will appreciate the fact that things are probably better out in the open where they can be discussed and healed.

Your natural curiosity and determination to focus on a matter close to your heart are also likely to spur you into areas of social unrest. You are a real protagonist, passionate about social or political issues and at the center of any moves for change. This tendency of yours can lead you, and others, into trouble. Your curiosity and determination mean that you sometimes lack discrimination. You don't recognize when it is better to walk away, ready to fight another day. Instead you push yourself and those around you to the limits. You are ever hopeful of a positive result and generally succeed, as your optimism works wonders. You have a real ability to inspire other people offering a gift of hope. In a woman's chart this placement of the goddess Pandora can also indicate an attractive woman, a femme fatale. Whether in a woman or man's chart, the goddess Pandora in this position gives you the ability to seduce others with your charm. They are inspired by your effervescence and follow your lead. This is a prominent placement of the goddess Pandora therefore; you are likely to be a shining light in the world around you. Lead and others will follow. Initially you may stir up a little bit of trouble, but ultimately you can inspire changes for the betterment of humanity.

Pandora is in Capricorn

Has anyone ever told you that you have an over developed sense of responsibility? That you work too hard, worry too much or look after your family too much? All of the above? Well it is true. You are a dedicated person of integrity. You are keen to do the right thing in your private life, as well as in society. You hold down a responsible job, working hard to pay the bills and achieve a little extra. If you are married then you are likely to be a stable and loving partner, ready to support your spouse's hopes, dreams and wishes.

Compromise is your middle name! If you are single, then you are a loyal and loving friend, ready to listen to their problems and share their joys. You give regularly to charity, help out on local club committees when possible and do your share on your child's school roster. You are a model citizen. So what is the problem you ask? The problem is that you don't know when to stop. You are so busy being the perfect spouse, dedicated employee, responsible boss, all-powerful parent that you don't know when to take time out for yourself. Just the thought of being a little selfish heralds waves of guilt. You may be frightened that if you stop caring for others, even for a moment, then your achievements will come to nothing, that all will fall like a house of cards. This is not necessarily true.

If it does become a reality then your achievements were not based on a firm reality. You need to consider your own hopes and wishes occasionally. You may need to reconsider your own ambitions, the big ones such as career options and marriage proposals. However, you do not necessarily have to change much in your life. You may only need to consider listening to your own heart on daily matters, such as taking some time to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. You may even enjoy sitting down and watching someone else do some of the daily chores without feeling compelled to join in. Once you have achieved more balance in your life you will be amazed by your renewed sense of hope and vitality.

Mnemosyne - The Soul Of Memory

In astrology Mnemosyne, the goddess, helps us remember images and impressions from previous phases of our life in order to give meaning, context and insight into these experiences. She acts as a loosening agent, allowing buried complexes, taboo feelings, repressed memories to breathe again to find some place in the sunlight of consciousness. She connects passages of time together. Links can be made back to times in the previous cycle allowing space for the process of reflection and musing. Following is a report of how Mnemosyne brings the muse into your life experience.

Mnemosyne is in the 2nd House

You are blessed in that you are able to live according to your values. The material world is simply a means to an end. You are able to live a simple life, should you so choose. You do not understand how other people can become so attached to material success at the expense of other values. You may very well accumulate wealth and possessions during your lifetime, but you are not attached to them. You know the value of objects lies not only in their use, but also in their stories and their ability to give joy. Photographs, handcrafted gifts, and family heirlooms all hold value in your life. You are grateful to own any object that holds memories for you or your loved ones.

You are also likely to appreciate pieces of art, musical instruments, dance costumes, songbooks and musical CDs. Why? You are a culture buff, enjoying the inspiration that comes from either your own or other people's works of art. You may have artistic talents in music or dance, or you may enjoy other people's talents. Either way you are likely to spend money (and perhaps earn some, too) on musical instruments, cultural objects and artistic events. You treasure the memories that come from inspirational moments in your life.

The goddess Mnemosyne was said to have invented language and therefore had the responsibility for naming all objects. You are also likely to have a love of language, perhaps even earning your income through teaching, writing, editing, singing, dancing or counseling. If you don't earn money through your gifts, you are likely to receive recognition for your efforts in other ways that you value - such as industry awards, accolades from your peers or superiors or letters of appreciation. You may even decide to join or form some sort of non-profit organization for the benefit of others. You have a gift for talking people into volunteering their money, time or goods for a good cause. You know that money is not the only thing of value in society. Nevertheless you do like to receive recognition for your efforts. Gratitude is your key to dissolving any ill feelings and earning you the respect or monetary rewards that are of true value to both you and society. You will know when the mother of the muses is really singing to your soul, your heart will swell with gratitude for all of life's blessings and you will know that you are contributing something of value to society.

Mnemosyne is in Aquarius

There is a part of you that longs to escape the confines of societys expectations and live according to your own values, particularly the values that state that humanity needs to take care of planet Earth. You feel a deep-seated need to tell the world how to care for the planet, the physical geography and the inhabitants. You are not necessarily political by nature, but you have a love of the natural world and abhorrence for greed and carelessness. You delight in traveling to areas where tourists do not go or perhaps camping and living a simple life. Luxury hotels and expensive tour buses are not your cup of tea. You prefer to fully experience the wonders of nature, and then to regale your friends with exciting stories. You are a responsible traveller, whether you travel far away or camp close to home.

Your soul longs for everyone to recognize the need for communal responsibility. You want to shout your message from the mountaintops, but you are concerned that no one is listening. You may join a political or environmental group in order to better convey your message. You may feel the Muse pushing you into scientific research, facts that will give credence to your message. Alternatively you may join an artistic organization or spread your message through poetry or music. Perhaps you are a talented cartoonist, or songwriter? Perhaps your aspirations are simpler in that you work as a cleaner, or set up your own cleaning business. You enjoy cleaning, getting a sense of satisfaction from the memory of how something once looked and how it now appears. You feel like a custodian of the earth and its inhabitants and you need to find an outlet for your heart-felt principles. Public speaking, canvassing signatures, writing letters to authority figures, acting as publicity agent for an environmental group, are just some ways to live according to your principles.

You are likely to have some innovative ideas, and may also have a fascination for space exploration, satellites, astronomy and high-powered technology. The space exploration to the Moon may be particularly appealing. You are aware that the technology of today will be tomorrow's history. Time capsules and other records of current day activities may also appeal. However, mostly you will be aware of the need for current generations to act as custodians of planet Earth for the benefit of future generations. Instinctively you understand that being part of the human family it is necessary to make changes to improve our relationship with the natural world. This may lead you to explore alternative forms of energy, perhaps prompting you to build your own home so that it relies on alternative energy sources. The goddess Mnemosyne is calling on you to use your innovative talents for the benefit of humanity.

Hecate - The Soul In Transition

When the goddess Hecate is prominent in a birth chart she depicts the area in which we are at crossroads in our lives. Time can sometimes seem suspended while we reorient ourselves to a new way of being. Confusion, loss and disconnection are natural moods during this phase as we let go of what has been in order to greet what may be. By house position Hecate would suggest where you will encounter her in your life; by sign she colors your life with magic and mystery. Following are the astrological descriptions where Hecate enters your experience.

Hecate is in the 10th House

The goddess Hecate is a powerful influence in your birth chart, indicating that an authoritative woman, probably your mother, plays a prominent role in your early life. Your father is unlikely to be the head of your childhood household, as this position suggest the prominence of feminine principles. Your mother, or another female relative, is the boss. The extent to which this influence has a positive or negative effect depend largely other aspects of your birth chart; however, your mother does make a significant impression of your choices in your adult life.

In a positive scenario your mother is a strong woman, able to command respect in both happy and difficult periods. Her wisdom and good common sense set an admirable example. It is possible that your father is absent in your life, and that your mother has had to struggle on her own. On the other hand it may be that your connection to your mother is more evocative than your bond with your father. Positively speaking, she teaches you what to do at different crossroads in your young life, which helps you later in life. She teaches you many life skills, preparing you to leave your family as a young adult and strike out independently. She is also able, by example, to teach you how to maintain a mutually supportive bond with your spouse.

On the other hand it is possible that your mother has had a detrimental effect on your adult life. The darker side of this placement of the goddess Hecate is that your mother, or grandmother, could be too powerful in your family system, reigning like an overpowering monarch. As you are growing up you may start to feel oppressed by this woman's level of interference in your life. You feel that you are missing out on a bond with your father. As a result you are likely to want to break free, leave your family home and learn how to live your own life without meddling from others. Your adjustment to independent living may be quite tumultuous. Your challenge is to connect with your own sense of self, your own spiritual purpose, and to create a life that works for you. You need to integrate the positive lessons that have been passed down by your mother, but to break away from any manipulative tactics. Once you feel powerful in your own life, then you are more likely to see her influence in the light of another human being trying to do their best. In order to do this you may benefit from taking part in rituals whenever you make major changes in your life direction. For instance a graduation ceremony can mark the end of one form of schooling and the beginning of a new phase, and a wedding ceremony is an important statement to society of your commitment to another person, as well as your change in social status. These rites of passage can assist you at the crossroads of your life.

Hecate is in Libra

The goddess Hecate was the ultimate diplomat, negotiating the tricky waters of Hades' underworld to intercede in the triangular tussle between Demeter (mother), Persephone (daughter) and Hades (abductor). Hecate was successful in negotiating a deal that satisfied all three parties. This was no mean feat! Hecate's intermediary powers are accentuated in the sign of Libra. Therefore you, too, have the ability to intercede in crisis situations. You are a powerful advocate on behalf of the downtrodden and outcasts in society, a great protector of other people's rights.

Justice is a subject close to your heart. The sign of Libra is often linked with the scales of justice bringing about peace, harmony and tranquillity. You are committed to things, but you are no gentle advocate. You can use gentility when it is required, but you can also be a powerful force to contend with. You are a strategist with a firm belief in your ability to manage other people's differences. You would be a wonderful addition to the United Nations team.

Hecate was said to have three faces, symbolizing her power over the underworld, earth, and sky. You, too, have this power. You meditate, pray, dance and perform any ritual that calls on the spirit world to help you bring peace and harmony in crucial moments. You may also make your point through the arts. You believe in the healing power of beauty. You are likely to be involved in theater, music, art, dance, opera, or photography as a means to inspire others in times of trouble. You may be in the audience or taking an active part. Either way the goddess Hecate urges you to find an avenue through which you can inspire others to compromise and co-operate. You have the capacity to free people from their personal underworld and remind them of the beauty of the universe.

Cassandra - The Prophetic Soul

Oracular knowing springs out of the collective through an unconscious and unbound participation with everything in the environment. When boundaries are blurred and the veil between the worlds is lifted we enter into a participation mystique with the spirits of the world beyond us and may be called to act as a vessel for their message. Cassandra in your horoscope reveals where you are sensitive to the pattern of the goddess. Following are the placements of Cassandra in your horoscope by house and sign.

Cassandra is in the 1st House

This is a prominent placement of Cassandra. On the positive side Cassandra in the first house of your birth chart means that you are insightful and visionary. As a young child you have a love of knowledge which continues to blossom as you grow older. This is more likely to be in arts subjects rather than in logical or scientific fields. The classics, the origins of language, history, the dramatic arts and other such topics are all likely to appeal. You are a good student because you have an enquiring mind, and you can become an expert once you have gained an understanding of a subject. This can be disconcerting to others when you are young. As you grow older your authority is more likely to be accepted.

Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy and yet was hindered by a curse that meant that others didnt listen to her insights. As such you may sometimes feel misunderstood. You enjoy talking. Some would even say that you enjoy talking a little too much. However, you believe in sharing your insights with your colleagues, friends and family. Others may not always listen and take note. This may or may not concern you. However, you do need to learn the art of choosing your words and your audience carefully if you truly want to be a force to be reckoned with in your personal or professional life. Once you have learned to discern what to say and to whom then you are likely to become a powerful orator. Your gifts can also be used to speak on behalf of those less able to speak up for themselves. You can become an advocate, teacher, public speaker or peacemaker. You may also be an actor, someone who truly delights in the use of words on stage.

In a womans birth chart this placement of the goddess Cassandra can sometimes depict a strong attachment to a man with different values, a man who does not recognize your true gifts. You would be wise to search within for your own values, to listen to your own voice rather than adopt the truths of another. Otherwise you are likely to lose your way. As long as you follow your own counsel then you are likely to be a powerful spokesperson for those less fortunate, perhaps an advocate for women's rights. In a man's chart this placement of the goddess Cassandra can indicate that you form a strong bond with powerful woman. You have the good judgment to listen to this woman and follow her advice, which brings great rewards for your life journey.

Cassandra is in Capricorn

Former US President Abraham Lincoln once asked: Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? This is the wisdom of a stable and powerful leader. You have the ability to follow in this man's footsteps if you don't get too caught up in vying with your peers for authority. From a young age, you understand the need for hierarchies in society, but you may try to talk your way to the top of ladder before the time is right. Your urge for supremacy needs to make way for equality. If you can maintain an egalitarian attitude then you are able to be a wise leader in your field and in your immediate circle of friends and family. You may enter politics or business, but it is likely that becoming a leader in the arts or metaphysics also attracts you.

As a youngster other people may have misunderstood your mannerisms and ways of thinking. Hence you may withdraw into a world of your own or learn to disguise your true thoughts. As you mature, you learn to choose your words wisely and develop a strong sense of right and wrong. You understand the nature of cause and effect. In other words you understand that actions have consequences. You develop strength of character. Another, more contemporary politician J C Watts said: Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.

The goddess Cassandra in the sign of Capricorn in a womans chart can indicate that you prefer to rely on your own powers of discernment rejecting patriarchy. Depending on other aspects of your birth chart you may be a real rebel against authority, speaking out for women's rights through the arts or politics. On the other hand you may be a conservative and yet powerful leader. Whichever way this destiny leans your voice is a public cry for respect and equality. Women like Oprah Winfrey or Amelia Earhart who have this placement have used the voice of the goddess in their unique way.

In a man's chart this placement of the goddess Cassandra can indicate that you form a strong bond with a powerful woman, one who enables you to achieve a prominent position in society as long as you respect her wise counsel. The voice of the collective feminine reverberates through your professional life.

Medea - Herbalist And Healer

When Medea is prominent in a birth chart she reveals the need to explore the ancient feminine traditions of herbalism, witchcraft and magic ritual. Intuitively we know the natural cycle of the body and what it needs to be well. Medea reminds us to honor the ancient custom of relating to the plant world, the wisdom of nature and the powerful healing and transforming properties embedded in the natural world. Instinctually the witch is the impulse that draws us to remedies and potions at the right time and is the urge to create ritual and ceremony to evoke the powers of the goddess. Following are astrological account of how the force of the goddess may be revealed through your horoscope.

Medea is in the 1st House

If we were to conjure up an image of Medea her favorite colors, imaginatively speaking, could be black and red; she'd be striking with soul-penetrating eyes and an aura of mystery would surround her. Her presence would be captivating and you would immediately be drawn to her if you wanted to engage, or you would keep away if you wanted to remain anonymous. There s something compelling, yet intimidating, about her. What we all notice is her powerful persona. After all she is a witch! In your personality Medea is at the forefront, implying that you too have a powerful image whether youre aware of it or not. This suggests that you make an impact on your environment. When you are passionate about what you do or deeply engaged in relating to others you are able to bring about powerful change and contribute significantly. You have the ability to confront life and demand that it meets you. You want to ardently engage with your environment and those that are in it. Yet if the situation or others are not willing or able to engage at the level of depth you require then you prefer to be alone. When you're involved with another you help them do what feels impossible or terrifying. Those who are unwilling to become involved with you may feel intimated by your power and afraid to reveal their vulnerabilities.

Because of your intense feeling and passion for the truth you often feel rejected by others who are unable to be truthful with themselves. Therefore you may often feel foreign or marginal to the situation you're in. However, your feelings of foreignness are also liberating allowing you to be free to experiment and explore. You have charisma and people will be drawn to this. What you will need to be clear about is their intention and motive, as once you begin relating you expect equal return. If that does not eventuate you will feel let down and resentful tapping a gorge of intense feeling. However, remaining true to your reactions and senses will allow you to discriminate with whom you are prepared to share your magic and transforming abilities.

Medea is in Capricorn

No doubt Medea broke the rules. Certainly she disobeyed her father in order to forge her own path into the world. Medea in Capricorn may bring this theme into your life in a unique way. Being the sign that is most elevated in the natural wheel of the zodiac Capricorn is about the overt rules, customs and standards of society. Its path is traditional, upholding the structures and principles of the authority of the land. Archetypally Medea opposes the hierarchy and by nature is non traditional and chooses to live outside the system. Herein lies your dilemma, to be able to forge a life according to your own rule and regulations without feeling outcast and unacknowledged.

Psychologically this suggests you have an innate desire to be your own authority. This is your life vocation. To forge your own path commands nerve and spirit and an inner conviction that this is what must be done. Without this fervor to be autonomous you fall under the enchantment of everybody else's expectations and unlived lives. You need to cast a spell upon yourself not to get enchanted by the values and ideals of the world outside yourself, so you can remain true to your own persuasion. In the Tarot Medea chooses the Major Arcana card of the Devil to remind us of the feelings of imprisonment when we are stuck in an unfulfilling job, bound to an endless cycle of despair, trapped in a loveless relationship or driven by compulsions. All arise from trying to honor the futility of control or the pointlessness of perfection. This image confronts your creative possibility of breaking loose from the chains that bind. Medea also suggests that unexpressed creative possibilities may manifest as depression and lethargy. To restore well being these creative potentialities need to be nurtured and supported. In order to break the cycle of being bound to doing the right thing and following other's rules, you need to be inspired by the belief that something exists beyond the materialistic or perfectionist reality you might be stuck in.

In medical astrology Capricorn focuses on the skeletal system of the body and especially on the knees and the hamstrings, which remind the spirit of the need for flexibility. Therefore Medea's herbs remind us of this pattern. Comfrey when used in a salve or poultice relieves the pain associated with fractures and knee reconstructions. Sarsaparilla root is helpful for relief of arthritic pain; the soul's ache when we have become too unyielding and inflexible, while wintergreen is a remedy for rheumatism. In this sign the goddess reminds us to not get caught in the rigid need for control or the futility of perfection, but to enjoy the world as it is in the moment. A ritual of time out is magic enough.


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