Money Forecast Astrology Report

image The Money Astrology Report is a unique and original report that highlights the riches inherent in a Birth Chart. It has often been said that money does not bring happiness. It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy. Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries do not seem to subside when more is accumulated; in fact they often increase. This report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your inborn relationship with money.

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Included in The Money report are:
  • Your Money Temperament (Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Signs)
  • Your Relationship with Money (Venus in Signs)
  • Your Personal Income (2nd House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 2nd House Planets
  • Your Shared Income (8th House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 8th House Planets
  • Your Fortune (Part of Fortune in Signs and Houses)
The report that you will receive averages 20 pages.
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It has often been said that money does not bring happiness. It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy. Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries do not seem to subside when more is accumulated; in fact they often increase In modern times more and more an indisputable link can been seen between integrity and finance. Money is not just a powerful symbol in culture but an important reality in everyday lives, as the Money, Finance and Business sections of daily newspapers attest. This report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your instinctual relationship with money. Sometimes the description might not match your experience or understanding, and sometimes contradictions can be read, but nonetheless the lessons are true. Reflecting upon the astrology will help you to become more aware of how money works in your life and how it is intimately bound up with your personal values. Money is not just a commodity, but is also a symbol of value and worth.

It is rare to meet someone who is indifferent to money. Money is a serious affair; it does matter. The word money finds its way into our modern language from the Latin word moneta meaning mint. In the 3rd Century BCE the Romans established a mint at Juno Monetas temple, which lasted for the next four centuries. The image of the goddess appeared on one side of the coin holding the scales in one hand and the cornucopia in the other, symbols of weighing up and balancing the abundance that the goddess provided. Ironically money has its taproot in a deeper wellspring.

Money plays an important role in your culture and society. It is also a psychological symbol and like all psychic complexes your relationship with it will be complex and complicated. As a psychic symbol, money is part of your fate; therefore becoming aware of your relationship with it helps you become more conscious of its patterns in your life. Gaining an understanding of money and its place in your life can greatly assist in helping you to accept your circumstances and live in an easier flow of life, and an easier relationship with money.

This report has been aimed at helping you understand what role money plays in your life, what you truly value and in helping you focus on your souls purpose.


This section reflects on your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (or Ascendant). The trinity of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant depict character and temperament. In this section each is considered separately, based on your Horoscopes perspective on money. In the last section of this report all three are blended into an ancient formula known as the Part of Fortune.

In your Birth Chart the Sun depicts a driving force and is key to your identity and distinctiveness. This section does not interpret your Sun Sign in general terms, but is referring specifically to how it shapes your attitude to money and possessions. In a way the Sun is indicative of what you value, what emphasis you place on money and possessions and your ability to attract riches. Being rich means different things to different people; therefore this section outlines what you value, how you might feel rich. Money does not always equal a feeling of being rich. Perhaps you value freedom more than you value money? Maybe you feel rich when you are surrounded by friends and plain simple fare? On the other hand, perhaps security and money are most important.

Your Sun Sign can indicate an ability to attain great wealth; for instance your Sun in the Sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Aries could indicate great wealth. Each of these Zodiac Signs has different traits that attract wealth in different ways. If your Sun resides in one of the Angular Houses (mentioned below in this report) then you also have the ability to be wealthy. The idea is that the Sun shines its light either dimly or brightly on the wealth sectors of your Birth Chart. The placement of your Sun also shows you how you shine in the world. If you are shining brightly then you are likely to attract health, wealth and happiness. You glow and are rewarded. Your warmth, goodwill and confidence attract attention and you are able to attract riches.

The Moon can also be a strong driver when it comes to financial matters, especially psychologically and emotionally. Emotions and money are strongly linked. Retail therapy is commonly acknowledged as an antidote to a down day, yet managing emotions with material band-aids is rarely going to address the underlying forces. While an understanding of your own emotional nature is vital for self-acceptance it is not part of this reports purpose. In this section the Money report outlines how your Moon and your emotions can influence your spending habits. When it comes to money your Moon can either help or hinder your ability to successfully handle money matters. Also what does money mean for you? What emotional need does it satisfy? Do you see money as a means of freedom, or does it provide security? Does money represent love? Do you feel more loved when someone shares their resources? These are the types of questions to ask and which your Moon will help you understand.

When reading this report take the best traits from both your Sun and Moon Signs and combine them to help you understand your value system and your emotional needs when it comes to money. This helps you learn how you can best approach your own attitude to money, your spending habits and how to invest. If your Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac Sign then you reinforce the message and you need to look to your Ascendant to see how to best move forward.

Your Ascendant is outlined as a beacon that points to your purpose in life. While money is an important component it is rarely the source of true happiness. Your Ascendant depicts how you can find purpose and meaning in your life. This helps you inject your material world with spiritual values. Health, wealth and happiness are all derived from living a worthy life. A meaningful life is one which incorporates spiritual values, not just monetary ones. True joy is often felt when you are living in sync with your souls purpose. This report focuses on money and its place in your Birth Chart and life, but true meaning also comes from living true to yourself. Your Ascendant is a primary signpost which guides you to a life of true worth.

The Sun is in Sagittarius

You are a born philosopher applying your wisdom to all walks of life. Outgoing Archers are generally adventurous, adopting the philosophy that life is for living to the fullest. If you are an active Sagittarian then you are likely to be found outdoors, travelling, taking part in sporting events or perhaps public speaking or teaching. Inward looking Archers are likely to be pondering the wonders of the world, studying, teaching, preaching, lecturing, writing or working behind the scenes for a beloved cause. For these reasons you are unlikely to be a steady employee in an office job, preferring a form of income that comes from contract work, travel jobs or some such. You may also enjoy being self-employed. You need to exercise some caution when it comes to financial investments. Your gung-ho attitude to life can also be reflected in your money management skills. While you do seem to easily attract financial success, you can also lose your monetary advantage by being too laissez-faire. It is true that you do not seek security, but money does come in handy for the kind of life that you wish to lead. You cannot always rely on others generosity. So what do you value most? Do you value money and possessions? It is more likely that your currency is that of knowledge. Your wealth is wisdom. Unless you have other influential factors in your birth chart then money is important only in that it gives you the freedom to learn more about life, the world and the universe. Nevertheless you are likely to enjoy the benevolence of other people at sometime during your life. Not that you particularly care. While you are appreciative, you also are not attached to money or possessions. You may highly value possessions such as books which broaden your horizons, a computer or device that links you to people from other parts of the globe or even a costly subscription to an artistic organisation. However, you are also likely to discard those possessions, making sure that they are passed on to someone else who can value them, once you have learnt all that you can. You are a generous soul. Money and possessions themselves are not what drives you. You value the getting of wisdom, the communion of cultures and the world as whole. Your arrows reach far from your bow.

The Sun is in the 7th House

This is an auspicious placement of the Sun in your Birth Chart. Ancient astrologers place great importance on the Angular Houses of a Birth Chart. These Houses includes the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses. In your case the Sun is shining brightly in the 7th House of your Birth Chart indicating health, wealth and happiness in connection with marriage and business partners. Ancient astrologers also believe that this placement indicates wealth through lawsuits, foreign affairs, theft and war. Perhaps this is because of your ability to form strong alliances. You shine brightly when forming close bonds with others. You can form strong allies who bring riches when your Sun shines brightly in this sector of your Birth Chart. You are loyal and generous in your primary relationships and these favours are returned. Marriage can raise your status in society and bring riches. You shine brightly in any union. Business partnerships can also boost your reputation and coffers.

While it is likely that you benefit from marriage and business contracts, it is also possible that your partners coffers are also boosted through their association with you. You need to be careful and choose personal and business partners wisely. This is due to the fact that your fortunes become so closely entwined. On the whole this has a positive outcome for you. You are co-operative, flexible and well able to work closely with others. Partners remain loyal to you for long periods of time, possibly your lifetime. However, you need to ensure that others afford you the same respect that you offer them. Money is easily accrued but other factors may be more important to you. Your Astrology indicates the ability to attract money through partnership, but true abundance may also be the ability to express your creativity, your freedom and your own self while in partnership. You are truly wealthy when you can incorporate all of these things in your own life.

The Moon is in Scorpio

Scorpios are usually good with money. This is because you are intensely interested in all resources. It is not just your own personal income that absorbs you but also investments and other peoples ability to help boost your resources. Therefore stocks, bonds, annuities, inheritances, gold, money markets and other such wealth opportunities are also important. You are not interested in bank savings as you are more concerned to discover ways of making money work for you. Your possessions are not just goods, they are assets. You see most things as an asset in your life, or a liability. This can include the people in your life, but is particularly so in the material world. You may even dream of marrying someone rich. You value success in the material world. You may keep this side of your nature well hidden, but nevertheless it is true and you know it. Prestige in society equates with material wealth and it is actually the prestige that you value. Your biggest hurdle to achieving the wealth that you so desire is that you are unable to compromise in your youth. You would like to start at the top of the corporate ladder, but this is not always possible. Working your way to the top takes time and energy. Depending on other influences in your chart you are less or more successful at understanding the process. You also need to be wary of becoming disrespectful of other peoples assets. Some Scorpios are highly emotional and artistic. The challenge then becomes how to attain material success in a field that may not offer high financial rewards. This requires some soul-searching. Your desires are strong, but what you do desire the most? Scorpios can often be found working in the financial markets, with money, property management or selling property. You could also find work supplying the resources for other people. Self-employment gives you more control over your income and assets and therefore could appeal.

The Ascendant is in Taurus

The Sign of Taurus denotes fixity of purpose, resolution, self-reliance and independence. This can be a very positive influence if other aspects of your Birth Chart (and therefore personality) indicate flightiness, spendthrift habits and grandiosity. The steady Taurean Ascendant can counterbalance any of the more scatty influences. It also indicates that you are destined to harvest results in a practical and material manner. Structure, stability and reliability are the cornerstones of your life. Your primary motivation is for security, in particular material security, and you aim to achieve this security through practical feats. Its likely to be a slow process towards successfully achieving your purpose, because you'll not be hurried. You cannot rely on other people to provide for your needs. It is your life purpose to plant your own seeds and harvest the fruits of your own labours. As long as you apply common sense then you are likely to gain great satisfaction from this process. Your common sense combined with your reserved charm, enables you to achieve your objectives. Your organisational ability also plays a key role in your lifes purpose. Life experience also features prominently in your life, providing you with the wisdom needed to accomplish success. Ultimately, although you do gain satisfaction from monetary rewards, it is the wisdom of lifes experiences that is your true reward. If you would like to focus on a positive affirmation connected to money then with your Taurus Ascendant you could use this one from Creating Money Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer All answers are within me, I follow my inner wisdom



Intrinsic to Venus is beauty. During her perfectly symmetrical cycle she is brightly visible in morning and evening skies at different times. Her disappearance out of the western skies and resurrection in the east led the ancients to see her as a dual goddess of both heaven and earth. Venus is pleasure and beauty, both in body and in spirit. In astrological tradition Venus symbolises what is attractive, pleasurable, beneficial and advantageous. Her heavenly and earthy aspects shine through her connection with the Zodiac Signs Libra and Taurus. In her earthy Taurean domain she embodies the values and resources of the material world representing what you find attractive as well as your ability to be attractive. Venus is the law of attraction placing value on what is worthwhile; therefore energetically attracting what is of substance. Being aligned with resources, treasures, fortunes and ornaments, Venus became associated with money as a commodity of exchange. On an economic level Venus symbolises money, as the unit of trade. Venus is relationship-orientated; hence money implies exchange and trade. Money invites us to forge a relationship with what we find attractive, pleasurable and worthy, not only materially, but psychologically and spiritually as well. Venuss two sides make a whole; in her spirited and aesthetic side, she needs a soulful relationship with the material world. In this way she represents an inner sense of worth and value that yearns to be appreciated, honoured and respected. In psychological jargon this is your self-esteem, your inner worth, innate values and authentic merit. Venus symbolises the process of becoming worthy and deserving to feel abundant, pleasured and prosperous.

Being the goddess of sexuality and love, Venus also focuses on relating. Venus themes in relationship centre on shared values, feeling loved and appreciated, pleasure, affection and sensuality. Therefore, Venuss archetypal pattern often gets entangled in issues of both love and money, as popular song lyrics often illustrate. Are diamonds really a girls best friend? Is it true that money cant buy me love? Can money compensate or substitute for love? Venus rulership over money is multidimensional: on the material level it is cash and currency, stocks and bonds, funds, investments, assets, capital, diamonds and gold. On other levels it is your personal values and inner aesthetics. On a deeper soulful stratum it is in your self-acceptance and self-love where moneys taproot finds its sustenance.

Following is a reflection on the Zodiac Sign of your Venus in your Birth Chart including what you might be attracted to and what you attract to you. What are your money patterns, issues and strengths? Venus too symbolises your authentic attitudes to deeply-held personal values, internal worth, self-esteem and your capacity to love. Ironically it is this capacity to love and give freely that is the key to the lock on your money vault. Lets consider your Venus sign as a metaphor for your personal law of attraction and your innate relationship and attitudes towards money and values.

Venus is in Capricorn

This combination exudes quality. Both the material and spiritual sides of Venus appreciate class, but Capricorn is an earthy sign so lets concentrate on her realistic side. Lets be frank: you probably are successful at what you do in your occupation, as you do it with dedication and responsibility. However, it may not be as soul satisfying as you want. You value what is practical and secure; therefore, you might need other ways outside the work environment to satisfy the soul. Depending on the other aspects in your chart and your personality, your relationship with money needs to be realistic and sensible. From a monetary point of view you are better-suited to conventional and longer term growth investments as you value the passing of time. You appreciate the assurance of long term growth. Deep in your bones you know that nature has its cycle of growth and each species has its time to mature. Knowing the period of maturity is reassuring, whether thats the term of a fixed deposit, the length of a mortgage or the natural harvest cycle for your investment in crops. Consciously investing with time in mind works well for you. Given the choice you are going to buy items of good value, ones that are expensive, rather than ones that are on sale. Sometimes you would rather do without than buy an inferior product. Therefore money is important in helping you acquire what you appreciate and like. Sometimes that means working for money in order to feel secure and to be able to afford what you enjoy. Time is also a valuable commodity for you and one of the things you value is your appointment book and your diary. If not, it is worthwhile investing in your schedule so you are able to make boundaries between company time and your own. Once you start valuing your own time, others will. Reflect on how you might value your own personal time more, as well as how you place a value on your time at work.

You also value autonomy, self sufficiency and being your own boss. This combination may lead you into self employment, which you probably desire. Here it is even more important to recognise the value of time and the boundary between work and personal life. While you would value self employment you need to weigh that up with the immense responsibility of it all. But on your side you value hard work, dedication and commitment and this trinity of values will help you forge a profitable private business. Many successful private enterprises start out modestly in ones own time and slowly build into a viable enterprise. Planning, timing, hard work and facing difficulty are all part of it, but good news is you value and appreciate this as you are aware of what it can provide.

You value tradition, commitment and responsibility and therefore what brings success is your dependability and high standards. Rules, boundaries and regulations are important as they structure and contain what is of value to you. You need to see, feel and know what you are doing is of worth; therefore feeling well trained and highly skilled at what you do is important. You value excellence and when you strive for this and work with integrity and respect for the system, you are promoted. Reflect on how important money and accumulating wealth is to you. OK, you do not want to compromise integrity, health or happiness for it, but it is important. Money is like a tree that grows over time, but for its success it needs pruning back, constant attention, moisture, warmth and fertiliser. Some of these things are under your control, others not. But when you value your responsibilities and work in tandem with nature, things flourish. You attract money through your dedication and commitment in what you do. It may take time, but money grows well on your tree of life.


You have no planets in your 2nd House of your Birth Chart which suggests that while money is important, it might not be a compelling focus in your life, nor as dominant or intriguing as others might find. Like everyone else you have an income and you own possessions, however; these are unlikely to be the centre of your life. Since the planets symbolise the multiplicity of human impulses, your attitude towards money is not complicated by their intensity. In fact you may need to read another type of report or consult a professional astrologer for further information about the crucial areas of your life. While you may relate to the information provided about money other areas of your life experience are likely to be highlighted. Money is pleasant but not the principal focal point so the questions to ask are: What is most important in my life? and How can I focus on these areas? However, you do have a sign and its ruler on your 2nd house cusp and these images will describe your natural orientation to money matters, as follows.

2nd House Cusp is in Gemini

On your 2nd House is the Sign Gemini, which is very adept at transition and change. Gemini brings its multiple personalities to the money-making arena; there are so many different revenue streams, so where should we begin? Lets start with what you like to spend your money on as a measure of what you value and like. Gadgets? Books? DVDs? Puzzles? IT? Software? Maybe one of these, but there are probably many more. Your curiosity and keenness to learn is one of your great resources. And it might be this resource that leads you into considering earning your living as a journalist, a writer, a storyteller, a teacher, a designer, an artist, a spokesperson, a translator. If not, these are avenues of investment where money can be generated. The list goes on and on, but what we might describe as the underpinning pattern is that your fate with money is bound up with your communicative skills. Your ability to be a strong communicator helps to provide your living. Whether it is writing or demonstrating, teaching or coaching, it is about communicating important information which helps others become more conscious of who they are and the world they live in.

Emblematic of Gemini is the image of twinship or duality. On one hand this could suggest your earning power is increased or developed working side-by-side with a partner, sibling, friend or soul mate. Especially when you share a vision on a deep level with another, you work hard to make that real. Another possibility is that you manage two jobs, tasks or projects that provide income. Valuable resources that need to be tapped are your ability to be able to read possibilities, see both sides of the situation and describe what others might be thinking but not yet able to articulate. Value your communicative talents and they will pay off. The result is not always a bigger paycheque but it always is a sense of satisfaction and a job well done.

Your relationship to money may not be as stable as your personality would like. But chopping and changing and trying new things does works well for you in the money sector. Security is not really based on fixity or longevity for you, but valuing the constant changes in your life. When you feel the freedom to be more mobile you will also feel more secure and more monetarily competent.

An innate quality that is necessary to value is your social skills and destiny provides ample opportunity for valuing these interchanges with work mates, clients, employees or business partners. Success lays in connecting and networking all the different personalities under one umbrella. Another quality is your intellect. Language, ideas, and communication skills are talents worth capitalising on. You learn on the job and prosper by sharing your know-how and ideas with others. No surprise you might work as an advertising agent, promoter, publicist, speech writer, or salesperson. Sharing information and earning a living or making money are bound up together.

Earning money, doing budgets, saving and investing might be nerve wracking for you. In fact money might be an issue that produces anxiety when you think about it. However, it does not mean anything or point to a potential loss of income. You just have so much to do that you dont know how you will get it all done. My hunch is you will prosper when you start to value your ideas, have a venue to express your stories and are able to focus your mind on the many tasks ahead. One of these is the budget you keep trying to do; perhaps dont concentrate so much on doing the budget as participating in the many avenues that are open to you.

Since Gemini is on your 2nd House cusp, the opposite Zodiac Sign Sagittarius rules your 8th House. This House polarity in the Horoscope symbolises the difference between mine and ours, or your attitudes and reactions to sharing resources with others. The 2nd House is your bank account, but the 8th is the joint account. With Gemini on the 2nd you may have only had a passing relationship with money, feeling it is changeable and fickle. When involved with others in an intimate or business relationship you forge your own beliefs about the value of money. Resources are not only materialistic. With this combination, value lies in your clarity of communication about your own worth and how you come to know that others believe and have faith in you.

Ruler of the 2nd House is Mercury

...and Mercury is in the 6th House

Mercury is the god of the marketplace, so he brings his bag of tricks to the money sphere of your life. Like the Magician in the Tarot, Mercury has a lot of skills at hand but sometimes he also uses sleight of hand, so there is always a cautionary note about clarity and discrimination in your communications about money and finance. Mercury is the god of communication but his communiques are not always succinct or straightforward. That is up to you. So how best can you participate with Mercury as your ruler of commerce? Mercury is the natural ruler of this sphere so the planet sits comfortably here. The side of his astrological nature that is more overt here is the need for continuity of plans and coherence of action. When Mercury is in the 6th it is imperative not to be all over the place with money. Ruling the 2nd in the 6th also ties two vocational Houses together suggesting how you earn your money from work is important and needs to be honoured. You will be very aware of everyday living expenses and Mercury needs to turn its attention to a regular routine concerning money, whether that is a budget, a financial plan or a portfolio of investment. Working with money is important in your everyday life to insure a sense of well-being. You might also notice how you may become anxious when the budget is not balanced or the bills exceed the pay check. Hence routine regarding money is central to your welfare. Think of it as a supportive ritual and not a burden, and then you will find your relationship to money is calmer. You attitude to money is a key to well-being. So note you may have a tendency to judge that you have less than you really do. Mercury is helpful at affirmations and it might be helpful to have some around money especially I have enough. Money worries might be more pronounced when you feel tired or uninspired or are not enjoying work. Worry will not change anything but having a plan of action will.


While the 8th House is the House of sharing, astrologers call this the House of STD: sex, taxes and death. Another version of the key initials STD and this house is sexually transmitted debt. The 8th House seems to be where love and trust get entangled with money. When the seal of trust is broken the joint finances are too! So it is important to look at this area of the Horoscope to consider how you best deal with money when others are involved. This could mean your family of origin, your intimate partner or business partner, even your bank and financial advisor. The 8th House is opposite the 2nd House and therefore forms the natural polarity between what is mine and what is ours. The 2nd House could be thought of as your personal worth, your cash flow on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The 8th House then could be considered your overall worth, the dam or the reservoir of your full value. Its mystique is in the depth of its values.

The ancient astrologers view of the 8th House was mainly about death and questions concerning loss especially gains from loss, such as inheritances or debts. Death and debts are still linked together in our words such as mortgage and amortise. While the modern usage of amortise is a gradual payment of debt, in earlier usage it was withholding property after death. While mort refers to death, amor refers to love. This is the mysterious 8th House amalgam between death, debt and love. A more contemporary outlook scrutinises the 8th House for the link between intimacy and prosperity as well the capacity for sharing resources. In an emotional sense the 8th House is about comfort with intimacy and this becomes a barometer of your ability to share money with those you love.

As the House of inheritance, it is the territory where you claim your familial legacy either psychologically, emotionally or financially. Unearthing your ancestral inheritance may not be as straightforward as you would wish, but the astrological nature of your 8th House will help you to reflect on your familial past and the attitudes towards money and love that you have inherited. The 8th House has also been traditionally associated with the landscape of the underworld. This of course is metaphoric of the unseen inheritances and legacies from the past; hence we might imaginatively think of the 8th House as where we could communicate with the dead. This sphere is where we encounter some skeletons in the family closet that might help reclaim our legacy. It is wise to remember that in antiquity the underworld was the source of buried treasure. Regent of the underworld was Pluto, the god of riches; hence the 8th House is also an area in the horoscope of hidden wealth.

Hidden in this house might also be family issues and legacies about money, wills and desires. Lurking in the familial past may be motifs such as emotional manipulation through money, debt, disputes regarding inheritances, the loss of family money or a deep-seated attitude towards financial control. What was the attitude towards debt or borrowing money that you inherited? What were the familial attitudes towards sharing resources? The 8th House is the place where the two sides of the family merge into one.

Psychologically the 8th House reveals the capacity for or the lack of familial intimacy and closeness; therefore, planets here will not only describe the family inheritance, but secret alliances and taboos in the family. Interred in the 8th House are the familial gains and losses which are passed down through the generations. These gains and losses might be financial as in monetary bequests and inheritances or a familial story of debt. In many cases the gains and losses are emotionally based. The Zodiac Sign on the cusp of the 8th House is the gateway to this intimate area and as such is important in considering how you access this part of yourself. Ultimately the question is how much do you trust yourself to make the right decision in love and money?

As a barometer of closeness, the 8th House refers to the degree of parental intimacy that was experienced growing up. You observe your parents trust of one another with money and resources. How were they able to share what they had with one another on and what were the primal patterns that you first felt in terms of sharing emotionally and lovingly? Arguments about money are often never really about money but the sense of feeling unloved, unacknowledged or unmet. The template of how you might share your personal resources with others you love is set down early in the atmosphere of the family and affects your feelings of financial trust in adult life. The attachment, emotional security and parental issues of your early life, yet not resolved, will be prone to being re-experienced in an adult way through intimate relationships. You also marry into or relate to your partners psychological, emotional and financial composition. The will and testament of those who have passed exert their influence on the emotional well-being of those in the present and issues concerning legacies, will, inheritance, shared resources and family trusts are all part of this terrain. Wills of the 8th House also refer to the will of those who have past and still exert emotional and financial control.

The 8th House is a house of mystery and mastery in being true to your deepest self while participating in the world. It depicts how the currents that flow within the financial world, the economic cycles and seasons influence the money market and you. In the 8th House you can see your ability to tune into subtle energies, and to act with integrity and utilise them for your own and others better good. From the perspective of money the 8th House will help you reflect on your buried treasures, your capacity to share and enjoy the pleasures of life with others, your legacies and inheritances as well as the patterns that either keep you indebted to others or able to be resourceful in relationship. Much of the 8th House is a mystery, a secret even unto yourself but this report helps you try to understand what this compelling place means for you.

Venus is in the 8th House

This is a strong placement for marriage and partnership, and the benefits that come from both of these. In other words you can benefit emotionally and financially from being wedded and/or entering a business partnership. Love, sex and money go hand in hand. When the planet Venus is placed in the 8th House of your birth chart you demand a high level of commitment from both your personal and business partners. Some people might groan at the thought of entering a business partnership, risking their hard-earned money and having to rely on other people. Not you. Joint projects, in particular business ones, are a source of fulfilment. You're able to stay focussed on the task ahead enjoying the challenge and the thought of the possible rich rewards. Depending on other influences in your birth chart, you're likely to benefit financially through joint projects, particularly business partnerships with your spouse. You're also likely to receive monetary gifts through some form of inheritance. Your business may be based in a goods and services industry, or it could be that you enjoy utilising resources of a different kind, either your own or other peoples. You attract the right sort of business at the right time because of your charm and good sense of building good business relationships. You value the experience of learning the ropes, and appreciate the cycles of life and the economy. While partnership features strongly in your life, you are also likely to enjoy accumulating wealth through other ways such as trust funds, savings, investment, and gifts. Venus is also linked with the commodity Copper. You may also enjoy a little wager every now and then trusting in your own luck and winning. Whether you do win or not will depend on other aspects of your Birth Chart. You will know from experience.

Uranus is in the 8th House

The planet Uranus is in the 8th House of your birth chart suggesting that sharing resources is a problem when it comes to marriage and business partnerships. This erratic planet can work in your favour with sudden windfalls, but you are better advised to keep your finances independent from others, unless you have other favourable influences. With this placement money and shared assets become an unknown factor in marriages and business partnerships. You may experience sudden losses through marriage and business partnerships. Either you or your partner is unreliable once the money is pooled and the money level keeps going down rather than remaining stable or appreciating. Sometimes you can experience a surprise acquisition, but it is more likely that this planet has an unfavourable effect. Even if you do marry a rich person, win or inherit a large amount of money you have difficulty hanging on to shared resources. Perhaps you are a spendthrift or perhaps you are a philanthropist. This depends on other parts of your chart, but this placement suggests that partnerships are unreliable when it comes to shared resources. The best path is keep your finances separate, to be independent and look after your own financial resources. Although you may be upset by the circumstances surrounding partners and money, your lesson is to detach from material loss or gain. Circumstances are likely to be out of control. All you can control are your own feelings. For instance a favourite Aunt or Uncle may bequeath money and gifts to others in your family circle and you miss out. This can be upsetting, but you need to remind yourself that an unknown factor is at play. You need to adapt quickly to such circumstances. This you will quickly see the bigger picture. Life is easier once you accept that you're unlikely to benefit from partnerships and legacies, unless there are other positive aspects in your chart. Look to other planets in this house and the section that outlines the ruler of this 8th House to see if the positive or negative influences are stronger. Sooner or later you are likely to seek answers to your questions, but your questions need to be of a metaphysical nature rather than a material one. The worlds resources, Mother Natures cycles, the cycles of the stock market and their link to other universal cycles, the cycle of life and death etc. All of these can hold a certain fascination. Once you are free from material concerns then you are liberated to seek a more metaphysical path. This is why your material world is so unpredictable. Your soul is urging you to be free of material constraints and seek a meaningful path.

Venus is in the 8th House

...and Venus is Square Jupiter

When the planet of Venus shines her rays in your wealth sector then you are lucky indeed. No matter what planet resides in this sector you are now able to enjoy some luck and good fortune in your life. Gifts, legacies, business affairs, assets, property and other such shared resources are all uplifted by the influence of this beneficial planet. Planets in the 8th House of your Birth Chart indicate a certain intense side to your nature. You are more likely to dig beneath the surface, ponder the meaning of life, and desire to live each day to the fullest. With the planet Venus lending her positive rays you are likely to attract the answers to your questions, benefit by a love of nature, understand the cycles of life and the natures of the people who cross your path. All of these traits help you throughout your lifes journey. When the planets Venus and Jupiter combine then you are fortunate indeed. These two planets are considered, by astrologers, to be the most positive in heavens. Therefore you are likely to be wealthy, easily able to attract the capital that you need in order to advance in life. Given that you can so easily attract the resources that you require, the questions you may like to ask are, What can truly satisfy me? What gives me the greatest pleasure? And What are my greatest riches in life? You may discover that your greatest satisfaction comes from giving to others, rather than receiving.

Venus is in the 8th House

...and Venus is Conjunct Uranus

In your case the planet Venus is combining with the unpredictable Uranus indicating that your fortunes can take a sudden turn for the better or for the worse. Usually with the beneficial influence of Venus this could be a sudden influx of capital, but you need to be wary of taking unnecessary risks. You may benefit from the guiding hand of a more conservative financial adviser before risking your accumulated wealth on any business venture. Get rich quick schemes are unlikely to be beneficial, despite your general good luck. However, unusual enterprises, scientific exploration, metaphysical matters, technological inventions and such like ventures could prove financially rewarding. Your nature is passionate and your enthusiasm boundless, but you need to direct this into rewarding rather than pointless schemes. What really lights your fire? What would you pursue whether it paid dividends or not? The answers to these questions are likely to help give you true purpose and meaning, which ultimately are the richest rewards in life.

Venus is in the 8th House

...and Venus is Conjunct Neptune

The combination of Venus and Neptune in your 8th House of other peoples resources indicates that you are likely to be more interested in ephemeral affairs rather than material connections. You can attract capital but rather you yearn to be at one with the world and those who interact with you. As such money, assets and property may not appeal unless they have a higher purpose, something artistic, charitable or spiritual for instance. You may have strong yen to commune with nature. Therefore if you do invest your personal income then it is likely to be in a property that is by a lake, the seaside or in the countryside. Alternatively you may enjoy subscriptions to the arts, or become a sponsor of other peoples artistic endeavours. This is quite a selfless combination. Womens issues, particularly those in indigenous communities, may stir your deeper feelings. Meaning and purpose are strong motivational factors in your life, to be embraced for you to truly feel wealthy. Your bank accounts and fiscal portfolio may not be full, but your experiences enrich your life.

Uranus is in the 8th House

...and Uranus is Conjunct Neptune

Whenever the planet Neptune is connected with a money sector in a Birth Chart clear vision is needed. In your case you need to be clear about how you want to invest your money. This is a challenging combination because even if you have a clear vision external influences take you by surprise. You can attract wealth, great wealth, through unusual business ventures, metaphysical matters and perhaps through a talent connected with water or the arts. However, can you hold on to the wealth that comes your way? This is not the ideal combination for business ventures as you are vulnerable to misconceptions. Any imminent business deal should be closely scrutinised by an experienced financial adviser. Goodwill generated by someone else may not necessarily be passed on, or perhaps the books are not quite as they seem to be. Your adviser helps provide an eagle eye, something that you are unlikely to possess unless you have other astrological influences. What you do have is creative vision, empathy with other people and their affairs, and a yen for the X-factor in life. You want something a little extra. If other influences are favourable then you are likely to experience a rich life, but you may not be financially rewarded.

8th House Cusp is in Sagittarius

On your 8th House is the Sign Sagittarius, which aligns your power of positive thinking, your faith in the future and your confidence in others with your financial fortunes. Sagittarius brings its ability for vision, expansion and growth into the sphere of shared resources. But on the other hand this could also mean inflated or overextended ideas. While you may bring your optimism, idealism and foresight into shared financial plans, you could also underestimate the lack of integrity or generosity in others that you are dealing with. Therefore while becoming financially involved with others may be potentially bountiful, Sagittarius here suggests that it is wise to be aware of the ethics of others. In other words not to naively assume others share the same world view and ethical approach to life as you. This is a key to your financial future.

It seems there may always be a moral lesson when involving yourself financially with others. But when there is an ethical, philosophical and moral equality in your relationships your ability to be successfully involved with others is great, especially when involved with cross-cultural, inter-national or far-reaching projects. Disseminating information, publishing, travel, education and prompting human values and resources are all aspects of how you might be able to engage with others to increase your financial worth. When working side-by-side with a partner, sibling, friend or soul mate it is important that you share a similar vision, not only on an intellectual or philosophical level, but on an inner and emotional level as well. Disappointment comes when you recognise that while a philosophical outlook may have been shared, the intimate connection was missing. Success comes with the honesty and integrity of your working through shared beliefs, not just in the ideals of them. In fact one of the beliefs that changes through your relationship with others is your attitudes towards money and shared resources. You cant change your generous nature but you can change who you share that with.

When you reflect on your attitude towards money, are you a bit blase or are you anxious? Sagittarius has a deep faith that the process of life is ultimately just and providential; therefore with Sag here no matter where you may be on the wheel of fortune you are able to feel positive about your future finances. But when a depressive and self defeating attitude takes hold then a dread and anxiety may permeate your ability to be hopeful about the financial future. Sagittarius responds well to behaviour modification and so a therapeutic course of action is in the power of positive thinking. Stick affirmations on the fridge, imagine a money magnet, start a new bank account, buy some foreign currency; anything that allows you to feel that you are aligning your deep seated faith and conviction in the purposefulness of life with your financial security.

Part of your attitudinal change to money comes with shaking down some of the family beliefs around financial security. There may have been some rigidity around the morality of money or a laid-back attitude that did not value money, even a take-a-punt mentality that does not support healthy action financially. The financial path in your life, sharing resources and working through the family inheritance strengthens your beliefs and values in life. Ironically, it is in what you lose where you often find the gain. While your risks might not have paid off in the past they have given you the wherewithal to be astute about future investments, partners and financial plans.

The mystery about your finances becomes clear when you find your belief system about money and act on that with integrity and faith.

Ruler of the 8th House is Jupiter

...and Jupiter is in the 5th House

Jupiter is generally considered to be a beneficial planet casting positive rays in the areas that it affects, in this case your 8th House of other peoples resources. Therefore Jupiter is a mitigating factor when it comes to your investments and ability to attract riches. While you have an ability to utilise other peoples resources and manifest the wealth that you desire, you are also beckoned to stand on your own two feet when it comes to finances. You are able to achieve your financial goals, and benefit from your investments as long as you approach your finances sensibly. Deals and offers that look too good to be true probably are. At some stage in your life you may be tempted to spend your savings on an adventure, exploring foreign lands, a new career, or a spiritual quest. Your ability to recover financial from this search for meaning depends on other factors in your birth chart. Nevertheless this placement does suggest that you are lucky when it comes to sharing in joint ventures. Other peoples resources are yours for the asking. When Jupiter is placed in the 5th House and ruling the 8th House then you become a very lucky person indeed. This is because you can make money from your creative endeavours, enough that you can invest in either new projects or your own investments. You are unlikely to be a starving artist, but rather the artist who sells his or her work for a sizeable sum of money. Other people are drawn to your creative efforts and happy to part with their own money to help you achieve your goals. You can really benefit from having the lucky Jupiter in the 5th House of fun. You can enjoy attracting the funds that you need and investing them. You may need to be wary of speculating too much. If your schemes become too grandiose then others are less likely to assist you. Nevertheless you can make your fortune and have fun at the same time.


The Part of Fortune Fortune has come to mean money and wealth; yet in the ancient world it referred to chance or luck. Both are interconnected. In your Horoscope you will have a Part of Fortune an astrological point which suggests some clues about your quality and share of fortune be that chance or capital. One of astrologys first authorities Ptolemy suggested that the Part of Fortune was primary to the circumstances that regulate the fortune of wealth.

The Part of Fortune is constructed from the three highly significant positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant that were discussed in the first section. In this section all three are merging to create an astrological image connected to our personal fortune. This report uses the formula dependent on whether you are born at night or if you were born during the day when the Sun was above the horizon. The Part of Fortune is an amalgam of body, soul and spirit. The Ascendant represents the physical environment and your levels of vitality, it is a primary gauge for well-being both in terms of health and wealth. Your Sun represents vital force, the spirit of health and heart, while your Moon symbolises the emotional and soulful aspects of being secure in the world. Since the alchemy of all three create the Part of Fortune, it came to be seen as an image of well being, connection, security and being well-placed in the world. This was considered to be prosperity; an ability to be supported by the world and access its abundant resources. The Part of Fortune is also known as the Lot of Fortune. In ancient Greece, the concept for fate suggested a lot, a portion or what we were allotted in the lottery of life. The Greek word for fate was moira and the Moirai were the three weavers of fate; those who measured, allocated and cut the threads of ones life. With this lot, the ancient astrologers recognised that the tapestry created by weaving the three threads of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant together would be fortunate. To the Romans, Fortuna was chance and she spun the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel reminds us not only of the wheel of the zodiac, but the natural cycles and rhythms of life. Fortune is not static but cyclical by nature; hence the Part of Fortune becomes a powerful symbol in your chart that points to your lot on the wheel of fortune. In a contemporary way the placement of the Part of Fortune is where you honour and petition the goddess of chance and acknowledge your share of fortune.

As an ancient symbol in a contemporary context its placement in the Horoscope measures prosperity or where you align with the seed potential of your fortune. Its sign position will help you amplify innate qualities that are destined at times to be prosperous, while its house position will locate the setting to focus on to increase your chances in the lottery of life.

The Part of Fortune is in Taurus

With the Part of Fortune in Taurus your best chances for prosperity are with reliable and secure projects and investments. While the Wheel of Fortune may pay out some of the times when you are in a gambling mood, running these risks are too insecure and uncertain. The intertwining of the three Horoscopic threads of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant weave wealth into sustainable, durable and long-standing resources. Fortune is accomplished when the methodical and steadfast strands of your life combine. When you have enough resources to feel comfortable, experience that sense of security and feeling valued with your contributions to family and society, then you are truly fortunate. But with your lot in Taurus it does not happen overnight and so it might be best to know that when you are ready to cash in your stocks or your property, you are rewarded with good returns. Destiny lies in patience and a sense of timing, so it is always best to remember that Taurean time is slower than the hectic tempo of modernity that values speed over quality. You find soul in the products that are created with the natural elements of life and this takes time.

Was Ralph Waldo Emerson (US essayist and poet) referring to you when he wisely said: Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. We are using the word wisely, as what is of nature is of great value and fortune in your life; whether that is the beauty of the landscape, the sound of birds or the smell of freshly cut grass. Having the comfort and beauty is when you feel fortunate; when you are affectionate with those you love, stirred by music that touches your soul or satisfied by a simple meal, you are prosperous. Perhaps it is also wise to know that the comforts of life arent really in ownership but in the sensual experience of what you are in touch with. Therefore, while the Wheel of Fortune is always spinning you find your chances in the moment, in the Taurean pace of being able to slow down, stop and smell the roses. Theres no rush, as fortune is created one tier at a time, season by season. Gathering strength over time becomes a powerful ally and contributes to resourcefulness. Prosperity and Taurus are astrologically aligned; hence finding wealth accumulation is through steadfastness and patience. Venus rules your lot and since its inclination is towards pleasure and beauty, rest assured your fortune provides you with the comforts of life.

The Part of Fortune is in the 12th House

Since the 12th House is often referred to as both hidden and mysterious, it suggests that you are fortunate in ways that are not readily visible to others. The wellspring of your resources is not easily evident or knowable, but it is there, an anchor entrenched in the deepest part of the soul. It is in the quieter moments of reflection or in solitude when you find an inner reserve that sustains and supports you. But it is also in these moments when you receive the inspiration and guidance that leads you on the right track towards success. Your destiny might be that you make your fortune in a non-traditional way, be that through a spiritual, creative or sacred avenue, via an ancestral legacy or through your dedication to what you deeply believe in. Imagine the possibilities because imagination is where you find your luck. Traditionally this might suggest that fortune is hard-earned; therefore it is your deeper beliefs about the soul that bring good fortune. Prosperity is encouraged through your acceptance of your lot in life.

If you were born at night, a New Moon cycle was just starting and your spontaneity, innocence and naturalness are of great benefit for activating your creativity and imagination. If you were born during the day, the Moon was Balsamic, in its final phase of the cycle bestowing insight, intuition and perception for future prospects. Whatever time of the day you were born, the Moon was dark, overflowing with instinctual creative urges that can be used to craft future possibilities and successes. It is in the dark that you find the treasure, whether that is through a dream, an intense feeling or a premonition. Since your fortune is deeply embedded in soul, the world beyond the physical reality, your true worth is unable to be estimated. How do you put a price on deep conviction and enduring beliefs?


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