Ruler - Mercury ¦ Constellation - The Twins ¦ Element - Air ¦ Mode - Mutable
image Gemini has long been known as the sign of The Twins and there really is a dual, or twin aspect to every Gemini. They are born with one foot in the past and the other in the future and at a moment's notice, they are able to jump from one to the other. They think faster, quicker and their minds move in so many directions that most of us find it hard to keep up. They are made of quicksilver and they delight and charm us all.

Aries and Taurus are both very ancient signs and ruled by an animal effigy. Gemini is the sign that emerges out of this and since the early days of Astrology, this is the sign that has symbolised the intelligence of mankind emerging from the animal kingdom.
Geminis are smart, quick thinking and intelligent and Gemini energy rules the intellectual mind.


These are no bookish intellectuals though, for Gemini is a very warrior based sign. Not in the gung ho way that Aries are, but in a more strategic and logistical way. In fact the original Twins of the zodiac, Castor and Pollux, were expert fighters and teachers and it was Castor himself that taught Hercules the art of war. So never underestimate a Gemini. If you want to pick a fight with them, you are facing an uphill battle because they will beat you in skill, strategy and cunning and you had better know your facts.

Geminis are also great travelers. Castor and Pollux loved to battle and travelled with Jason and the Argonauts and were in fact the protectors of the Argos. The Twins have been the patron or guardian of seafarers for thousands of years, with the twin stars of Gemini often depicted on the flags of ancient ships.
Even Hermes, the god who rules over Gemini, was the patron of travellers, with his statue often placed at crossroads. The twin-like quality of Gemini makes them very nimble, especially with their hands and allows most Geminis to do several things at once. A Gemini can multitask, talking on the phone while signing documents, writing emails or performing any number of tasks that their cosmic mates would have to focus on individually.

Gemini Traits Characteristics

IntelligentEnthusiasticCreativeLack of Focus
Nervous SpontaneousEloquentSalesman

Geminis greatest enemy is boredom. Left with nothing to do they can be volatile, moody and restless, but stimulated they are curious, talkative and inspiring. Life for or with a Gemini is never dull or mundane, because a Gemini just can not operate under those conditions. If they can not find the diversity they are looking for, they will simply create it. Geminis do not just want mental stimulation or to have many things going on at once, they need it.
Geminis operate through their minds and some of the greatest thinkers and writers are born in the sign of Gemini. This is the sign that comes up with new ideas and is never satisfied with what is, focused instead of what can be. When a job or project is finished, a Gemini does not look at it and see a finished product. A Gemini looks at it and wonders what else can be done or what next? For a Gemini will never be satisfied and will always be looking to reinvent things, seeing things not in a lineal concept, as most signs do, but as a cycle. Everything to a Gemini is part of a cycle and when one cycle ends another is just beginning.

Life is never static for a Gemini and their minds are awash with new ideas all pushing to be No. 1 in the queue. With one foot in the past and another in the future, most Geminis are able to look constructively at what did not work and incorporate it into a new plan. For Geminis the world is one big organism in perpetual motion and the rest of us just have to try and keep up with them.

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