Solar Return Astrology Report

image What is a solar return? It is your personal new year. It is the position of the planets at the time of your birth that will give energy to your new year (birthday to birthday). The Solar return Astrology Report evaluates and interprets the major themes for the forthcoming birthday year. This annual forecast report is approximately 25-pages with illustrations. Get one for yourself today and see what is in the stars for your coming year.

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image Milena Markovna "Mila" Kunis
(born August 14, 1983)

is an American actress. In 1991, at the age of seven, she moved from the Soviet Union to Los Angeles with her family. After being enrolled in acting classes as an after-school activity, she was soon discovered by an agent. She appeared in several television series and commercials, before acquiring her first significant role prior to her 15th birthday, playing Jackie Burkhart on the television series That '70s Show. In September 1999, she began voicing Meg Griffin on the animated series Family Guy.

Points of interest that did ring true for this year for her found in the text below were the finding a true love mate in her own profession and moving into a new house. There are probably more but truthfully I don't know her personally and I have no interest in celebrety gossip. Mila if you are reading this page this one is for you I think you are a wonderful actress, and thumbs up to you for following your stars xxoo



The Ascendant
The Ascendant indicates your primary focus of the year. It shows your main direction and how you are likely to go about achieving your goals. The Ascendant indicates whether you are more likely to be self-motivated, or whether you are more likely to rely on other people during this year.

The Ascendant is in Sagittarius
Your birthday chart Ascendant is in a masculine Fire sign indicating that this is a year in which you are a go-getter. If you are usually more reliant on other people, this year you are champing at the bit to march to the beat of your own drum. You would like to act as you see fit, free of restrictions imposed by other people's expectations. You are self-motivated, more of a leader than a follower. You are unlikely to wait for other people before you take action, even if this is your usual modus operandi. Patience is in short supply this year. You want action. Your creative fires are burning.

The sunny sign of Sagittarius is urging you to expand your horizons so that you can really let these creative fires burn. Freedom is likely to be your catch cry. You are likely to be restless if you don't explore new fields of interest and/or areas that excite and uplift the spirit. Have you ever heard of the saying itchy feet? Well this year yours are very itchy. If you do not have the time or money to travel to faraway lands, then you may benefit from frequent visits to the local library, or from exploring new subjects on the internet. This is a year of growth and you are less likely than usual to let anyone hold you back. Think of wild horses roaming free and unfettered, enjoying wide open spaces with no fences. Now you can think of your own life in the same way. What is important to your growth? What have you put off that you can longer resist? Which areas of your life need to be unshackled? Answer these questions and you are likely to capture the joyous feeling that is associated with those wild horses.

The Sun
The Sun is very important when interpreting a Solar Return chart given that the chart is based on the Sun. It indicates the major theme of the year depicting the area in which you would really like to shine. Parts of your life that have been seemingly unimportant in previous years can become very important once the Sun shines its light in a particular house of a Solar Return chart.

The Sun is in the 9th House
Hallelujah! It is time to give praise for all that is in your life. If you have been focussed on self-development now is the time to put into practice all that you have learnt. If you have been through some dark times recently but you are now ready for a spiritual awakening. The major theme for the year is growth. As a result you may have the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places, or by starting a new chapter of study. Astrology, religion, philosophy, science, law and sports may all open up new vistas in your life. People in high places may encourage, or even sponsor, you to pursue your talents in foreign lands. Alternatively you may receive recognition in your own country. You may excel in the sporting arena, or enjoy watching as your favourite team takes out top honours. These are joyous times.

If you have been working on a long term project then your efforts are about to reap rewards. Now it is time to seek recognition either through promotion, awards, publication or public speaking opportunities. Your world is expanding and life is exciting. Make the most of the opportunities that come your way this year. You have earned them!

9th House Cusp is in Leo
The Sun also shines its rays on a different area of your annual chart when taking into account rulerships, a system used by astrologers to link planets and signs. In your case your annual Sun is ruling the ninth house of your chart indicating that you are also focussed on cultural matters. During the course of your year you are likely to become involved with an area of culture that is familiar or new. This could be something as simple as seeking contact with a priest so that you can have a child baptised, or it could be something more major such as beginning of a course of higher learning, or travelling overseas. Your life expands in a way that incorporates ideas or people from different cultures, or who have travelled to another country.


The Moon
The Moon is also an important indicator in a Solar Return chart. Generally speaking the Moon shows which areas of your life are likely to undergo change during the year. More specifically the Moon shows your personal needs. Your individual needs and urges are likely to trigger changes in your life during the course of the year.

The Moon is in the 11th House
Friendships are likely to change during the course of this year. Your bonds will close friends and colleagues stir deep feelings. This could be for many reasons. Perhaps your life path has changed and your friendships have changed as a result. Perhaps you have new friends who are challenging you to think in different ways. It is also possible that you have discovered a deeper love for one of your close friends. There may be a period during which you are on your own as you sort through your changing feelings. The challenge is for you to focus on your own goals and let those around you come and go. Hold on lightly. The Swedish group ABBA has a song with lyrics that could provide some comfort and guidance right now, I have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope with anything. If you see the wonder of a fairy tale you can take the future even if you fail . Now is your time to dream, and follow those dreams. This could be a specific project, a new business idea, or perhaps a hobby. Whatever your own personal dreams, this is your year to pursue them. Follow your intuition.

The Moon is in Scorpio
The element of Water indicates that this is a rich emotional year for you. This is the ideal time to reach out to loved ones, share their trials and tribulations and reveal your own true feelings. It is a privilege to share the pains and joys of the lives of loved ones, even if at times you feel a little overwhelmed. This is a time to go with the flow in personal matters. Let your imagination flow. Your sensitivity and warmth are key factors right now. When your Moon is in the sign of Scorpio this is an indication that your feelings are not only more sensitive, but they are also more intense. Something or someone is triggering powerful emotions. It is likely that someone close to your heart is challenging you at a deep emotional level. A woman is likely to be at the bottom of things, either directly or indirectly. It is time to be honest about your true feelings even if this means moving out of your comfort zone. During the course of the year you are likely to face some deep-seated fears with a view to letting go of the past and moving forward with more emotional integrity. It is time to expose the darker feelings that you have harboured, and any bad personal habits that may have taken root in your private life. If they exist then vices such as jealousy, possessiveness, lust, laziness, or greed can be exposed. Right now you need to assess your own feelings and your loved ones in the light of the truth. Do you need to change your ways, or do you need to walk away? There is no point keeping any secrets from your loved ones because they are exposed. Likewise your loved ones secrets are likely to be exposed. You may need a little extra support this year and could seek the wise counsel of trusted professionals, colleagues and associates rather than trying to resolve everything on your own. If something or someone has hurt you, or abandoned you and you are in emotional pain then trust that the healing process is taking place. This is not a light-hearted year, but it can be a profound one. It is a year of significant emotional change, the birth of a new stage in your private life. Other aspects of your personal astrology depict which areas these fears are likely to be rooted, and which areas need to be changed. Once you have appraised your own feelings and made any necessary adjustments in your personal life, then you are likely to be a powerful ally for your loved ones. You can trust your intuition. Your perceptions are accurate. You may take on the role of counsellor and healer.

The Moon is Semisquare Venus
Your passions are aroused this year. You have fallen in love with someone, or something. If you are single then it is likely that you meet someone who inspires strong romantic feelings. This person is likely to touch your heartstrings on a very personal level. The path to true love is not likely to be smooth, and you may have to keep a rein on your feelings for a while. However, astrologers consider the planet Venus to have a positive influence on your life and therefore you are likely to win your heart's desires in the end, although this may depend on other aspects of your astrology chart. If you are married then you may seek to rekindle the romance in your relationship. Pleasurable outings could inspire you, or simply a romantic dinner at home. You could also direct your ardour into an artistic project such as taking a role as the romantic lead in a theatrical production, or joining a choir or dance class. Right now you have a need to be inspired by pleasure and beauty, as well as a need to feel a strong connection to another person, or to a project that is close to your heart. This person or project is likely to ask or prompt you to make changes in your personal life, and perhaps also your finances. For instance if you are planning to get married then you may need to change your spending habits and save your money towards the costs of the wedding. Alternatively you may have to find the funds if you want to redecorate your home.

The Moon is Quincunx Uranus
When someone gives you a wake-up call, do you like it? Are you grateful that someone is caring and brave enough to tell you the truth and shake you out of your complacency? Do you welcome friends and family who are independent thinkers and let you know what they think? Do you like sudden surprising events? Let's hope so because this is a year in which you are likely to receive a wake-up call in your personal life, one that catapults you out of your comfort zone. A person or an event sparks a change in your domestic life. Your emotions are aroused. You may fall in love with an exciting lover, or you may be drawn to a new habitat. You are impulsive, likely to react to loved ones, move to a new location, or take personal risks. If you are the sort of person who welcomes change then this could be an intoxicating year, one that propels you forward in your personal growth. You may feel exhilarated, ready for the stimulation. However, if you prefer stability in your private life then you could find this year a bit tense. You may be fearful, worrying what is around the corner, or concerned about how you are going to cope. If you think of a roller coaster ride at a fun fare and try to go with the flow then you are more likely to enjoy the ride. If you resist then you could become fretful and fearful. Once again, if you take a deep breath and try to enjoy the ride then you are more likely to make the most of this awakening. For those of you who are spiritually minded you could think of this as a year of a kundalini awakening. The experiences that you have in your personal life this year are likely to teach you valuable lessons. This is not the type of experience that comes from reading books, or sitting in front of the television. As Frank Herbert says, without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. So trust your instincts, make the most of the opportunities that come your way, and you may be amazed with the results.

The planet Venus sheds light on the personal areas of love and finance in the forthcoming year. This planet of love tells you whether or not personal relationships are likely to be prominent during the year. If you are single then are you likely to attract a significant relationship? If you are married is this a year of romance and fun, or perhaps one in which you tackle a few changes.

Venus is in the 10th House
The planet of love is closely linked to your livelihood this year. This means that someone close to your heart is also directly connected to your profession. Whether you are single or married, you are likely to form a close bond with someone special who changes the course of your life. If you are single then you may fall in love with someone in your working environment, someone who works closely with you or is associated with your career. You may be negotiating the tricky waters of a work love affair and, depending other aspects of your astrology, enjoying the frisson of romance. It is not a foregone conclusion that your love is in the workplace. Perhaps your special someone is a step away from your everyday working life, a client, supplier, or an associate from another office. It is also possible that you meet someone special elsewhere, but they are connected to your livelihood and therefore likely to play a role in your future. This romance is likely to be life changing. If romance is in the air, then the marriage section of your chart is highlighted and your affection may lead to a more permanent commitment. If you are already married then you may form a partnership with your spouse that changes the course of your life. Favourable career partnerships are highlighted. If you are not inclined towards romance, then you are more likely to find pleasure in your work. You may enjoy planning your career, spending time with colleagues and incorporating more pleasurable responsibilities into your professional life. You can enjoy success and earn extra bonuses. You may also attract the attention of a prominent woman, one who helps forward your career ambitions. Basically this is a year in which you can boost your prospects for a happy marriage and professional life. Venus is in Virgo The planet of love is in an Earth sign this year indicating that you are more security conscious when it comes to love and money matters. Generally speaking you are not willing to take risks when it comes to your finances and love life. Even if you are usually more adventurous, this year you are looking for stability. You are less willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you are single and looking for a lover, then you are likely to be attracted to a solid and dependable type of person, someone to whom you can ultimately commit. If you are attached, then you want seek reliability and predictability. For this reason this year may be one during which you make a commitment, either of your own volition or as a result of your partner's request. Sensuality may also play a key role in your love life this year. Look at other aspects of your annual chart for more details on your love life and money matters.


Mars The planet Mars tells you about your assertion and drive for the year. It depicts what motivates you in the current year, and what desires drive you most powerfully. Are you ambitious for professional power, or do you desire a meaningful relationship? Are you likely to be highly motivated, or perhaps ready to sit back and cruise for a while? These are the types of questions answered by the qualities of the planet Mars in your birthday chart.

Mars is in the 8th House
It is time to dig deep and find the courage to make the changes that you know have been needed for a long time. If life had seasons like the earth, then you are in a winter season. You are clearing, pruning, hibernating, living off the stores of past seasons and spending many hours regenerating underneath. It may seem like your life is dormant, but it is not. You are looking for the resources, the courage and fortitude to face some of your own life challenges. You are brave and resourceful, able to acknowledge that you have made your own choices, and that life is not always easy. You may be grieving the loss of someone near and dear, or perhaps just the loss of dreams of how things could have been. Prayer, meditation, consulting spiritual teachers and readers, and support groups may all be of great comfort right now. Remember that you do not have to face hardships on your own. You may also find comfort in the Serenity Prayer, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.Your passion is strong right now, and you recognize the right of all people to be treated well, to share resources wisely and to live with integrity. You have the guts to alter your life, where necessary, to reflect these values. In other words your gut instinct is strong, and you are willing to use it to improve the quality of your own life, and those closest to your heart. Make sure that you stay focussed on all that is positive, all that you have built, and have hope that the losses that may be incurred right now are only temporary. Hope can be a strong motivating force in your life this year. Whether you realize it or not you are building a better world for yourself and your loved ones.

Mars is Sesquisquare Neptune
You are travelling along the road and you see a sign that says road works. You know the road rules and you slow down, knowing that others' safety and your own well being depend on it. So why is it so difficult to do the same thing when your life requires the same action. The challenge for you this year is to take notice of the signs of whether or not you are on the right path, to slow down when necessary and to take a different road if required. Others may question your motivation, but you need to take note of your own heart and mind. It is time to follow your intuition and to ensure that your actions have meaning. Otherwise you could lose your sense of purpose, feel redundant and have decisions made for you. It is much preferable for you to calmly take the initiative. This is an excellent year to pursue humanitarian or artistic project. You may not benefit financially, but you are likely to find the work rewarding, particularly if you work behind the scenes rather than seeking the limelight. This is your year for service to others, rather than self-seeking behaviour. You need to strive for emotional satisfaction and creative merit, rather than material gains. It is possible that you are at the mercy of the whims of someone else this year. If this is the case then your life may change direction as a result of his or her creative endeavours. Of course, you do not have to be the sacrificial lamb at the altar of their desires. You can pursue your own dreams, but you may have to be prepared to assert yourself gently and firmly. Your compassion for others is likely to be aroused now, and therefore you are a soft target for con artists, pedlars and fundraisers. You need to refrain from making financial contributions or decisions that deplete your resources. Donations of time and money certainly have merit but your powers of discrimination are not strong, so wait until after your next birthday before investing large amounts of money. Likewise you can volunteer your time, but make sure that you are not depleting your own energy levels.

Mars is Sextile The Midheaven
You are keen to take action to achieve your life-long goals. If you have been settling for second best in your career, now you are likely to challenge authority. If you are self-employed then you may employ an adviser, or take a different direction. If you are an employee then you are likely to lay down your demands before your boss and expect them to be met. If your boss does not come to the party, then you are likely to seek other employment, or perhaps even defy authority and resign on the spot. There is a famous line in the movie The Network. Actor Peter Finch says, I m as mad as hell, and I m not going to take this anymore! This is likely to be your motto, if any one blocks your path. You may feel a bit driven this year, a kind of now or never feeling. As such you may also marry, either a long term lover or actively seek someone suitable for marriage. If marriage or parenthood has been a life-long goal then you are keen to fulfil this ambition. It is true that the time is right for you to instigate changes that have long term benefits, but you also need to be wary of making rash decisions that have long-reaching consequences. You are on a quest for your own fulfilment, but remember that others can be co-opted to help you achieve your ambitions, rather than alienated along the way.

The planet Uranus is one of disclosure. It reveals the areas that you need to change during the course of your birthday year. If you are the type of person who anticipates and embraces new experiences then you are likely to delight in the challenges, and instigate a few of your own in the area highlighted by this unpredictable planet. If you tend to prevaricate, preferring the comfort on known situations, then you are likely to be in for a few surprises. This erratic planet does not recognise safety and security. Its task is to help you to grow beyond your limitations. You can either accept or resist the challenge and see what happens as a result.

Uranus is in the 4th House
Quite simply and literally you may move house this year. You move out of one house and into another. This could be near your current home, or far away. This is the most likely scenario, but you could also stay in your current house, and make changes by redecorating, or renovating. If you are moving there may be delays, events that require on-the-spot decisions, and electrical failures. Nevertheless you feel refreshed, ready to start a new life. If you are renovating then it is unlikely to be a straightforward renovation. An architect's plans, building certificates, tradesmen, and designers are likely to be involved in the process. The planet of disclosure Uranus is challenging you to find your home, where you belong. This is not about other people, but about the need for your home to represent your individual self. You might be quite selfish about demanding a house that suits you, not other people. Of course, this can be more easily accommodated if you live on your own and don't have other people's needs to consider. However, if you are hesitant to impose your wishes on those who share your space, then you could find this year challenging. This is your year to make the changes that you want, to discover a sense of belonging in your home and immediate environment. It doesn't matter how eccentric your domestic wishes appear, this year you can explore the idea of and then look for your dream home. You can be as imaginative as you would like when it comes to your domestic arrangements. If you have always wanted to sell your home and live in a cabin, on a boat, or a travelling home, then this is your year to implement your plans. You can design your dream home and fulfil your dream this year, not without some disruptions and perhaps a few tears of frustration along the way, but it is likely to be worthwhile once the project is finished, particularly if you express your authentic in the choice of your new home. If you resist the changes that are occurring deep within you, and therefore in your need for a house that reflects your changes, then you are likely to feel restless. You may also be in for a few surprises, ones that uproot you anyway. For instance if you are renting your home then your landlord may suddenly decide to the put the property on the market, or if you own your own home but have decided to settle this year you may discover that the electricity in the property needs re-wiring. Hence thinking about moving home or renovations, but as a result of someone else's agenda. A family member may suddenly announce that they are leaving, or visiting causing disruption and frantic discussions about space and where everyone is going to sleep. Think about how much fun you would have planning your own unique abode at your own behest, not other people's and kick-start your imagination.

Peace can be deceptive. True peace comes when life is balanced, when you are living true to yourself and are sincerely happy with your life choices. You respect other people and assert your own needs and wishes, and live your life with integrity. Sometimes it appears that your life is peaceful, but you are really just sweeping things under the proverbial carpet, keeping the peace by swallowing your own needs or biding your time until events or people force you to make the necessary changes. You can be assured that the powerful planet Pluto will shine a bright light in one or more areas of your birthday chart and you will see your own process very clearly. If you are living your life true to yourself then you are likely to reap benefits from this planet of transformation. However, if you have been dodging the truth then events or people are likely to change.

Pluto is in the 2nd House
Money is a challenge this year. On a positive note you could attract a windfall and face the challenge of how to manage your newfound wealth. However, it is more likely that you are required to learn how to manage your existing finances differently. The planet Pluto has an uncanny ability to strip self-deceit and force us to face the truth. You are being challenged to see the truth about the ways in which you handle your finances. Are you good with money? Do you know how to make the most of your income? Are you on a regular salary or self-employed? If so how can you better manage your finances? Are you hopeless with financial planning, constantly spending as much if not more than you earn? Are you in debt? Whatever your monetary management skills, you are being challenged to re-evaluate. If you are in arrears then this is the year to reduce your debt. You would also be well advised to ensure that your taxes and any other financial matters are all up to date. You may need to seek the help of an accountant or financial advisor. If you seek the advice of a financial advisor then you need to make sure that you trust this person implicitly. You have the potential to invest in areas that are lucrative, but this is not the year to be risking large amounts of money in unworthy or dodgy schemes. It is time to ensure that you are solid in your own personal value system, that your morals are intact, that your self-worth is strong and as a result that you enjoy greater abundance. Matters of power are also likely to be prominent right now. What does this mean? One dictionary describes power as, the ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority - a person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others - forcefulness; effectiveness. It is time for you to gain a greater understanding of these matters in relation to your personal value systems and the way in which you handle money.


The planet Mercury helps you plan your year ahead. The Messenger of the Gods in a Solar Return chart indicates whether or not you are encouraged to forge ahead with your plans, or perhaps better advised to wait another year before moving ahead. This is particularly true for any area of your life connected with communications, study, business and transport.

Mercury is in the 8th House
Banks, property, trust funds, or the stock market? This year you get serious about how to invest your money. You may also be conducting serious discussions about the sharing of resources with your partner - your house or mine type negotiations. You are eager to make plans, prioritise and make decisions so that you know what you are dealing with and can make the most of your resources. You may also sign contracts that close a business deal, or end a business contract. You may seek legal advice on personal or business resources. Another practical consideration this year may be what to do in connection with an inheritance. You may need to help a close friend or relative with changes in their resources. This may affect you directly or indirectly. You could also choose to draw up or change your own personal Will and Testament. You may have received an inheritance from someone, and now you have to decide how to best invest. You are learning about how to make the most of your resources. You are also developing a growing awareness of the sharing of resources on a global level. As a result you may study economics, politics, sociology, environmental or global law. If you are already an expert in one or more of these fields, then you are likely to teach or become an advocate. On a metaphysical level, you are increasingly conscious of people's subconscious motivations, and of how people around you cope with intimacy and personal interactions. You are also sensitive to the changes of weather, and psychic phenomenon. You are keenly aware of the forces that work beneath the surface. Your intellect is sharp, and you are able to put your personal feelings aside while you assess the underlying truth in mundane and psychic matters. This makes you a force to be reckoned with in any field that you choose to pursue.

Mercury is in Leo
The planet of communications is in a fire sign in your annual chart indicating that you are open to new ideas and activities. You are quick to voice your opinions this year, and as long as you judge the mood of your listeners or audience then you are likely to inspire a positive response. For this reason you may start a new intellectual activity, such as public speaking, writing, marketing and public relations, or performing. You enjoy expressing yourself freely, and conversing with others. You need to be careful not to be too outspoken. Your popularity will quickly wane if you are seen as a know-all. You also need to learn not to take on too many projects or you could become overloaded and tense. You have the best of intentions but you are not an intellectual super hero, and are only doomed to disappoint yourself and associates if you attempt superhuman intellectual feats. A little creative thinking goes a long way. So try to prioritise according to what matters most. You can switch off your active mind by watching television, reading a novel, magazine, or non-fiction book as well as becoming a fan of the arts. You may also enjoy learning a new skill, or developing your talents.

Mercury is Quincunx Pluto
This year you are likely to be presented with a person who totally occupies your thoughts or a particular venture is requiring your full focus. You may be a little obsessive and you need to be aware that something this year is likely to be triggering subconscious memories of similar events, or people from the past. As a result this is a time of tense communications, during which you gain a deep understanding of the human mind in general or a certain subject in particular. For these reasons it is an ideal time for any project, which demands mental concentration and deep thought. You are able to hone in on aspects of life, and emotions that are hidden. Other people may not share your insights. The onus is on your to change your attitudes and really focus on positive matters in your life. Now is an ideal time to start a demanding study course either as a student or teacher. Right now you are resourceful, easily able to concentrate and to obtain information and data. It may take some research, but you are able to persist and obtain the correct information. You may also benefit from a demanding business deal, one that demands your full attention. You need to be wary of any contracts or settlements needing to be completed. It is important that you gain the best possible advice from experts before signing anything. Your analytical abilities are also heightened, but you may not easily see the bigger picture. You have the ability to focus all of your attention on small details. This can be a real gift or you can become caught up in some negative thoughts. You need to keep your focus as positive as possible and recognize that light is at the end of the tunnel. By the end of this period your intense focus starts to shift and you realize that you have gained many insights into human nature, or a particular subject. However, the road to the getting of this wisdom may be bumpy. Therefore this can be a good time for self-analysis or psychological studies. Basically during this period a part of you is required to grow up, to face aspects of your life that have been childish rather than child-like. During this year you are being called on to dig deep into your psyche and face your illusions. This could be illusion about something or someone, or it could self-delusion. If so you need to honestly face your limitations. Perhaps you are fearful and your fears have stopped you moving forward, making clear decisions and taking on new challenges. It is time to face your fears. An aspect of your personality needs to be mastered. It is time to grow up just a little more.

The planet Jupiter tells you about the opportunities and benefits that arise during the course of the year. Good news, new prospects and a sense of well being are associated with this beneficial planet.

Jupiter is in the 8th House
Are you ready for an adventure of a psychological nature? Are you willing to throw off a few of your personal inhibitions, perhaps even tackle some of your sexual shyness or wariness of commitment? This is your year to take overcome any personal reserves, take a few risks and let others see the real you. You may have to tread a path seldom trod before but you are ready for an adventure or two, metaphorically speaking. This is not necessarily a journey to an overseas land, or a major change of scenery, but rather the adventure of facing down a few fears and expressing yourself in new ways. For instance if you have always been fearful of loneliness and therefore ensured that you are surrounded by friends and relatives, then this is your year to strike out on an adventure on your own and really test your limits. You may have a few fearful moments, but you are likely to expand in self-confidence and feel prepared to tackle anything. You are seeking to break the boundaries of psychological obstacles, so that you can learn new methods of interacting with those closest to you, as well as gaining a sense of your spiritual strengths. You may also be keen to explore the machinations of the business world, study metaphysics, go on a spiritual retreat or take a sky diving course. You can also pay off debts, make sound investments, and receive gifts from other people. You can do whatever it takes to overcome your fears, discover new reserves of strength and a forge a stronger link to forces beyond your usual experiences. In some ways you are on a treasure hunt. You have a map, the resources for your hunt, and a lot of faith and hope in the end result. You may be thrust out of your usual comfort zone, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. You can be assured this year that you are likely to discover quite a few gems along the way and be surprised beyond your wildest expectations. If all else fails, you know that you gave it a go.

Timing is an important aspect of life. People often comment on being in the right place at the right time. The planet Saturn can support us when it comes to timing. Is the time right to take up a new venture, or would we be better advised to shoulder our current responsibilities for a little longer? These are the types of questions that the nature of the planet Saturn can reveal when reading a Solar Return chart.

Saturn is in the 11th House
This year your social circle is shifting. This could be due to added responsibilities at work, a change of job, maternity/paternity leave, marriage/divorce, or a change in position on a local group committee. However, it is also likely to be as a result of changes in your own heart and mind. Whatever the impetus, this year you are likely to discover your true friends, the ones who last through the other changes in your life. At first you may be too busy dealing with your different schedule, the ramifications of recent events or your new responsibilities. However, eventually you are likely to find time to reflect on the difference in your friendships, social calendar and local network. As a result you are likely to reassess your own standing in the community, the ebb and flow of your social life and the true value of friendship. Your conclusion is likely to involve a change of heart about yourself, your own goals and commitment to other people. You may also be the keeper of your friend's secrets this year. You would be well advised to remain steadfast, true to your own self and to your friend. Your lesson is to interact with friends, social circles, community groups and work colleagues with integrity. A little reticence may also be advantageous this year. You may usually be outspoken with friends, or in groups, but you likely to fare better with silence, improving your listening rather than your verbal skills.


The planet Neptune represents all that is ethereal in our world, and challenges us to develop qualities such as faith, hope and love even in the face of adversity. Under the influence of Neptune we can soar to great inspirational heights, however; if we are not careful then we can also sink into despair and disillusionment. The test is to look beyond the superficial and find meaning in our lives. The planet Neptune in our annual chart can indicate where to look.

Neptune is in the 3rd House
In some ways you might prefer to be silent this year, rather than have to communicate. This is because you are more contemplative than usual. Your mind is pre-occupied. You may or may not be aware of the cause of your need to wool gather this year, the important thing is that you accept this need and create avenues for escape or creative pre-occupation. You are very impressionable right now and so it is also vital that you turn your mind to positive activities. For instance you could read or write an artistic, inspirational, spiritual or intriguing book, but these stories need to be uplifting not menacing. You could also join a local prayer group, or enjoy inspirational films or television shows. Your dreams may be more prolific and you could start writing a dream journal, recording your memories, dreams and reflections. Your thoughts may be a little cloudy this year as you seek information on various topics. You need to be wary of becoming distracted. At the same time you need to remain open to new possibilities. This is not a year during which you should be making big decisions, unless the process was already set in motion before your last birthday. The reason that you should avoid making life-changing decisions, or promises, is because right now all is not clear. This could be because you are undergoing a process of change and you are not yet in possession of all of the facts, or it could be because someone is making promises that they have no intention of keeping. You are susceptible to con artists at this point in time because you are not sure of your own mind, or direction. If you feel confused, then follow your intuition or trust the voice of experience. It is important that you give yourself time to adapt to any changed circumstances, to dream of possibilities, but to perhaps remain silent until you are able to undertake a realistic assessment of all of your options. The challenge is to allow yourself to indulge your imagination, so that a new way of viewing your life can emerge. While you are creating the time to rest your weary mind, you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings in your life. This is a time of assimilation rather than accumulation. You may benefit by resurrecting the age-old practice of saying a prayer of grace, reading self-help books, or breathing in silence. Affirmations and creative visualisation exercises may also be beneficial. This is your year to create a sacred space in your daily life so that you can have a deep conversation with yourself, and your God.

The North Node
The Nodes highlight the areas of your year that are destined to occur no matter what you do. When you look back on your life you can see moments when the coincidences just seemed too uncanny - a chance meeting, a phone call out of the blue or an instant of being in the right place at the right time. The Nodes can give hints of which areas of your life are attracting the Fates attention right now.

The North Node is in the 11th House
This years journey is not one that you are likely to take on your own. It is time for you to find common ground with your friends and family. Group activities may appeal. In fact the opportunity to join a new group, cause or set of friends may cross your path. Your destiny is linked with this new group of people. If you are accustomed to spending a lot of time on your own, this year sees a change of heart. The humanitarian side of your nature is to the fore. If you are already a social being then you are fated to take a more prominent role in society. You attend a meeting and feel compelled to volunteer for an office bearer role, or a public relations job. It is possible that other events in your life trigger a change of friendships. A new relationship may propel you into a different social circle. Whatever your personal circumstances this is the year that you are destined to discover new hopes, dreams and wishes through contact with other people.

The North Node is Conjunct The Moon
Destiny is playing its role in your home and family this year. Changes are taking place that are likely to be out of your control. You simply need to come to terms with the differences, and your emerging role in your family. It is time to move forward into a new personal chapter of your life, whether this means moving house, saying goodbye to some family members or starting a new family, or all of the above. You learn much about your own emotional strengths, and come to terms with the past so that you can move beyond old hurts. A significant woman, or a family member, may be a catalyst, helping you understand the subtle energies at play in your private life. You may also meet a significant woman, or reconnect with a female from your past. This person is part of your destiny.

The North Node is Square Mercury
Destiny plays its role in news received this year. It could be good news, or challenging information. Either way you are faced with some tough decisions, which affect the course of your life. In some ways you can be comforted that there is no wrong decision. Your choices are linked with fate and may be ultimately taken out of your hands anyway. Someone else may have already set in motion decisions that affect the course of your life, and you can only choose to go along with them or suffer the consequences. In other words you may feel like you have little choice in the matter, and this way well be the case. You are destined to receive the news and then it is not so much what you decide as a result, but how you reach your decision. Your communications now need to be calm, clear and considered. Later you may see the sense of this time more clearly than you can right now.

The North Node is Semisquare Venus
You have a date with destiny when it comes to love. The path to true love is not smooth or so the saying goes. This is true for you right now. You need to let go of an old love, or a significant female influence, in order to pave the way for a new one to truly blossom. This does not necessarily mean that your current love is going to end, but rather than you need to really open your heart for love. If you have been holding on to someone else in your heart, someone from the past then you are destined to lay this love to rest, and move on. If your current love is not your heart's desire then you may need to say goodbye. The point is that the time for excuses is over. In this way you have a date with destiny. You need to be ready to meet someone new, or to truly open your heart to your current love. Once you are ready then the obstacles magically disappear and you may meet a special someone, or you may marry your current love. If you are already married, then perhaps you renew your vows or seal your profound love with a special ceremony, holiday or celebration.

The North Node is Trine Jupiter
Your date with destiny this year is linked to broadening your mind through cultural pursuits and environments. You may enter the halls of academia, or work in an area that brings you into contact with people from other walks of life. You may start socialising with people from other cultures, or perhaps travel to foreign lands. You learn much from your new experiences, whether these are in the halls of learning, or through life experience. This is a positive year in which opportunities arise for you to embrace a new outlook on life, knowing that the fates are smiling on you.

The North Node is Quincunx Uranus
There is an unusual twist of fate this year. This may be in the form of an unexpected event, or a stranger turning up on your doorstep, or the chance to start an unorthodox hobby. Your surprise may be connected with computers, the internet, or another form of technology. So if you are eager to try new things and step out of your comfort zone, then this is your year to experiment. It is written in the stars that you can expect the unexpected.

The North Node is Sextile Pluto
Your life changes in profound ways as it is time to cast off old ways of life and embrace new ones. New friendships, associations, groups, business associates, projects and perhaps even a new marriage partner (if you are not already married) are likely to arrive during this year. As a result you may feel compelled to reassess certain aspects of your life with the view to incorporating the new and saying good-bye to the old. In some cases you may literally be throwing out old possessions, renovating your house or moving your business. Fate plays a strong role in your life at the moment. This can be a very rewarding period, as long as you are able to go with the flow. You feel invigorated by the change of pace in your life, delighted to be more purposeful and energetic.


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