Ruler - Moon ¦ Constellation - The Crab ¦ Element - Water ¦ Mode - Cardinal
image The Constellation of Cancer, was placed in the heavens by the gods, as a symbol of gratitude for The Crabs faithfulness and devotion and this comes down as one of Cancer's main characteristics, that of devotion, loyalty and faithfulness.

Do not underestimate this meek and mild mannered sign, for behind the gentle and winning ways of the emotional, Water ruled Cancerean, beats a very strong and determined heart. Even their tenacity, some would say stubbornness, can be explained by the position of two stars above The Crab, known as the Asses. Stubborn as an Ass may be true for many Cancereans, but they are not placed there for their stubbornness, but for their devotion and refusal to give up despite the odds.
It is these two stars that also give Cancereans their reputation as very sensual and fertile lovers, for the Ass is a very ancient phallic symbol, central to many ancient fertility rites.


Cancereans get a lot of their qualities from their animal symbol, The Crab. Ambitious, both the animal and the astrological Crab are equally at home in the water and on dry land and while Cancereans can swim in their emotions and become very emotional, they are able to climb out of them when they need to, revealing a very ruthless and assertive competitor.

While Cancereans, and Crabs, are non confrontational, when forced to defend themselves their defence system is formidable. They do not like to fight, preferring instead to retreat into their shells, but when forced to, especially if those they care about or their security is threatened, they will attack with force.
Cancereans are also very adaptable. Even if a Crab has a leg bitten off in an attack, he will simply grow another one. Cancereans approach life in the same way. If something is lost, they simply adapt and grow from that.

Yet Cancereans, for all their determination, can be very hesitant. This is because on the Summer/Winter Solstice, the day the Sun moves into Cancer, the Sun itself is seen to pause in the sky and appears to hesitate before moving forward. It is from that, that Cancereans have developed this as a trait. Though just like the Sun, once they have made up their mind, heaven and earth combined, is unlikely to get them to change it.

Cancer Traits Characteristics

MoodyMotherlyClingySelf Pitying

Never one to confront a situation, Cancereans are content to side step and hide behind their defences. Another unlikely quality that Cancereans have got from their animal counterpart is their intuitive, some might say psychic abilities, both able to sense danger through ways that seem impossible to explain.

The most famous Cancerean trait and the one others will be most familiar with, come from Cancereans ruling body, the Moon. It is from the Moon that Cancereans get their famous moods, for they are very much influenced by the cycles of the Moon.

Cancer has always been the sign most linked to Motherhood, for the goddess who rules the Moon also rules childbirth and Cancereans have long been known as the nurturers of the zodiac. Soft, sweet and emotional on the outside, they are made of much tougher stuff than most of their zodiac mates appreciate, but then that is their secret weapon.

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