Chakra Healing Astrology Report

image The Chakra Healing Astrology Report is about how you can heal your mind and body by being aware of the latent energies in your aura and making the best, most spiritual use of them. Your aura is a field of energy that permeates and surrounds your physical body. It has seven special energy centers within it called chakras. Chakras are vortexes of energy, and they are the places in your aura where divine consciousness can come in and manifest in your physical body, especially if you are receptive to it and use your willpower to allow it to enter.

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Included in The Chakra Healing Astrology Report:
    Your aura also has three channels where the divine energy flows within your aura, and in yoga, these are called the ida, pingala and sushumna. The ida carries the life energy in the left side of your body. The pingala carries it in the right side of your body. The sushumna, which is the most important, carries it in the middle of your spiritual column.

    The chakras are the places where the ida, pingala, and sushumna meet together. There is so much energy in these places that the energy whorls around as divine creative potential waiting as an ever-present resource to be manifested into physical form, so that we can bring healing life-force into our daily lives.
Live by the Sun, Feel by the Moon, Move with the Stars by the Light of the Libra Moon

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    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     16 Leo 42               Pluto    11 Vir 01
Moon    17 Ari 05               True Node20 Can 10
Mercury 10 Vir 15               Asc.      8 Pis 25
Venus   11 Leo 12               MC       18 Sag 23
Mars     8 Lib 30               2nd cusp 24 Ari 47
Jupiter 19 Ari 29               3rd cusp 25 Tau 30
Saturn  20 Aqu 00               5th cusp  9 Can 21
Uranus   4 Vir 27               6th cusp  3 Leo 17
Neptune 12 Sco 57

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed
GMT: 00:55:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 44 08 74 W 10 22

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min
Quincunx   :  4 Deg 00 Min

     To draw upon this infinite source of energy, we can use meditation, prayer, or affirmations. In this way, we transcend our everyday consciousness and become receptive to the healing power within us. There are specific affirmations that can be used to direct the healing force to particular areas of the body. These are contained in Louise Hays book "Heal Your Body". Often these affirmations are sufficient to address a particular condition, but sometimes a more specific focus is needed to get the energy to come through. That is because we may have subconscious blocks to allowing the affirmation to work, and these have to be identified and dissolved. The blocks may be present because we have grown up in a culture that asserts mind-body duality, rather than mind-body unity. There may also be blocks because of individual karma from the past or individual lack of recognition of future possibilities. This is where astrology comes in - to identify any blocks you may have and to give you guidance as to how to dissolve them, so that you can become one with the Source and fulfill your divine purpose.
     Louise Hays book also links the physical conditions and affirmations with particular vertebrae in the spine. This is helpful because the sushumna is located in the middle of your spinal column, and using the most specific affirmation possible should bring the healing light to the part that needs healing. However, if there is a blockage at the unconscious level, it will manifest on the physical level in the form of a blockage in the energy of the physical spine. The tension from this will be observable, as one or more bones in the spine will be out of alignment and there will be various symptoms in the surrounding muscles, organs, or other parts of the body. This report then, is designed to give you insight into the nature of any such blockages that you may be likely to have as an individual. The report also suggests ways of dissolving them and getting your own healing energy flowing. It will still depend on your own willpower whether you choose to use these new insights and how, in order to better your own health.
     This report neither diagnoses nor prescribes, but works on the subtler level of the astral aura, as described by astrology, to understand and potentially re-direct the energies before they manifest on the physical level, so that you may be in tune with the higher, spiritual purpose for which the energies are intended rather than have them manifest as any lack of vitality or health.
Chapter 1:  The Ascendant

Pisces Rising:

     Your outward expression of your Heart Chakra is likely to be compassionate, sensitive, and imaginative. Your partner is likely to provide a balance for that by being practical, detailed, and hardworking.

Chapter 2: The Sun

Sun in Leo:

     Because the Sun is the ruler of Leo and because Leo rules your heart and vertebrae, it is doubly important that you maintain the health of these parts of your body, so that the great, dynamic creative energy of the Sun can flow through, revitalize you, and give you the inspiration to lead others. You were meant to spread joy, and you are very good at it, so keep allowing yourself to be joyful and happily active.

     Your heart is located in the area of your second thoracic vertebra and your Heart Chakra, so you have very warm, fiery energy in great abundance in this area of your body. Use it to love yourself and to express the warm heart for which you are well known and admired. Value what you have to offer because you have the direct connection to the Life Source. If you spread this wonderful energy, others will reflect their happiness and gratitude back to you, and you will be supremely happy and healthy. The key is to approach life with an open and generous heart, to forgive and let yourself feel, and the joy will flow.

Sun in 6th house:

     The Sun rules your Solar Plexus, and its house shows how you bring the energy of this chakra out of this world. Your Solar Plexus gives you self-confidence, and you approach everyday life with the belief of "I can." You apply this in the area of your health, and your positive energy combines with diligent care to inspire others to be healthy too. You are also an excellent employer or employee because of your enthusiasm and hard work.

Sun Trine Moon:

     You are blessed with a vision of tremendous harmony between your ego and your emotions, your male and female sides. Your parents would have got along well. Rather than take this for granted, go forth and teach others how to resolve their differences. You will be richly rewarded for doing this because it will keep your abundance of positive energy flowing for its intended purpose, so as to ensure your own health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

Sun Conjunct Venus:

     The Sun rules your Solar Plexus and Venus your Heart Chakra. Make sure that you assert yourself in your relationships, so that you are not just doing what the other person wants. Make sure that you assert yourself with love, rather than just through your ego. Then your energy will flow beautifully, freely, and artistically.

Sun Trine Jupiter:

     You were born with a very fortunate combination here, giving you the ability to harmonize very powerful energies constructively. The Sun rules your Solar Plexus and Jupiter your Third Eye. You are able to elevate the creative, dynamic energy of your Solar Plexus to the higher, more spiritual level of your Third Eye. The result is a happy, generous, inspired nature with much to give and share.

Sun Opposition Saturn:

     You may have been raised in circumstances where every time you tried to express yourself, someone tried to limit you with too much criticism and discipline. The Sun rules your Solar Plexus and Saturn your Root Chakra, and you need to find a balance between creative outlets and serious responsibilities.

Sun Square Neptune:

     It is a challenge for you to integrate your self-assertion with your higher ability for selflessness and compassion, but you have the willpower to succeed. Success is a matter of mastering the potential of your Solar Plexus, so that you are above being attached to your ego. Then your energy is liberated to go to your Throat Chakra, where your Neptunian receptivity can be expressed.

Chapter 3: The Moon

Moon in Aries:

     The Moon has to do with the water element and Aries with fire, so you need to find a dynamic, creative outlet for your emotions, so as not to have emotional flare- ups. The Moon rules your second Chakra and Aries your Solar Plexus Chakra, so you have the ability to uplift others emotionally and keep them from wallowing in their problems by introducing positive thoughts of self-esteem and transcendence. You would teach your children not to bury their emotions inside, but instead to be extroverted and to enjoy the benefits of sports and other physical activities.

Moon in 1st house:

     The Moon rules your Second or Spleen Chakra, and its house shows how you bring your emotions out into the everyday world. You can always tune in to it and say, "I feel," because your emotions are a vital part of your being. You are likely to be assertive with your emotions and to have good, positive self-esteem, and you can inspire others to move beyond their problems to a more constructive outlook.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter:

     As your Moon rules your Spleen Chakra, you are able to feel your emotions and provide nurturing for others. Jupiter rules your Third Eye and enables you to be aware of your perceptions and to interpret them in useful, positive ways. The combination makes you very sympathetic and generous and able to create good karma through your unselfish deeds.

Moon Sextile Saturn:

     You were born into a family that taught you well how to be organized, objective and rational. You have a harmonious flow of energy between your Root and Spleen Chakras, enabling you to raise your groundedness up to the level of your emotions, so that you are free of getting carried away by your feelings.

Chapter 4: Mercury

Mercury in Virgo:

     Mercury rules your Throat Chakra, which brings the Light into your communication, and Virgo would give you the ability to choose your words carefully and make sure that what you are saying is detailed and accurate. You would do well at studying other languages. You would have an interest in health and could benefit by studying more about it and teaching others.

Mercury in 7th house:

     Mercury co-rules your Throat Chakra, along with the Neptune. Its house shows you the areas of life where you are likely to gain information and express your thoughts. It has to do with communication, and can be summarized in the words "I speak." Your communicative efforts are very effective in relationships, where you encourage cooperation and sharing.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus:

     Mercury rules your Throat Chakra, the connection between your mind and body. Uranus rules your Crown Chakra and your higher mind. You are able to use the flashes of genius from your higher mind to add inspiration to your scientific logic and then to manifest this in the physical plane. The result is that you could channel your higher self to solve practical problems, or that you could figure out how to use electronics to solve problems.

Mercury Sextile Neptune:

     You have plenty of opportunities to use your communication talents of both expressing yourself well and listening on the subtler level. You could write poetry or songs, or channel information from the subconscious realms. Mercury and Neptune are co-rulers of your Throat Chakra and you have a good balance of mental and physical awareness.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto:

     Mercury rules your Throat Chakra and pertains to your logical thought and communication. Pluto rules your Spleen Chakra and pertains to your regenerative and reproductive ability. Your speech is likely to have a strong emotional impact on others and you are likely to study scientific subjects in great depth to determine the real causes of things.

Chapter 5: Venus

Venus in Leo:

     Venus rules your Heart Chakra and Leo rules your heart in your physical body. The key to nurturing your naturally very warm heart is to affirm that you are loved, that you are safe, and that you can stand tall with joy and self-acceptance. The Heart Chakra rules the thymus gland in your endocrine system, and for it to be healthy you need to visualize that you are loved throughout your life like the best-loved child.

Venus in 6th house:

     Venus rules your Heart Chakra. Its house shows you the areas of life where you give and receive love and compassion. The key words for it are "I love." Your love is expressed in your place of work, where you create beauty and get along well with others.

Venus Sextile Mars:

     You have a kind way of putting your compassionate feelings into action by doing actual good for others. You have an easy flow of energy between your Heart Chakra and your Solar Plexus, giving you the willpower and vitality to form loving relationships, to love yourself, and to reach out to others.

Venus Square Neptune:

     It is a challenge for you to combine harmoniously your artistic sense of beauty and form with your more subtle psychic receptivity, but if you apply your willpower you can succeed in producing very inspired art. Venus rules your Heart Chakra and Neptune your Throat Chakra, and the challenge for you is to promote an easier flow of energy between the two, so that your imagination can be applied in a more practical way.

Chapter 6: Mars

Mars in Libra:

     Mars rules your Solar Plexus Chakra and Libra is ruled by Venus, which rules the heart. You are able to take the inspiration of self confidence and vitality of your Solar Plexus and channel it to a higher plane of love and compassion. You would do this by first mastering how to give love to yourself, so as to have a high self-esteem. It would follow from this that you would then have respect and compassion for others, because you would recognize the best qualities of yourself mirrored in them.

Mars in 7th house:

     Mars co-rules your Solar Plexus Chakra, along with the Sun. Its house shows you the areas of life where you express your initiative, desire, and physical action. The key words for it are "I can." You are likely to apply your drive towards working to create peace, cooperating with a personal or business partner, or public relations.

Chapter 7: Jupiter

Jupiter in Aries:

     As Jupiter rules your Third Eye or brow Chakra and Aries rules your head in the physical plane, you have a tremendous amount of energy in your head area, This is great, healing energy coming from the Source, and it is meant to be used for its highest purpose. Learn from the accomplished psychics how to do distant healing by perceiving those in need and sending energy to them from your Third Eye. You will improve the flow of Light into your own life through this generous sharing. You will also have a healthier head on the physical plane, instead of having the energy back up and cause tension.

Jupiter in 1st house:

     Jupiter rules your Brow Chakra. Its house shows you the areas of life where you express your spiritual values, positive thinking, and prosperity. The key words for it are "I see." You are able to put your beliefs into practice and do actual, physical good. You are an honest and enthusiastic leader, teacher, or spiritual guide.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn:

     You have a special talent for envisioning higher values and then setting goals that are in harmony with them and then meeting with success in achieving your goals. Jupiter rules your Third Eye and your higher perception and Saturn your groundedness and practicality, and the sextile aspect provides an easy flow of energy between the two.

Jupiter is Retrograde

     Jupiter rules your Third Eye, and you may have unconsciously (or consciously) had experiences in your past where you were taught that you should not allow yourself to be psychic, because people who do that were somehow not accepted in the culture you were in. However, you know that you have natural ability in this area, which is healthy to develop and which can greatly benefit you. Know that what is holding you back in this area is just an illusion of a problem and not a real one. It is right for you to develop your inner seeing, and there is no genuine reason not to. You are now safe to know things and to grow.

Chapter 8: Saturn

Saturn in Aquarius:

     Saturn rules your Root Chakra, which is the source of your energy to physically manifest your goals. Aquarius rules your higher mind, which comes forth with infinite, new ideas. However, the successful person is the one who achieves rather than just stays in the realm of the mind, and Saturn allows you to do this. You might, for example, get your inventions patented and recognized. Clear your mind of any past influences that may have needlessly limited the freedom of your thinking. Do this by associating with free-thinking individuals or exploring new perspectives. Then you will find your own goals coming into focus, as you discover who you really are. Your practical output will then dramatically increase, and you will be far more relaxed and happy.

Saturn in 12th house:

     Saturn co-rules your Root Chakra, along with the Earth. Its house shows you the areas of life where you express discipline, responsibility, and structure for your survival and grounding. The key words for it are "I have." You would work very hard in an institutional or other secluded setting to care for those in need, such as the elderly or those with special psychological needs.

Saturn is Retrograde

     You may have had experiences where you felt that you were held back by having to do things the way your grandparents did, even though you knew yourself that these restrictions and rules were no longer relevant. Or, you may feel held back by the fact that others in your past did not have enough and barely survived, and that they are keeping you from being prosperous. Realize that these limitations are all just illusions and that nothing terrible is going to happen if you release the past and live for today. You are now free to be the authority in your own life.

Chapter 9: Uranus

Uranus in Virgo:

     Uranus rules your Crown Chakra, the source of your infinite potential for new ideas and knowledge. Virgo is also an indicator of the intellect, but in a more practical way. Uranus generates new ideas and Virgo organizes and remembers them. The result is that you have a special talent for coming up with inventions that can actually be used for the good of mankind.

Uranus in 6th house:

     Uranus rules your Crown Chakra. Its house shows you the areas where you express your universal understanding, knowing, and intuition. It also shows where you express your urge for freedom and individuality, and the types of friends you will choose and groups you will join. The key words for it are "I know." You have a good mind and are likely to excel in anything new or scientific. You would be interested in alternative methods of healing, especially those involving subtler energies or electronics.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto:

     Uranus rules your Crown Chakra and your highest consciousness and understanding. Pluto rules your Spleen Chakra and your emotions and sexuality. You are likely to combine the highest awareness of the mind with the highest level of transformation of the body to bring about radical changes in yourself and your environment. You are ready to regenerate and move ahead into the future.

Chapter 10: Neptune

Neptune in Scorpio:

     Neptune rules your Throat Chakra and your ability to listen on the subtler level. Scorpio is capable of handling extremes. You are able to understand others in a very deep way. You could even help them handle grief by being sympathetic, and at the same time not being afraid of dealing with the intense topic of death. Your insights are very profound.

Neptune in 8th house:

     Neptune co-rules your Throat Chakra, along with Mercury. Its house shows you the areas of life where you express your ability to listen and to reflect back creatively what you hear, especially when you are acting as a channel for a higher source. The key words for it are "I speak," but also 'I listen." You have a special talent for healing those dealing with death because you have both empathy and courage. You would have a psychic understanding of your sex partner and an intuitive understanding of tantric yoga.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

      Neptune rules the subtler listening ability of your Throat Chakra and Pluto the regenerative and transformative power of your Spleen Chakra. You have a special ability to care and to heal in a very ultimate way. You could, for example, work on healing the planet. You could also express your compassion for the masses in a way that would make a real difference.

Chapter 11: Pluto

Pluto in Virgo:

     Pluto rules your Second Chakra, in your lower abdomen. It has domain over your emotions and sexuality. Virgo, on the other hand, is a very rational sign of the mind and intellect. However, your mind would not exist if you had not been created in physical form, and your body is essential as a temporary house for your soul. Therefore it is important to recognize the importance of your emotions and sexuality for your overall health, including the evolution of your mind and soul.

Pluto in 7th house:

     Pluto co-rules your Second or Spleen Chakra, along with the Moon. Its house shows you the areas of life where you express your regenerative ability and your willpower to transcend mass karma, as well as your emotions and sexuality. The key words for it are "I feel." You have a great ability to transform relationships, and you could use this ability to create cooperation and fairness in your own partnerships and also to help others by being a relationship counselor.

Chapter 12: Chiron, North Node, and the Midheaven

Chiron in Pisces:

     Chiron represents the link between your individual identity and the Universal, as it is located between the inner and outer planets of the solar system. In your aura, it is related to your Heart Chakra, which is the link between your lower, physical chakras and your higher, mental ones. Pisces has already mastered the lessons of a giving heart and compassion for those most in need. Now you need to have compassion for yourself, so that you can grow and learn to give to others in new ways. Love yourself. Build good self-esteem and give yourself credit for the unconditionally loving person you are. Then you will become stronger and able to give even more.

North Node in Cancer:

     Just as the ida and pingala (the channels of life energy in the left and right sides of your auric body) meet at your chakras, the Moon's path crosses over the Sun's path at your lunar nodes. Your Cancer North Node gives you special insight into how your male and female polarities can work together for your future. You will now be able to create a stable home base. Your Capricorn South Node shows that you have already mastered the lessons of discipline and toughness, freeing you to be more sensitive from now on.

North Node in 5th house:

     You are learning to enjoy life, particularly to have more recognition, more recreational activities, and more time to spend with children. You have learned from your own past and from your parents and grandparents that a bohemian lifestyle and offbeat ideas result in too much of giving one's energy to causes, rather than being able to have a positive identity of one's own. As you become happier and more energized yourself, your Second Chakra will open. For this to happen, you may need to release some tension from your nervous system, spinal cord, and ears.

MC in Sagittarius:

     You use your willpower to bring in the Light through your Crown Chakra, and you have many very high, mystical experiences, perhaps involving angels or channeled entities. You are able to teach others about religion and spirituality. At the same time, you bring in the stability of earth energy through your Root Chakra, so that your home can be a place of study and of communication - perhaps by telephone or by having friends and relatives visit.


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