Health and Wellness Astrology Report

image Health and Wellness Astrology Report is an insightful astrology report with tips about diet, exercise and healing modalities. This wonderful report helps you identify and transform imbalances of energy and negative emotional patterns, as well as discover ways to boost your self-esteem and discover renewed energy and purpose.

The report contains easy-to-understand text of approximately 25 pages.

Price - $20
Availaibility = 24 hours through email or add to your Astro Selfie.

Included in The Health and Wellness report are:
  • Your General Temperament - Balance of Elements and Modes
  • Your Emotional Health - Moon in the signs
  • Your Spiritual Essence - Sun in the signs
  • Your Vitality - the Life Force - Sun in the houses
  • Managing the Physical Demands of Living - Aspects to the Sun
  • Your Physical Body and Energy -The Ascendant
  • Strengths and Sensivities - Planets in the 1st
  • Inner Needs and Outer Experiences - Finding Balance - Ruler of the Ascendant, Plus Aspects to the Ascendant Plus Aspects of the Ruler of The Ascendant
  • Work and Health - Managing the Impact of Stress - Planets in the 6th House Plus Ruler of the 6th House
  • Limiting the Impact of Chronic Stress - Planets Aspecting the 6th House cusp
  • Physical Energy and Exercise - Mars in the signs and houses
  • Healing Solutions - Chiron in the signs and houses
  • Key Parts of the body
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image Suzanne Somers
(born Suzanne Marie Mahoney; October 16, 1946)

is an American actress, author, singer and businesswoman, known for her television roles as Chrissy Snow on Three's Company and as Carol Lambert on Step by Step.

Somers later became the author of a series of best-selling self-help books, including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones (2006), about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She has released two autobiographies, four diet books, and a book of poetry.

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Medical astrology is a complex branch of the astrologer's art. Many factors need to be taken into account when considering the overall health of the individual. This report aims to give you a picture of some of the astrological indicators in the horoscope that correspond with your health and wellbeing. The information in this report includes an assessment of your Natal Chart specifically focusing on health related matters. It includes a range of nutritional advice, stress management tips and therapy options. However, it is not intended that this report be used in place of a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner, nor persons qualified in complementary or alternative healing. It is vital to always seek out professional medical and nutritional advice where one's health is concerned.

This report aims to provide you with some useful tips about physical health matters and also about mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This information is based on the author's own knowledge obtained over more than 30 years as an astrologer and healer as well as additional research she has undertaken. The main focus of this report is to point out the astrological indicators that can manifest as health problems, or imbalances, and to suggest possible causes and/or treatments that might be of benefit.

If a particular theme is mentioned more than once in several different sections, then it is worthy of special attention. Likewise, if there are contradictions between some sections, this doesn't necessarily mean that they cancel each other out; both are probably applicable at different times, or under different circumstances.

When reading this report, don't assume that all the health issues mentioned will actually manifest. This report includes an assessment of some of the most challenging aspects and planetary positions in your chart, and as a result it tends to focus on potential problems. It would be a mistake to assume that all the health issues mentioned in this report will actually be experienced. Be aware too, that our Natal Chart is not a static thing. It is a symbolic representation of our potential, which unfolds and develops as we journey through life. Our conscious actions and choices play a key role in health too.

Disclaimer Essential oils should not be swallowed. If used in a burner, they should be diluted with water. If used for massage they should be added to suitable carrier oil such as almond oil, before use. Do your own research before using essential oils. Certain oils are not recommended for some conditions and some can be harmful and/or toxic. There are a number of contra-indicators to be aware of when using herbal treatments too. Some oils and herbs can be harmful during pregnancy and individual people can be sensitive or allergic to particular substances.

Herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals can be helpful in restoring health, but be aware that some substances can be toxic if used in excess and can have a detrimental effect on health. Some people are allergic to certain herbs and some herbal remedies are contra-indicated during pregnancy. Seek professional advice from a naturopath or herablist before starting treatment. The author takes no responsibility for any adverse reactions caused. The information in this report is offered as a guide to health. The author takes no responsibility for the specific use or application of information presented here, nor for any unwanted effects encountered. Do not attempt self-treatment for serious health conditions.

Your Basic Health Needs

Your General Temperament

The overall balance of Elements and Modes (also called qualities) is connected with our general attitudes and perspective and shows whether our values, point of view and style of expression are particularly focused towards certain tendencies of temperament, or whether there is some under-emphasis. The balance of Elements and qualities also relates to one's overall constitution. Where there is too much, or too little, of any Element or quality, there can be a corresponding imbalance that we need to address in order to bring about emotional, spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. Fire provides creativity, confidence and energy, Earth gives practical skills and the ability to deal with reality, Air is associated with social and communication skills, while Water provides the capacity for intimacy, emotional connection and nurturing.

Element Fire is Balanced

...and Element Earth is Balanced
...and Element Air is Balanced
...and Element Water is Balanced
The Elements in your chart are balanced. This means that you are capable of finding a happy balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of living. Therefore you are also likely to cope pretty well with the many aspects and challenges of life. You have the necessary resources to call on to help you manage different situations.

Your Emotional Health

The Moon symbolises our capacity to give and receive nurturing. Our feelings, emotions and personal inner life all relate to the Moon, as does food and nutrition. Our emotional wellbeing often relates to inherited patterns of behaviour from our parents and/or defence mechanisms that we learnt in childhood. The Sign in which the Moon is located will describe the way in which our need for nurturing and emotional security is sought and met. As adults, we still have a child within us that continues to seek comfort and protection.

The Moon is in Cancer

You are highly sensitive, imaginative and intuitive. It is important for you to feel a sense of emotional security at all times. The source of this emotional security may be found in many places, including close family ties, a sense of family history, putting down roots, intimate relationships, parenting, forging close connections with nature or animals, or by giving to others less fortunate. You are a caring and giving person. Whatever the source/s of your emotional security, the important thing for you is to feel that you have a sense of belonging, for when you do not, you can lose your confidence, get involved in destructive relationships, or over indulge in food and/or alcohol as a way to fill yourself up. It can be difficult for you to let go of emotional connections once they are formed and separation anxiety can occur for a variety of reasons, especially if you feel rejected by others. In reaching for food to fill yourself up, or alcohol to drown your sorrows, you lead the risk of developing other emotional and/or health problems. At times you can revert to coping mechanisms from childhood, seeking out a "parent" to take care of you. You possess a deep core of emotional strength within you, which it is important to honour. Giving to yourself and honouring your own needs will quickly restore your emotional core. Nine times out of ten, following your intuition will guide you along the right path.

The Moon is Sesquisquare Venus

Both relationship stress and financial stress can be particularly upsetting for you. This could be related to feelings of insecurity that have their roots in your upbringing and early development. You may have felt unloved or ignored by your parents or perhaps your family had to struggle financially to make ends meet. Sometimes insecurity can lead to eating disorders and food addictions. Your early conditioning may have also lead to attention seeking behaviour, or conversely you may deny your emotional needs and instead focus on giving to others, later feeling resentful. During adolescence when relationships and peer group pressures are high, you may have had some difficult experiences that led to further insecurity. It is important that you learn to value yourself. This will help you to establish loving relationships and find the security you seek. Try not to turn to food as a solace. This can lead to weight gain that can further deplete your self-esteem. You probably have a real talent for art and art therapy can be highly beneficial for you. Theatre, music and other forms of creative expression will help to build your confidence. Try to be more discerning in your relationship choices. If no suitable relationship is available, don't settle for second best. You will learn that you are perfectly capable of managing on your own.

Your Vitality and Wellbeing

Your Spiritual Essence

The Sun plays a vital role in matters of health. The Sun governs physical stamina and vitality. We get Vitamin D directly from the Sun, and a lack of exposure to sunshine can lead to a host of illnesses including seasonal depression, especially for those who live in extreme latitudes. The Sun Sign will often describe our manner of self-expression. It can also reveal information about our physical type and the kinds of ailments that can affect us, including parts of the body that are affected by stress and genetically inherited conditions.

The Sun Sign represents the essence of who we are. It is largely associated with our sense of identity. As we move through life and learn more about ourselves, we tend to become more like our Sun Sign. Early in life, the Sun Sign is more likely to express itself as ego. Later in life, as we come to know ourselves, our self-expression becomes more developed. Jung's concept of the 'Self' is also associated with the Sun Sign, which begins to emerge as we develop and mature. As we move through life, we move away from purely ego expression, towards a more comprehensive style of self-expression. Stress can manifest according to the Sign in which the Sun is placed and this can affect our wellbeing and health. For example, when our ego expression is thwarted, if we lack confidence, or are fearful about expressing ourselves.

As we get to know ourselves and develop more fully, we become more conscious and aware, so our Sun Sign shines ever more brightly.

The Sun is in Libra

You have a strong need for harmony and peace and you possess excellent diplomatic and social skills, which you use to establish and maintain harmonious relationships. At the same time you are a dynamic and driven person and therein lies a conflict that you can find a difficult balancing act. For how does one go about expressing oneself and one's desires, but at the same time allow others to have their way, whilst keeping the peace and maintaining harmonious ties? Consequently you may feel an inner tension that is not obvious to others. On the surface everything seems peaceful and wonderful, but underneath you can sometimes be a mass of contradictions that produce their own brand of stress. Relationships are often a source of stress for you, which can manifest in a range of disorders including: skin problems, eyestrain, urinary tract infections, kidney infections and headaches. Soaking in a bath with added oils of Juniper, Tea Tree and Sandalwood can aid in treating cystitis, which is a condition to which you are sometimes prone. Drinking cranberry juice can actually prevent it from developing.

You might need to learn to express your own needs more directly. You will find this easier to do as you get to know yourself. Being fair to others is high on your agenda, but sometimes this means that you have trouble easily expressing your needs and can appear to be manipulative, which can create more problems than it solves. As you get to know yourself you will find that making decisions and being direct will become easier. You will learn to be fair on yourself too. Though a challenge, you perhaps need to develop the ability to spend time alone. You are motivated by others, but can struggle when there is nobody around to inspire or challenge you. You could benefit from yoga, or perhaps regular walking, or other activities that give you some time alone with yourself.

During periods of stress you can feel pulled in many directions by your own desires, your commitments and your relationships. Avoiding emotional confrontation and trying to keep the peace at all costs can be counter-productive. Over time you will stop trying to please everybody else and be able to balance your desires with those of others. It will become easier to simply state your position and say no if you want to. Consequently, you will discover that your health will improve because stress will impact less.

Your Vitality - The Life Force

The position of the Sun has a great deal to say about one's overall constitution, vitality and health. The House in which the Sun is placed corresponds directly with the time of day that you were born. Generally speaking, a person born during the day is thought to have a more powerful and dynamic solar energy and to be more extraverted and direct in their manner of self-expression, than someone born during the night, when more subtle night forces make for more introspection. If you were born at sunrise, or in the middle of the day, the Sun is at its greatest strength and your solar forces are very powerful. As well as the House in which the Sun is placed, consider the Sun's Sign and the aspects it makes to other planets, all of which will provide more clues to the overall picture of health and life force. As well as vitality and energy, the Sun governs one's identity, creativity and self-expression. Without the Sun there is no life. Therefore, the relative position of the Sun says a great deal about the type of energy and life force that we possess.

The Sun is in the 6th House

You are a very hard worker and like to do everything to the best of your ability. Your self-identity is largely determined by your work or job. However, you could be prone to digestive complaints or assimilation disorders, metabolic problems, or burnout, especially if you feel unhappy in your occupation, or daily routine. Also make sure you watch what you eat, as you may be sensitive to particular foods. Most importantly, find an enjoyable job and change your routine once in a while, which will have an enormously positive effect on your wellbeing.

Your attitude has a large bearing on your overall health and happiness. You often worry about your health and have a tendency towards hypochondria. As you learn to go with the flow of life and discover more about yourself, you will find that you can stop trying to be perfect and just enjoy living. This will improve your general outlook and health. You were born just after sunset, when the Sun's rays are beginning to retreat at dusk, signifying that you are highly analytical and trying to make sense of your experiences. For this reason, you need to spend time alone on a regular basis, but don't isolate yourself too much from others. You set very high standards for yourself and like to be self-sufficient, but you can be overly focused on attaining perfection, which you never reach. Try not to put yourself under so much pressure. Learn to laugh more and make time to relax away from work. Try yoga, golf, Tai Chi or bushwalking.

Managing the Physical Demands of Living

When challenging relationships are formed between the Sun and other planets, this can relate to internal and external stress factors that can lead to health problems, if ways are not found to balance their energies. The Sun is a vital component of life and vitality. These aspects can be potent indicators of one's overall health and wellbeing.

Magnesium, Iodine, Vitamin A and Vitamin D are ruled by the Sun. A deficiency or incorrect assimilation of any of these minerals and vitamins can be the cause of health problems when there are difficult aspects involving the Sun.

Also consider those vitamins and minerals that are associated with the planet involved in the challenging aspect with the Sun, for this too may provide clues as to potential deficiencies, that when brought into balance, can aid healing.

These challenging aspects involving the Sun can also symbolise aspects of our internal psychology that we need to integrate, so that they flow with more ease and work for us, rather than fighting with them, for we are really only fighting with ourselves.

The Moon is Square The Sun

A deficiency of Vitamin B2 and/or Potassium, or deficiencies of magnesium, iodine, or Vitamins A or D are possible with this aspect. There can be an imbalance between your vitality, energy and enthusiasm on the one hand, and your inner capacity to cope with all that is going on in your external environment. Therefore, it is important that you get proper nutrition into your body. You may need much more, or far less sleep than the average person, or you may experience sleep disturbances. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow at night can help you relax and unwind. Valerian is a wonderful herbal supplement that is most helpful for insomnia.

You may find it difficult to express yourself creatively while at the same time honouring your feelings and emotions, or you may feel torn between your family commitments and your professional life, which can be difficult to manage at times. It is important to deal with this stress by adopting regular relaxation or other techniques, which will help you to cope and feel more at ease. Your challenge is to find a way to balance your daily, conscious activities with your personal, inner and unconscious life. Both inner and outer experiences are important.

Chiron is Conjunct The Sun

You are a sensitive and caring soul who can be is easily wounded by life. You may be subject to a range of illnesses, perhaps even serious health concerns, which can impact on you both physically and emotionally. As a result of life's experiences you will come to realise that you possess a unique gift for healing; indeed a profession in the healing arts could ideally suit your temperament and abilities. You would be wise to listen and honour your inner self. You may find that you are put into situations that are painful and through this suffering you will become a more caring and giving individual. You will discover that healing takes place on many levels and come to understand that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions are intertwined and of equal importance. You can make a valuable contribution to the health and wellbeing of others and may become involved in teaching the lessons you have learned. Honouring and expressing your individuality may be a challenge, but will bring rewards as you develop wisdom.

Your Health Factors

Your Physical Body and Energy

The Ascendant is one of the most important factors to consider in determining one's overall health. The Sign on the Ascendant governs the physical body and one's immediate environment. It represents the interface between spirit and matter. The Ascendant often describes our physical appearance and the way we interact with others. The Sign that is Rising at your time of birth is usually quite obvious; often more so than the Sun Sign. The concept of the "persona" is thought to be associated with the Ascendant. This is the "mask" we wear, or the face that we show to the world and therefore the Ascendant Sign corresponds to characteristics that are immediately apparent. The Sign on the Ascendant also describes areas of the body where we might feel the effects of any stress that we encounter in our interaction with the world around us. The Ascendant will often describe those health conditions that manifest as a result of short-term stress. This area of the horoscope corresponds with acute health conditions and the stress we encounter when we are trying to fit in, or trying to put our best side forward, especially when we feel we must hide our true nature.

The Ascendant is in Taurus

You are firmly grounded and consequently you tend to move about in a rather slow and measured style. You are very determined to make your mark on the world. Your physical type is stocky and you can be prone to weight gain, often caused by a love of rich food. Sometimes you consume too many fatty or sugary foods, which can lead to a range of health problems. Try to avoid too much rich food and limit your alcohol consumption.

You can be prone to conditions such as; gout, diabetes, obesity, tonsilitis, neck problems, thyroid imbalances, goitre, sore throats, heart disease, jaw and teeth problems, haemorrhoids or constipation. But you probably do not get sick very often and tend to have a strong constitution. You also tend to soldier on when you are feeling unwell, determined not to let anything, let alone your health, interfere with your plans. As a result, you can end up with serious health problems if you fail to rest or address problems in the first instance.

Learn to listen to your body and also to the advice of health professionals when you sense there is something wrong. Your strong physical body will enjoy the routine of regular exercise. Exchange fat and sugar in your diet for other pleasurable activities that will better serve your health. In the long run you will see the results. Try exercises that release energy slowly and require patience. Golf, dance and yoga are some suggestions.

Inhalation of aromatherapy oils such as Clary Sage, Cypress, Sandalwood and Tea Tree can assist with sore throats. Regular massage has special benefits for those with Taurus rising; you probably adore any kind of tactile, hands-on therapy. A regular remedial massage will do you the world of good. Lavender, Fennel and Juniper oils can be particularly soothing and relaxing. Treat yourself often.

Your Strengths and Sensitivities

The 1st House of your Horoscope and the Ascendant are associated astrologically with the physical body. The Ascendant is the place of interface between the physical and spiritual realms. The Ascendant also describes your immediate environment and general physical type. Planets in the 1st House and in particular those that are in conjunction with the Ascendant, are considered to be very strong. These planets tell us something more about our physical appearance, vitality and manner of expression.

Any planets that make a conjunction to the Ascendant are especially powerful. These planets and any that are located in the 1st House should be taken into consideration when assessing your physical attributes and health.

Planets located here represent energies that are generally operating very consciously and their qualities are usually quite apparent to others too.

These planets will modify the expression of the Ascendant Sign, and in some cases may seem to contradict it, but taken together you will probably strongly identify with both the Ascendant Sign and any planets in the 1st House.

Inner Needs and Outer Experiences - Finding Balance

When certain planets and the Ascendant are at odds with one another, we can experience inner tension and challenges that can feel as if we are being pulled in two directions at once. The Ascendant is that part of us that interfaces with our immediate environment, so when planets are in hard aspect to the Ascendant, we can encounter challenges as we try to express ourselves in the wider world. We can also experience issues that arise because there are differences between what we want to express and what we think is expected of us. Stress can build up over time if there is no outlet for self-expression, so these aspects can be potent indicators of one's overall health and wellbeing. As we learn to work with some of these challenges, they can actually help us to grow and to lead more purposeful lives.

Dispositor of The Ascendant (Venus) is Sesquisquare The Moon

Any health problems you experience may have, at their cause, emotional issues stemming from childhood. These issues may have to do with your upbringing, your family, or your relationship with your mother, and they may be related to your diet. You feel things deeply and are highly sensitive to your environment and as a child you may have been wounded in ways that mean it is difficult for you to express your feelings easily as an adult. People may misinterpret your motives or you may have trouble giving voice to your feelings. Nevertheless, you have a strong desire to express your emotions and to find fulfilment through relationship and so it is up to you to heal emotionally and to let go of the past. The past is important, but not as important as the present or the future. At times you may feel stuck in the past and feel unable to move forward until you resolve outstanding emotional problems. If you develop issues with food and diet, such as bingeing, or erratic hormonal fluctuations, this can be a signal that it is time to work through some of these issues. Healing options for you may include counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. Always ensure that you get enough potassium and B-Group vitamins in your diet, which can assist with food cravings and help to balance your metabolism, also seek out therapy options as required. Although sensitive, you probably have a great deal of inner emotional strength, and can cope with life's ups and downs better than you might think. Wearing Moonstone can be helpful in balancing your hormones and emotions.

Mercury is Opposite The Ascendant

You are given to behaving in very spontaneous and changeable ways according to the whims of the moment and the people and circumstances in which you find yourself. You can be an extravert and also an introvert. You are highly adaptable and cope pretty well with the stresses of daily life, however you may be prone to catching viruses, colds and flu, gastric problems, or ingesting substances that have a detrimental effect. You may also experience accidents from a tendency to rush without enough forethought. Both respiratory conditions and digestive complaints may be associated with an underlying allergic response to certain foods or air-borne substances such as pollen or dust. Some of these symptoms may be brought on by too little thiamine (B1). Thiamine deficiency can also result in nervous complaints and even nerve damage. Communication problems such as stuttering or autism may also be related to this aspect. You are highly capable and intelligent, but you are inclined to take on too much, perhaps because of a need to show others how efficient or clever you are. Try to keep an open mind as you learn from your experiences.

As you move through life you will likely grow out of most of these problems and develop a strong mind and a powerful way of expressing your opinions and ideas, without having anything to prove. Ensure you get enough B-Group vitamins, especially during times of stress.

Dispositor of The Ascendant is Venus

You strive to develop close intimate relationships. Despite any setbacks you encounter in your dealings with people, you are still determined to find and establish supportive ties. You will make every effort to work at your personal relationships. However, as your values are important to you, you may be unwilling to compromise those priorities and values that are closest to your heart, just so a relationship can work. Once you establish your priorities, you stick to them, and you can sometimes be judgemental of those who see things differently. You may need to recognise your inner worth and that others' values have equal merit.

When things get out of balance in your personal life you can experience a range of conditions such as possible sugar problems, thyroid conditions, kidney problems, potential Vitamin E deficiency, eating disorders, weight gain/loss, or issues involving self-esteem. A lack of B3 can result in skin problems such as dermatitis and even mental disturbances. Ensure you get plenty of Vitamin B and E in your diet, which will assist during times of stress. You are probably highly creative and may possess artistic skills. Using these talents on a regular basis will be healing to your soul and fulfilling in other ways as well. Finding a way to express yourself in accordance with your true values, while at the same time maintaining supportive and harmonious relationships, is one of your main challenges. Wearing Rose Quartz can assist in enhancing feelings of unconditional love, both giving and receiving.

Mars is Opposite The Ascendant

You are a fighter. You will stand up for your rights and for injustice and can be a powerful advocate for getting issues heard. Your competitive nature means you are capable of putting a great deal of energy into issues and causes that are close to your heart. This is a positive way to express your inner passions and you will discover it is also more worthwhile than simply focusing on expressing your ego, competing to attain personal goals, or having your own desires met. You generally have a great deal of energy and passion that fuels your body and mind, but try to ensure that you do not overdo things. Get plenty of vitamins and minerals, especially B12 and Iron and also try to make time to relax.

Taking things too far can result in cardiovascular ailments, high blood pressure, inflammatory conditions, problems with the adrenal glands, headaches, migraines and fevers. Anger can be the root cause of these problems. Anger management can go a long way towards a return to health. You may have sudden outbursts from time to time. Although these are usually short lived, they can have a dramatic impact on your relationships and your life in general. Swallowing your anger won't work either because repressed hostility can also lead to disease. Channel your energy and any feelings of frustration into sport, exercise, or make efforts to affect positive changes in the world around you.

Jupiter is Opposite The Ascendant

It is important for you to have a sense of purpose and to follow your visions. You are capable of doing this, because you tend to express yourself with confidence. It does not appear to others that you have any worries or concerns. You are generally relaxed in your style of expression and you may be viewed as an authority in your field. Perhaps things are too easy. Problems can result if you do not have a clear vision of what your life should be. Your early experiences may have taught you that to be successful you must appear successful, and this is usually a winning formula, but part of you needs to have an underlying belief or purpose to feel whole. If you do not have a sense of purpose or meaning, you can drift through life.

Until you find your mission in life, you can be quite restless and may have a tendency to over-indulge in food, alcohol or drugs. Alcoholism is possible with this aspect and liver problems can result. High cholesterol and heart conditions can also take hold. Weight gain and metabolic problems such as diabetes are also possible. Supplements of Vitamin B6 and Zinc can be beneficial for you. Don't waste your positive energy and opportunities on self-indulgent behaviour; use it to make the world a better place. This is a much more productive, worthwhile and healthy option. Keep searching for your mission and purpose and try to make practical use of your many skills and talents.

Saturn is Square The Ascendant

It is important that you have a goal or ambition in life and are able to express yourself by working towards attaining achievement. If you are thwarted in attaining your ambitions you can become discouraged, depressed, frustrated or angry. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again", is a good motto for you to follow. Sometimes you give up through lack of confidence and sometimes you spend too much time and energy doing what you think is expected of you.

Once you have hit upon a plan, start to work towards it in a methodical way and you will eventually achieve lasting results. Feelings of depression, frustration or anger are best channelled into helping others, or taking time out to consider fresh alternatives. You can sometimes be too focused on getting where you want to be in your professional life and can overlook your personal life and other needs. You take your responsibilities too seriously at times and worry too much. Spend more time just relaxing and enjoying yourself. Try to get enough sunshine, Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin C.

Bones, teeth and joints can be under stress with Saturn here. Arthritis, skin conditions and problems such as osteoporosis are possible. Chiropractic care may be helpful. These conditions can be a signal that you need to work through some fears you may have. Phobias or fears can block spontaneous expression, which can impact on your health. You may need to learn that laughter and fun are just as important as your responsibilities.

Neptune is Quincunx The Ascendant

It is important for you to develop a meaningful life philosophy and a creative outlet, for you are most likely a gifted artist. You can be prone to depression and moodiness, especially if you do not feel a spiritual connection with the natural world, nor have a belief system in which you can put your faith. You are a sensitive soul who is easily affected by your environment. Expressing your creativity through the arts will bring healing and a sense of belonging which is integral to your wellbeing.

In your efforts to feel a sense of belonging, you could try to forge connections with various people and/or groups including associations that are not really in your best interest. Whether this is a conscious, or an unconscious journey on your part, either way, you are seeking to make spiritual connections that are meaningful and you give people the benefit of the doubt. You are a caring person, but you can sometimes end up being taken advantage of, because of your highly idealistic nature and your strong desire for meaningful connections. At times you can feel misunderstood, which can make you feel isolated, or depressed. Stress can result in problems with the various fluids of the body such as lymph circulation. You can also experience metabolic problems, endocrine system problems or glandular malfunctions. You are likely to be highly sensitive to drugs and chemicals, so you should try to avoid these substances as much as possible and/or monitor their intake for side effects. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Certain substances may work as poisons on your delicate system, so try to eat well and limit your exposure to food additives and preservatives. You are highly imaginative and may need more sleep than the average person in order to function effectively. Coping with the harsh realities of the world can be traumatic for you, so endeavour to be involved with nature, animals, music and the arts as much as you can.

Pluto is Square The Ascendant

You have a powerful energy that can cope with just about anything that comes your way. Your inner strength means you will fight against injustices as you seek to transform the world around you. You will fight for what you want in life; this includes your personal ambitions, but your biggest challenges and achievements have a more profound purpose.

It is possible that you come from a highly dysfunctional family background or that you will experience your fair share of difficulties. This can foster within you a deep-seated need to be in control of your own destiny. Your journey can take you from the depths of grief to the heights of success. More than anything else, you are a survivor who will pit yourself against any challenge life throws at you. Your wounds are both a source of pain and your greatest strength.

Pluto can be associated with genetically inherited conditions that can be difficult to treat. For you, stress can result in health issues involving the reproductive organs. Mental illness is also a possibility; this can include depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and other similar conditions. Pluto can also represent life-threatening conditions, but equally it infers that you are a survivor and can overcome even the most difficult problems. It could be that a close family member is the one who experiences some of these challenges and that you are the one who has to deal with them. As a result of your experiences you may develop a strong interest in psychology and related fields, and you may be an agent for healing others, as well as yourself. It is important that you learn to let go of those things that you cannot change. Suggested healing options that could be beneficial for you include: detoxifying, colonic irrigation, psychotherapy, hypnotic regression and family therapy. Whatever your situation, you have the capacity to rise above your problems and turn difficulties into personal milestones, even great achievements.

Health Challenges

Work and Health - Managing the Impact of Stress

The 6th House yields important information about one's health. The 6th House is also the House of work and daily activities, which indicates the connection that exists between all these aspects of life. The 6th House is also associated with our habits. To stay healthy it is important to eat sensibly, to establish good habits and to manage daily stress.

Planets connected to the 6th House often symbolise, or describe various parts of the body that we need to monitor for the effects of long-term stress.

Unlike the Ascendant and planets in the 1st House, which usually describe more acute physical conditions, the 6th House tends to correspond with more chronic health problems that can build up over time.

Our regular day-to-day activities, our habits, and our occupation are all connected with this House, the House of health. It can be difficult to change our habits and routines, but it is possible. By making conscious decisions that bring about better health, we can use the 6th House energies to establish healthy habits.

Ruler of the 6th House is Mercury

You are often on the go and probably lead a busy life. You are capable and efficient, but at times you can be under more stress than you think, for you are no slouch. You work hard and probably don't mind taking on a variety of tasks, which you perform well. From time to time, try to get in touch with and express your feelings too. Now and again take a break and slow down the pace, especially when you are not feeling well. Ensure you get plenty of B-Group vitamins in your diet. Stress can manifest as respiratory problems, such as asthma, or allergies. You may be prone to digestive problems and/or viral infections, especially when you let yourself run down. Parts of your body that are potentially vulnerable to the cumulative effects of stress are: lungs, arms, shoulders, larynx, sinuses, urethra and the small intestine, as well as the nervous system. You can be prone to chronic shoulder, arm or wrist problems too, including 'frozen shoulder' from long hours spent in front of the computer.

Try not to eat on the run. Stop what you are doing and sit down to meals, eating slowly. Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet.

Jupiter is in the 6th House

Stress can manifest when you feel restricted or limited by circumstances. You probably do not enjoy working in an office and may prefer to work outdoors, or to travel as part of your job. You are generally enthusiastic about your work in these circumstances and are always on the lookout for fresh opportunities. When you are not enjoying your work, you can easily feel despondent or trapped, which can lead to stress and health problems. It is therefore important for you to enjoy your work and to take regular breaks or holidays.

Most long-term risks to your health come from the cumulative effects of over indulgence. You have a great deal of energy in reserve, but are often so enthusiastic about what you are doing that you sometimes overlook practical concerns such as any actual physical limitations. Do not overload your system with fatty, sugary, or salty food and try to keep intake of alcohol to low or moderate levels. Most of the health problems that you are likely to have, probably stem from your own actions, or inactions. Sometimes you can be lazy too. Moderation is something you might need to learn. For you, stress and health problems can manifest as liver and metabolic problems, skin conditions, or possible accidents. Other areas to watch include: thighs, hips, lower back, sciatic nerve and muscular system, but generally you recover quickly.

Neptune is in the 6th House

You are highly adaptable and you may try to fit into situations from a misplaced sense of belonging. Work colleagues and other people with whom you have regular contact can easily influence you, but you could come to realise that you don't actually have much in common with these people. You may be a gifted artist and trying to fit into the corporate jungle may cause you to actually get sick. It is important for your wellbeing that you honour your intuition and creativity. You may be prone to illnesses that are difficult to diagnose and you could be sensitive to certain foods, chemicals and/or drugs. You might also experience symptoms that do not seem to have any explanation and you are potentially prone to depression. Avoid chemicals and food additives where possible. You will benefit from drinking plenty of water and having enough Omega 3 and 6 in your diet. Communing with nature will revive your spirits, especially when the demands of daily life and work tasks seem to overwhelm you. You are likely to benefit from such healing techniques as: Reiki, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and most types of holistic healing. It is best that you avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. As a sensitive person, you could also be prone to psychosomatic conditions and should make sure that you do what you can to minimise the impact of stress. Other areas that can be affected by cumulative stress are the lymphatic system and glandular system. When you feel the need to escape from your routine, do so by engaging in activities that revive your spirits. Try to avoid wallowing or indulging.

Limiting the Impact of Chronic Stress

The 6th House is the House of health and also of work. When planets form challenging aspects to this House they can symbolise day-to-day obstacles and/or frustrations that we encounter which cause stress reactions that can impact on our health. Planets in hard aspect to the 6th House are often those that we find frustrating in some way. These aspects are often associated with health matters, especially chronic conditions and they also remind us how important it is to manage day-to-day stress.

Saturn is Semisquare the 6th House Cusp

You may encounter issues related to authority figures, such as parents, the government and/or employers. You may either have an overly esteemed view of superiors, or perhaps resent their position and authority. This may stem from issues with your parents when you were a child. As a result, you can have problems establishing your own personal authority in the world, at least initially. Health problems can result from work stress that builds up over time. You probably work too hard; perhaps you are trying to make a good impression in order to rise through the ranks. Teeth, knee or joint problems are a signal that you need to look after yourself and make the time to de-stress. Massage or chiropractic care may be advisable. You may have clashes at work with those in authority, until you find a balanced attitude to authority figures in general. As you mature this will become easier. Joint stiffness can be relieved by the essential oils; Lavender, Eucalyptus, Juniper and Frankincense, add a few drops to a carrier oil for a therapeutic massage, or add to your bath at times when you need to relax.

Uranus is Square the 6th House Cusp

You are a risk-taker and enjoy doing new things. This enthusiasm for change and new experiences provides you with the excitement you seek, an escape from the ordinariness of the every day routine, however it can lead you to take unnecessary risks that can lead to accidents. Accidents are more likely to take place when you rush without considering what you are actually doing. You are somewhat highly strung and can experience tension and problems associated with the nervous system when you are feeling under stress. It is likely that your tendency to rush is exacerbated by certain activities and your lack of enjoyment in them. For example, you may rush through things to get them out of the way quickly so you don't have to think about how unhappy you are doing them. You have a quick way of doing things and can also become frustrated by any delays you encounter in day-to-day living and work. It is probably important that you develop a creative outlet, for you are probably suited to work that involves a large degree of creative energy, independence and autonomy on your part. Self-employment may be the answer, provided you can develop the necessary discipline. Manage your stress by using essential oils Bergamot, Cedarwood, Geranium, Lavender and Lemongrass.

Physical Energy and Exercise

Iron, Cobalt, Chlorine, Folic Acid, Molybdenum, Selenium, Phosphorus, and Sodium, along with Fatty Acids and Vitamin B12 are associated with Mars. Mars is a primary masculine or yang archetype, associated with our physical energy and vitality. Mars also governs the adrenal glands, the sexual response, the blood and the muscles. So the position of Mars describes our physical energy, competitiveness and our passions. The usual action of Mars is direct, spontaneous and forceful. Mars is also the planet associated with our ego. The location of Mars tells us how we go about getting what we want, or how we turn our desires into reality. Mars also represents how we handle ourselves when our desires are thwarted.

Used positively, Mars is associated with expressing our personal desires in spontaneous and creative ways and expressing our creative energy in ways that fulfil our desires. If too intense in its expression, Mars can be destructive, overly focused on ego, angry, hostile or aggressive. When under active, Mars can operate in a passive-aggressive fashion, or can result in a lack of drive and energy.

Mars is in the 7th House

You can use your Mars energy in a variety of ways, but at times you can lack drive and may need the input of others to motivate you. Activities that suit your energy style involve combining sport and exercise with social contact. Team sports are therefore a good outlet for you. When you exercise, ensure that you drink enough water, as you can be prone to dehydration, cystitis or kidney conditions. You can be highly competitive and once you get into it, you find exercise enjoyable, but you can easily become sidetracked by your many commitments. At times you can become overly competitive and can get into heated debates if you feel unfairly treated. This can be counter-productive. Finding a partner with whom you can share your exercise routine can help you to stay focused.

Although it is important for you to share your interests with other people, paradoxically you can create conflict without meaning to. Sometimes you place too much importance on having the input, or approval of others, which can lead you to become frustrated, or angry with yourself, because you are giving away your power to others, in an attempt to be fair. Because you sometimes have difficulty expressing what you want directly, you can over react and create unnecessary conflict. This in turn can make you stressed. Try to find a way to honour your own desires, while also permitting others their own autonomy.

Mars is in Scorpio

Your energy style is dynamic and intense. You are both powerful and determined. You probably excel at sports and exercise and like rise to any challenges. You are more than capable in a variety of physical activities, but will probably enjoy those where you must focus both on attaining a goal and at the same time challenging yourself. Martial arts, weight-training, boxing and sports requiring endurance are some suggestions. You enjoy having an active sex life and probably consider sex to be the best exercise of all. Possible health problems for you include infections of the reproductive organs, lower back problems or constipation. Money worries can impact on your health too.

It is important for you to have a firm measure of control. You go after what you want with passion and intensity and with your persistence, you will press on despite any obstacles that you encounter. If you do not have an outlet for your passions, you can become frustrated and this can turn into aggression and even vindictiveness. You possess an incredibly creative energy, but this can turn into destructive tendencies when you become angry or frustrated. It is therefore important that you channel your dynamic energy into productive outlets, where reforms and changes are needed. Learn to let go of things that you cannot control. You will probably benefit enormously from learning meditation or yoga and long-distance swimming could be a good outlet too.

Healing Solutions

Towards Health - The Journey Continues

Astrologically, Chiron is the archetype most associated with healing. In myth, Chiron was a wise centaur and a teacher of the healing arts. His wisdom comes from experience. Wounded accidentally by Hercules, Chiron's story is also symbolic of our own journey towards wholeness and healing. Chiron was a healer and teacher and also physician, prophet and musician. Named for this mythological healer, the small planet Chiron was discovered in 1977, heralding the arrival into consciousness of many new aspects of complementary medicine and alternative healing techniques, just as the mythological Chiron was adept in these natural arts and sciences. The position of Chiron in our Birth Chart reveals information about where we might get in touch with our inner healer. Chiron symbolises our wounds and painful experiences and it is also the agent via which we can return to full health and reclaim our sense of wellbeing. The location of Chiron reveals clues about how we experience wounding and how we can find healing, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Chiron is in the 6th House

Generally, you have a good comprehension of health matters and probably a strong interest in healing and nutrition. You may in fact decide upon a career in the healing arts. But before that happens, you may go through a period of questioning the intrinsic value of your work and lifestyle. This process may begin with a build up of stress, the roots of which lie in your workplace and any reluctance on your part to address the issues. Feelings of discomfort can affect your health. You may feel forced to work in jobs that cause you high levels of stress. It could be that you are somehow obliged to work in a job for which you are not temperamentally suited, or which results in some kind of stress related disorder or health concern.

Associated physical problems can affect the small intestine, digestive system, spleen, and pancreas and could relate specifically to allergies, food and diet. Work and health issues can be signals that you need to focus your attention on the causes and effects of stress. Eventually, this will pave the way for a change of direction into a role where you will be happier and more valued, but it is important to first address your own health and wellbeing, on all levels. The first step could be to learn more about natural healing. By learning to embrace your own inner healer, you will find the key to mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. This will set upon a path that can lead to a new job or career. Put your faith in your own intuition and seek professional advice if needed. After you directly experience healing yourself, then it will be time to develop your skills and knowledge further. You will discover you have an innate capacity to heal or to teach what you know, because you have personally experienced profound healing.

Chiron is in Libra

Throughout your life, personal relationships will bring you opportunities to heal, even though there may be some pain involved in this process and some relationships will be wounding. You will probably come to know yourself and others very well and be a keen observer of human nature. It is primarily via relationships that you will come to know more about yourself.

Relationships are likely to be a catalyst towards a conscious examination of your own patterns. You may be an only child, adopted, come from a large family, or for some other reason experience an overwhelming sense of aloneness. This causes you some pain, but it is also a source of comfort. Because you find relationships to be a painful experience, you may tend to avoid them and prefer to be on your own. At the same time, you have a highly idealised idea of what a relationship constitutes. You have high standards that others may be unable to easily meet.

Often it is the same qualities that attract us to people, that we later discover are characteristics we find the most difficult to handle. You may encounter people and develop relationships with those who are very wounded. You may try to heal them, playing the role of therapist. Trying to heal the people with whom you share personal relationships, can create problems.

Rather than always trying to heal others, perhaps you also need to consider undertaking therapy yourself. Your gifts as a counsellor or therapist will be utilised much more effectively when you embrace your own healing journey.

Healing Inherited Patterns

Chiron is the archetypal 'wounded healer' and his position in the horoscope reveals information about our journey towards wholeness and wellbeing. When other planets combine with Chiron, our healing journey takes on added significance. Specific wounds that we carry with us can also provide clues as to how we can find inner wisdom and ultimate healing.

However, your own chart does not have any planets that fall into this category. Therefore you will need to refer to the other sections of this report to find advice, which is relevant to your chart.

Key Parts of the Body

Each degree of the zodiac corresponds with a specific part of the body. The location of each planet in the Birth Chart will therefore represent certain physical areas. This section lists all the anatomical degrees of your Natal planets as well as the degree of the Ascendant and 6th House cusp.

Unfortunately, the exact meaning of a few of the terms in the anatomical degrees remains unclear, even after consultation by the translator, Jane Ridder-Patrick, with German medical colleagues. However, from the zodiacal area concerned, it is relatively simple to give a fairly reliable approximation. Although he did include them along with his own work, Reinhold Ebertin was of the opinion that these degree areas are not as reliable as those he himself used.

The 'azimene degrees' are also included in this list. These degrees, which are sometimes called degrees lame and deficient, come from William Lilly's Christian Astrology written in the 17th Century. Lilly says that blindness, deafness, lameness or any other crippling disability or deformity, can be explained by the person having the Ascendant, the Ascendant ruler, the Moon or the most important planet, in either the Natal Chart or the Decumbiture Chart (a chart for the onset of an illness), in any of the Azimene Degrees (weak or lame degrees).

Please note that some of these degree areas are gender specific, and will therefore not necessarily apply to you. It is important to also keep in mind that you probably won't have health problems with all of these physical areas, nor necessarily with any of them, but if you do have a health issue that relates to any of these degree areas, you may need to investigate the nature of this particular planet further, for specific healing.

The Moon is located at the 17th degree of Cancer
Part of Body: Duodenal opening of pancreatic duct
The Sun is located at the 24th degree of Libra
Part of Body: Blood vessels of renal cortex
Mercury is located at the 14th degree of Scorpio
Part of Body: Foreskin
Venus is located at the 1st degree of Sagittarius
Part of Body: Pelvic bone (Azimene)
Mars is located at the 16th degree of Scorpio
Part of Body: Right ovary, cochlea of inner ear
Jupiter is located at the 5th degree of Scorpio
Part of Body: Testicles, left side of uterus
Saturn is located at the 8th degree of Leo
Part of Body: Inferior vena cava
Uranus is located at the 22nd degree of Gemini
Part of Body: Upper arm
Neptune is located at the 9th degree of Libra
Part of Body: Nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis
Pluto is located at the 14th degree of Leo
Part of Body: Left ventricle of heart
Chiron is located at the 27th degree of Libra
Part of Body: Vascular system of skin
The North Node is located at the 13th degree of Gemini
Part of Body: Pulmonary veins
The Ascendant is located at the 10th degree of Taurus
Part of Body: Cervical veins (Azimene)
The Midheaven is located at the 24th degree of Capricorn
Part of Body: Muscle insertions of upper to lower legs
The 6th house cusp is located at the 25th degree of Virgo
Part of Body: Capsule and ligaments of liver


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