The Good the Bad the Ugly Astrology Report

image The Good the Bad and the Ugly Classical Astrology Report. This is an astrology report written in true classical style. It packs a punch. It's not for the faint of heart. The intention of me showing you this is not to emphasise the dark but to show you the possibilities so you can prepare for them or channel the energy in a different direction. In the example below, Stephen King could have gone in a different direction had he not CHOSEN to channel the planets in a different way. He used the energy of it to create writings that are now considered classics. Are you brave enough to look yourself in the mirror and want to do something about it? Just remember the good and the bad both live in all of us. The one that shines through is the one that we feed.

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Included in the report are:

  • Dignities and Debilities.
  • The Affairs of the House.
  • Planets in Signs.
  • Sign of the Ascendant Ruler.
  • Ascendant's Almuten or Ruler.
  • Ruler of the Geniture.
  • Health 6th House.
  • Length of Life Alcocoden.
  • Aspects, Faces and more.
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image Stephen Edwin King
(born September 21, 1947)

is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. His books have sold more than 350 million copies and many of them have been adapted into feature films, television movies and comic books. King has published fifty novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has written nearly two hundred short stories, most of which have been collected in nine collections of short fiction. Many of his stories are set in his home state of Maine.

In 2003, the National Book Foundation awarded him the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He has also received awards for his contribution to literature for his entire oeuvre, such as the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, the Canadian Booksellers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America.


House Placements

Planets do two things with respect to houses: they occupy houses, and they rule houses. Modern Astrology for the most part has played down the importance of house rulership, while Classical Astrology considers both situations as nearly equal in value. The other thing that these two concepts provide is linkage between themes.

Sources for text are shown as an abbreviation after each paragraph. Note that the text is derived from these various classical sources, and does not represent exact quotations.

C = Coley
GC = Gadbury & Coley
GF = Gadbury & Firmicus
iE = ibn Ezra
P = Partridge

Affairs of the 1st House: Health, Vitality, Happiness

It's funny: we almost never talk about happiness, as if it's somehow taboo to go through life happy. The ancients didn't think so. By linking health, vitality and happiness in the same house, they said something at once simple and profound: it's easiest to be happy or satisfied with life when one doesn't have to think about health, and very difficult to enjoy life in the midst of pain.

The Ascendant is in Cancer

On average, your appearance will tend in the following directions, within the range of your genetic background: your body bigger above the waist than below; your complexion pale, sickly, or white; tending toward water retention (edema); hair blackish, dark or sad brown; stature middle to small; eyes small; visage handsome, oval or round; and voice low & whining. (C) Dispositor of The Ascendant is The Moon The Almuten of The Ascendant is The Moon You are unsteadfast and wavering, timorous. You love to wander from place to place. You are ingenious, a lover of novelty, and a lover of peace. (C)

...and The Moon is in Sagittarius

You are given considerable power with regard to your relations, who consider you their spokesperson. This talent is seen by others, and your reputation spreads, although this good can be undone by your lascivious tendencies. Dispositor of The Ascendant is in Sagittarius Your lower back, hips, and thighs may be a focal point of health issues: you have a tendency toward fevers, sciatica, eye impediments, falls from atop animals, fistulas, and sports injuries. You are slightly above average in height (compared to your family), well-favored countenance, face longish and ruddy in color, with a strong able body. Being a four-footed sign (at least by half), you have a strong sex drive. This also means that you can be vicious or violent if angered. You have quick apprehensions, but you are changeable in your opinions. (C)

Mars is in the 1st House

You are of a violent mind and resolution. (GF)

...and Mars is Peregrine

Your life will be full of afflictions, and short, unless you learn to control your rashness. You are bold, wrathful and quarrelsome, a sower of discord, prodigal, and of small estimation. You are poor and beggarly. You are likely to be wounded in the head. How can you avoid this? Find a different outlet for your energy. You are not good at attempting to conform to societal rules, so either you can find a way to avoid them, or you will end up balking at them. (GF)

...and The chart is Nocturnal

You have difficulty with affection in personal relationships, and with children. (GF) Dispositor of The Ascendant is in 5th You are given to all kinds of pleasures, possibly including gambling. You benefit from efforts on your behalf by your friends. If you have them, you will find joy in your children. (GC) In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is in Detriment or Fall Your childhood is not fun, and often more a hindrance than a help. (iE) In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is Peregrine Your childhood involves many twists and turns, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but almost always unsettled. The other possibility is that something about your childhood will be unconventional. (iE) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is not in Detriment or Fall

Adulthood becomes a pleasant rite of passage. During these years, you feel in control of your life. (iE) Affairs of the 2nd House: Money & Possessions So: the bottom line question raised by this house is: will you be rich, and will you be able to hang on to it? Not, will you be well off, or will you have enough money not to worry about it. These are timid questions. The secondary question raised by this house is what kind of affairs allow you to prosper? Notice that this is not the same as asking: what profession should I follow? The assumption that wealth is acquired through personal work or toil is too limiting.

Saturn is in the 2nd House

Although you have all the probable ways and means to be rich, it is not always that easy. You are subject to great illnesses, and probably reverses of fortune. You may be an agitator at public meetings. (GF)

...and Saturn is in Detriment

Your substance will be wasted, and squandered away, and you probably won't even know how. (GF) Ruler of the 2nd House is The Sun You will be most likely to make money from: eminence, dignity, renown, government, honor, and all illustrious actions. The people you will most likely work with are: heads of government agencies or corporations, eminent persons, the famous; or those who are circumspect, and lovers and desirers of Honors, etc., and most likely ambitious. (P) Another way of looking at this is to say that you benefit from being who you are. You become your own best asset because the best thing you have to sell is yourself.

Ruler of the 2nd is Peregrine

Financial stability will most likely come from combining income from a variety of sources, in a unique manner. Too much reliance on conventional means will not produce the results you desire.

Ruler of the 2nd is in the 3rd House

You profit by short journeys or from your relations. (GC) ...and Ruler of the 2nd is Combust However, your relations may represent a net loss, because they will cost you more than you gain from them. (GC)

Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 2nd is Peregrine

Your adult experience of money involves many ups and downs, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but almost always unsettled. The way to achieve some level of stability is to make your money through unconventional means. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 2nd is in Detriment or Fall Your retirement years may be financially rocky, to the point that you must constantly struggle to stay ahead. Your best bet is to carefully plan for retirement, and double the amounts that you think you might need. (iE)

Affairs of the 3rd House: Short Trips, Spirituality, Information, Siblings, & Relatives

The Sun is in the 3rd House You have honorable siblings and cousins. You will have good trips. You will receive preferments from eminent persons. You may get grief from others over your religious choices. You may be sickly of body, but you are respected for your opinion. You may be trusted to carry on public business, administration, or management. You are only likely to have children later in life. (GF)

...and Jupiter is Sextile The Sun

You may also be honored through your handling of finances. (GF) ...and The Sun is in Virgo Your piety and ethics are clear to all, and you are only too happy to dedicate yourself to these matters. (GF) ...and Mars is Sextile The Sun You are treacherous, gluttonous, and vice-ridden, and this is open, not hidden. You are sacrilegious for its own sake, but you gain no peace through it, being troubled by constant anxiety. (GF)

Venus is in the 3rd House

You are addicted to honesty and either religious or ethical principles. This restrains you from making many common errors. You have a warm relationship with your siblings. Short journeys are fortunate and prosperous. (GF)

Ruler of the 3rd House is Mercury

When you decide to write, you have as easy a time as anyone, but your moods change rapidly, and discipline is not your strong suit. The biggest thing you need to learn is how not to be overwhelmed with the flow of information, as well as how to judge the quality of the information received. Ruler of the 3rd is in the 4th House Your relations are after your patrimony, and will squander it if given the opportunity. (GC) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 3rd is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 3rd is not in Detriment or Fall

Any middle sibling or cousins you may have are friends and allies most of the time. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 3rd is in Detriment or Fall Any younger siblings or cousins you may have work at cross purposes to you, either because they end up requiring extra attention, or because they actively denigrate you. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 3rd is Peregrine You never know where you stand with your younger siblings or cousins, if you may have any, because they seem to vacillate from place to place, and time to time. For your relationship to work, you will probably have to build it from scratch, not following any expectations that others have about how you should relate. (iE)

Affairs of the 4th House: Parents, Property & Home Life

The 4th House has always been associated with your parents, although which parent has varied somewhat according to different astrologers. The specific meaning of the 4th House would be closer to "ancestors," because this is the house that ties you to the "vertical" dimension of your family: continuity over time. The word "paternity" is associated with this house: in a less sexist terminology, this is the nonmonetary inheritance you acquire through the legacy of your parents - the monetary component comes through the 8th House. Mercury is in the 4th House You have an excellent memory, and good understanding; a brain apt for higher education. You are acute, and apt in all business. You can, by industry and ingenuity, accumulate a stable fortune in land and estates. However, there is apt to be contention, strife and molestation with those closely related to you. (GF)

...and Mercury Rises After The Sun

You benefit from mining or buried treasure, or through making jewelry. You are able to teach many obscure things. You are learned at computing and calculating. (GF)

Ruler of the 4th is in the 3rd House

You are likely to gain in matters of real estate from your siblings and near relations. However, these same relations may suffer from the affairs of your parents. (GC) In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 4th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 4th is not in Detriment or Fall

Your father is beneficial to your development, and he remains a strong ally through life. (iE) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 4th is in Detriment or Fall Property or lands are problematic in your life, and often more a hindrance than a help. (iE)

Affairs of the 5th House: Children, Affairs, Speculation, Recreation & Fun

First, the 5th House tells about how you enjoy yourself. This usually means sex and carousing. However, not everyone enjoys these activities. There are other things that you may enjoy as well: art, or sports, your children, gambling, singing, or even praying. Next, since sex is a matter for the 5th House, it is not surprising that the result of heterosexual intercourse, namely pregnancy, is also a 5th House matter, as is the ultimate result, children. If your 5th House ruler is Saturn, or Saturn is in your 5th House, you are not likely to have as many children as someone who has Venus ruling the house instead.

Jupiter is in the 5th House

Any children you have are dutiful and obedient, honorable and ingenious. You have many friends, and receive many gifts. You have a strong body and healthy bones. (GF) The Moon is in the 5th House You travel frequently, passing information as you go. You like to party and carouse. (GF) The South Node is in the 5th House You are likely to have few children, and any you have would be troubled. You will pay heavily for your pleasures. (GF)

Ruler of the 5th House is Mars

Sex is a great entertainment. Crude, coarse, and boisterous is okay! Ruler of the 5th is in the 1st House You have a propensity toward pleasure, including venereal pursuits, but also sports, games, and other recreations. You thoroughly enjoy children. (GC) In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 5th is in Detriment or Fall Your children often seem to drive you crazy, if you have any, and it's hard not to suspect that it's out of spite. (iE)

In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 5th is Peregrine

You never seem to know where you stand with your children, if you have any, because they always seem to be changing, or doing something different. The bottom line is that your children need to find their own path in life, because they have the unique need and burden to thrive on the unconventional. (iE) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 5th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 5th is not in Detriment or Fall

You take your pleasures when you can, and enjoy them while you may. (iE) Affairs of the 6th House: Illness, Danger & the Work Environment Combining the work environment with illness points out a fundamental truth: many illnesses are related to stress, and our work situations are prime candidates for stress creation. In addition to showing your own work conditions, the 6th House also shows how you deal with persons who used to be called servants, but what we might now call day-laborers or employees. If you have employees, this is clear. But many of us who never think of ourselves as having employees nonetheless encounter this through nonskilled household labor: whether in the form of cleaning people, general purpose repair people (a professional repair person, such as a plumber, would be 7th House), or construction workers. Anyone who works primarily outside on the lawn or garden would be shown through the ruler of the 4th House.

Ruler of the 6th is in the 5th House

You have a susceptibility to venereal disease. You can easily get sick from overeating. Any children you have will tend to be sickly. (GC)

Ruler of the 6th House is Jupiter

You are subject to the following general health issues: liver disease, venous problems, lung inflammation, pleurisy, swelling or abscesses about the breast, quinsy, inflammations, windiness, blood corruption, gluttony, scurvy, liver obstructions, or stomach obstructions.

...and Jupiter is in Scorpio

In addition, you are specifically subject to the following health issues: painful urination, piles, ailments resulting from cold, or edema. Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 6th is Peregrine Any employees, day laborers, occasional workers, and hired help are likely to be highly changeable, if not outright moody, in their outlook. You may get better results by deliberately hiring unconventional types for the job. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 6th is in Detriment or Fall You never seem to get good results from employees, day laborers, occasional workers, and hired help. As a result, you are often dissatisfied with their accomplishments. (iE)

Affairs of the 7th House: Intimate Partners, Business Partners, Open Enemies & Clients

When the historical association between marriage and business is understood, the attribution of marriage and (business) partnership to the same house becomes obvious - they are simply two variations of the same thing. However, even so, it was understood that love was possible between partners - it just wasn't necessary.

Ruler of the 7th House is Saturn

Your preferred type for long-term relationships is one (if fortunate) who is grave, reserved, full of knowledge, laborious and painful; but if unfortunate, forward, suspicious, jealous, envious, and ill-conditioned enough. (P)

Ruler of the 7th is in the 2nd House

You gain through your partner's wealth. (GC)

...and Ruler of the 7th is in Detriment

However, you either lose more than you gain, or you find it isn't worth the price. While you will tend to outlive your enemies, you will still suffer much grief and damage from them, as well as from thieves. (GC) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is not in Detriment or Fall

In conflict situations or quarrels, you generally come through. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is in Detriment or Fall Social intercourse escapes you: you are not good at small talk. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is Peregrine You have to be in the mood to engage in social intercourse, but if you are, you can be very good, because you can draw upon a wide range of subjects. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is Mars You do have to watch your tendency to blow up at others in casual social situations. (iE)

Affairs of the 8th House: Death, Taxes, Inheritance & Other People's Money

The 8th House traditionally had two dimensions: the very personal one of death, and the transpersonal one of other people's money. The specific issue of other people's money came about because this is the house of your partner's money, whether your partner in business, or your marriage partner. Ruler of the 8th is in the 2nd House Your wealth is likely to be significantly affected by testaments from the dead. (GC)

...and Ruler of the 8th is Trine the Dispositor of The Ascendant

You will likely profit considerably thereby, or you will benefit financially from the wealth of a partner. (GC)

...and Ruler of the 8th is in Detriment

Unfortunately, you are likely to suffer a net loss from these testaments. Your partner's financial situation can drag you down. (GC) In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 8th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 8th is not in Detriment or Fall

Death is no more traumatic than necessary. (iE) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 8th is in Detriment or Fall Don't plan on a career in either gerontology or antiques. You do not do well with anyone or anything old. (iE)

Affairs of the 9th House: Long Trips, Law, Education & Spiritual/Philosophical Matters

The importance of the 9th House from a religious dimension was twofold. First, it could tell whether you were likely to have a career in religion - or law. Once upon a time, the two fields were linked since Justice was thought to be divine. Secondly, it told the state of your ethical abilities. The 9th House is linked to education because the 9th House was viewed as the training ground for the honors and preferments offered through the 10th House. Thus, it would be correct to assign either higher education or vocational education to this house. Ruler of the 9th House is Jupiter The reasons you may travel are because of: ecclesiastical matters, religion, rule and authority, honesty and virtue. The people you will most likely meet on your travels are: prelates, lawyers, judges, advocates, eminent persons, elected officials, or government officials. (P) However, we have seen that the 9th House rules more than traveling. The educational system is something that you can generally succeed at, because your own approach to education is somewhat on the theoretical side. This means that you work better with teachers who emphasize concepts and reasons over those who emphasize rote memorization. You can be almost annoying in your quest for why things work. You are pretty good at expressing yourself extemporaneously.

Ruler of the 9th is in the 5th House

You will enjoy traveling. Any children you have may at some point live abroad, or travel extensively. (GC) Diurnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

...and Diurnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is not in Detriment or Fall

You will enjoy and benefit from travel. (iE) Nocturnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is in Detriment or Fall In the old days, you would be called all sorts of names, ranging from heretic to apostate, to atheist. But it's not that simple. You find it hard to simply believe "on faith." As a result, you "test" your religion and philosophy. Notice that "test" is not the same as "reject!" However, because you cannot accept things on "blind faith," it is not unusual for you to end up in a different religious practice from your parents. (iE)

Nocturnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is Peregrine

In your quest for a better spiritual or ethical system, you may wander from religion to religion, often acquiring different pieces along the way. Alternately, you can stay in your own tradition, but approach it through a nonstandard pathway. This probably means that the exoteric trappings of your religious background will simply not work for you. You'll have to work harder to find meaning and value. (iE)

Affairs of the 10th House: Career, Business, Honor, Status, Promotion & Your Mother

There are actually a number of ways of looking at your career patterns: the 10th House is simply the house most closely associated with this concept. It is at this point that we come up against the real variations in what constitutes "success" in the world, because Astrology can be fairly literal in defining it according to the social strictures of society.

The Part of Fortune is in the 10th House

You achieve fame, honor, riches, and promotions from eminent persons. You are fortunate and happy in your chosen trade. (GF)

Ruler of the 10th House is Mars

You receive honor by wars, martial actions, contention, and violence. (P) Ruler of the 10th is in the 1st House You have great authority over most persons. You will be honored, esteemed, and beloved by eminent persons. You will find it easy to be employed in an administrative capacity, and should profit from this employment. (GC)

...and Ruler of the 10th is Peregrine ...and Ruler of the 10th is in Fall

You may not last long in any particular office, and your profit may be offset by your costs. (GC) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 10th is Peregrine Your reputation ebbs and flows: and often it doesn't even seem to be related to what you are doing at the moment. This means, in effect, that you needn't worry about your reputation: there's not much you can do about it either way! (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 10th is in Detriment or Fall While you may accomplish your career goals, it may not seem like enough. (iE) Affairs of the 11th House: Friends, Hopes & Wishes The 11th House shows the quality of friends. The nature of the ruler and planets in the 11th House will describe the type of friends that you have. The North Node is in the 11th House You are friendly with eminent persons, becoming virtually a relation rather than a friend. They give you much in the way of honor and wealth. (GF)

Ruler of the 11th is in the 3rd House

You will be fortunate in your siblings, who will be likely to acquire wealth and fame. (GC) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity ...and Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is not in Detriment or Fall You have remarkable friends (for the most part). (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is in Detriment or Fall Your friends are often more detrimental to you than helpful. (iE) Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is Peregrine Sometimes, you friends are around to help you, sometimes not. (iE) Affairs of the 12th House: Secret Enemies, Confinement & Sorrow If we begin in the 1st House with happiness, we end in the 12th House with sorrow. Of the various types, there are two types which tend to be most dominant: enemies and confinement. Ruler of the 12th is in the 4th House There is strife with or between your parents, and possibly older relations as well. There are many family squabbles about inheritance. A catastrophe may befall your home or land. (GC) In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 12th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity ...and In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 12th is not in Detriment or Fall While sorrow is no stranger, you are usually pretty good at bouncing back, and keeping your troubles in perspective. (iE) Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 12th is in Detriment or Fall You are prone to become a target of authorities who will detain you against your will. Whether the site of detention is prison, a mental institution, a hospital, or under house arrest, so to speak, varies. This can vary from being confined for illness, to confined for legal reasons. (iE)

Signs Placements

The Sun The Sun is in Virgo

You are given to all manner of learning, and skilled at the sciences, or many areas of knowledge. You are cheerful, discrete and judicious, and a lover of the arts. You are studious, with a wit ingenious but discriminating, and wholly for its own end. You enjoy musical and culinary entertainments. You are mutable, which means that you adapt easily to change. However, you adapt so easily compared to others that they may wonder if you are capable of maintaining a permanent stance about anything. You are an Earth Sign, which means that you are "cold" and "dry." The "dry" component means, among other things, that you see distinctions easily, and that you are more swayed by intellectual argument than by passion. You are perceived as being "cold," an outward appearance of being unemotional. In the modern parlance, it fits better with "cold and dry" than with simply "cold." However, a "cold" type is basically lethargic, or slow to react. The "problem" with "cold" is that it makes it hard for you to forget slights. Because you don't tend to lash out immediately, it's easy for you to allow your anger to build up. Combine this with a tendency, being "dry," to prefer the reasonable approach, and you can end up completely out of touch while your emotions run rampant. ...and The chart is located in the Northern Hemisphere Virgo being a sign of Summer, which is "hot" and "dry," the predominant influence, in combination with the Earth Element, is "dry." The use of the word "dry" in the expression, "dry humor," is pretty accurate. ...and The chart is Nocturnal You will be in danger of being less well off than your parents. This can lead you to become covetous, or even cruel. The Sun is Peregrine Your health and well being is delicate. This means that is can be difficult for you to maintain a sense of equilibrium, because you are so easily knocked out of balance. This means, among other things, that you are quite susceptible to opportunistic illnesses that come along during periods of stress. You may also be susceptible to depression that is specifically stress-related. Normally, the Sun is an active energy: engaged in the course of life. You don't necessarily lack energy, but you find it difficult to channel in one particular direction. It's tough for you to follow in anyone's footsteps, because you need to strike out on your own course. To be happy, you must have an environment that allows a lot of leeway for personal expression. Cultural and family expectations and stereotypes seem too rigid. However, simply rebelling against them doesn't work very well either. The best solution ultimately is an idiosyncratic mix.

The Moon

Mercury is more dignifed than The Moon You operate more from reason than from emotions and desires. The Moon is in Sagittarius You are generous and free-spirited, and passionate, although in the later case, the passion wanes easily and quickly. You are ambitious, aiming at great things. Because you are so obliging, you have a chance to achieve your goals because of the respect you generate.


Mercury is in Libra You are very just and virtuous, prudent, and a lover of learning. You are happily qualified, with both natural and acquired abilities.


Venus is in Libra You are of a curious, obliging deportment, and generally beloved by all who have dealings with you, or even conversation with you.


Mars is in Cancer You are a dull, foolish person, guilty of few or no commendable actions, unfortunate, employed most in some servile or mean employment, and you are rarely capable of better.


Jupiter is in Scorpio You are lofty, proud and ambitious, with the desire to rule over your peers. You are resolute, ill-natured and covetous, and guilty of too much guile in all your actions. Your teeth may decay suddenly... And not necessarily as you get older. It can happen at a young age too! (C)


Saturn is in Leo You make a show of nobleness and generosity in your actions. You are somewhat passionate, but especially so in seeking revenge. However, your courage may fail when put to the test. (C)

The Alcocoden

The Alcocoden is The Moon

You are subject to the following general health issues: colic, stomach aches, edema, excessive flows, rheumatism, menstrual flow, gluttony, eye rheums, worms, rotten coughs, convulsions, epilepsy, scrofula (associated with moral corruption), abscesses, smallpox, measles, lethargy, and excess phlegm.

...and The Moon is in Sagittarius

In addition, you are specifically subject to the following health issues: lameness or thigh weakness, colic, or bowel problems.

Saturn is Square The North Node

You are likely to be sterile. Accordingly, if you wish to have children, consider adopting. Your body is subject to deformation as a result of illness. You are subject to stomach pains. Don't even think about intercourse unprotected for venereal disease. You are basically nonconformist: in fact, you relish the role! Appeals to authority cut no weight with you. (SA)

Venus is Conjunct The Sun

...and Venus is the Significatrix You put yourself in danger of a short life, aiming at glory, but not attaining it. You risk too much. You are hectic or consumptive, melancholy, and you meet with many crosses, losses and vexations. It is important to learn not to strive to obtain your desires so vehemently that this actually interferes with success. You can see your goals slip through your fingers because you try to grasp too tightly. (SA) Saturn is Sextile Mercury Curiosity is your strong suit. You have the ability to pursue your interests exhaustively. You are so tenacious about this that you may be perceived as a bore by others, wrapped up in your own private world. ...and Mercury is the Significator You are peevish, discontented and dejected in your own mind. You have strange fancies, and are very willful, even sometimes to your own undoing, yet given to the study of Arts and Sciences, and finding out about many curious inventions.

Saturn is Trine The Moon

...and The Moon is the Significatrix You are cold by nature and of ill complexion, inclining to sordid and ill actions, yet you are more deliberate, and if you do ill, you do it with preconsideration. You are apt at invention, but very willful in all things, conceited of yourself, so you think nothing well done, if you do not do it. Or so they say. I would put it as being emotionally out of synch with others.

Jupiter is Trine Mars

Justice and action: which triumphs? No matter who is dominant, you are very aware that actions have moral or ethical consequences. You are a stickler for doing the right thing whatever the personal cost. ...and Jupiter is the Significator You have a free and noble disposition, bold, valiant, honorable, attempting and attaining brave and admirable exploits, generous to your friends, obliging to your enemies, yet desiring and endeavoring to be in charge, resolute and subtle.

Jupiter is Sextile The Sun

Honor, glory, and justice: personal or universal? The King, after all, was the dispenser of Justice - and mercy. You find it easy to combine these concepts, but don't forget that the negative manifestation of this combination is what used to be called vainglory - the quest for glory for the ego's sake. Do you know your mind well enough to sort out when you are just reaching for reputation? ...and Jupiter is the Significator You have a noble, generous, courageous Soul, and a magnanimous mind. You attempt and achieve great and honorable things - or become the favorite of some eminent or politically connected person, and you rise to the top chair of promotion.

Mars is Sextile The Sun

Why does this work so well? The Sun and Mars are of the same nature: hot and dry, although the Sun is considered more temperate. Thus, these two planets cooperate to link Action and Honor in one package. ...and The Sun is the Significator This is the aspect of Valor and Victory. You are high spirited and courageous, attaining military honor and promotion, loving warlike exercises, appearing a terror to your adversaries, and becoming famous beyond the capacity of your birth.

Mercury is Sextile The Moon

...and Mercury is the Significator You are witty and ingenious, a lover of novelties and all manner of new inventions and new things, and as mutable and changeable in your mind, as the weather. You are purely given to the arts of dissimulation, and a notable expert at mealtime socializing.

Saturn is Square Jupiter

Bottom line, the combination of Saturn and Jupiter means that the ability to achieve property (Saturn) is related to your religious state (Jupiter). So what does this mean? It means that ethics are related to your ability to acquire wealth. Because these are the "hard" aspects, this is generally not a straightforward process. You are dogged by religious or ethical concerns: whether by your own doing, or because of those you work with or do business with. ...and Jupiter is the Significator You experience unmitigated troubles and miseries. You are a continual loser. You have great crosses, meet with disgraces and contempt, and if born to a prince's estate, you would still be in danger of ending up a beggar. You are of a poor low spirit, cross, peevish, lethargic, dull, miserable, and unfortunate in the world. A little strong? Here's the problem. Budgeting is not in your nature. You have a bad habit of picking the wrong time and circumstance to be generous or extravagant, and the wrong time to be tight. Accordingly, you tend to get yourself into trouble by excessive spending. Does this mean that you end up a basket case? Not exactly. You can be discouraged and turn inward. Such states are not necessarily from lack of faith. Take care lest you allow excessive zeal to blind you to more practical alternatives.

The Sun is Contra-Antiscion Venus

...and Venus is the Significatrix You delude yourself with vanities and expectations of things which will never be. You are angry, passionate, given much to pride, boasting and vain glory. You receive much hurt by eminent or politically connected persons, and sometimes may be in danger of your life, by sentence of a judge. The Sun is Square The Moon Don't expect your life to be one smooth highway with no entrances or exits! You find it difficult to be truly satisfied with any situation, because you are acutely aware that life is full of trade-offs. The grass may not be greener elsewhere, but being different, it's enticing in its own way. ...and The Moon is the Significatrix You are a person very ambitious. But honor flies from you as a shadow that is pursued. You aim at and attempt many great things, but bring nothing to perfection. You meet with many crosses, losses, troubles, sorrows, and obstructions in your way. Learn to cultivate an ethical stance: consider the moral consequences of every action you take, because otherwise, you will watch things slip away from you. Text by J Lee Lehman


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