Edgar Cayce Past Lives Astrology Report

image Astrology can show you your character traits, relationship potentials and challenges, as well as career potentials, and even more. All or most of these sometimes intimate descriptions will be linked in some way with your past lives and your experiences in the planetary realms between lifetimes (the interlife).

What can I gain from the Edgar Cayce Past Lives Astrology Report?

First, HELP YOURSELF.   The enclosed uplifting commentary can only be truly beneficial if you see it as a means of self-help and self-transformation.   So to get the maximum practical benefit out of each page of this report, focus on connecting what you read with what is going on in your life now.

Next, LOOK FOR PATTERNS.   When you see repeated references -- for instance to similar careers, pursuits or vocations -- you should consider these references seriously.   They demonstrate a positive karmic connection which you now have with these same career-related potentials from past life endeavors.   So, because of prior life success, these areas of expression should be easier for you to find rewarding or to succeed in, as compared with in other areas.

Also, pay close attention to REMEDIAL MEASURES.   For instance, you may be given an affirmation to use in meditation (or a prayer).   Or you may be given a crystal/gemstone to wear. These means of balancing out challenging vibrations can indeed be very helpful, especially if used in a hopeful manner.

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Included in The Edgar Cayce Past Lives Report :
    Finally, this report is a synthesis of past life and planetary interlife interpretations originally given clairvoyantly by Edgar Cayce, for individuals with your same planetary patterns at birth. So in applying this report to your personal life, you should RESPECT INNER GUIDANCE --through dreams, meditation and past life regression for example -- as primary resources for this kind of information; and most important, RESPECT YOUR FREE WILL! You alone must choose and know what is really best for you.

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For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     position is 18 deg. 39 min. of Scorpio
Moon    position is 15 deg. 33 min. of Libra
Mercury position is 29 deg. 45 min. of Libra
Venus   position is 19 deg. 52 min. of Scorpio
Mars    position is  9 deg. 35 min. of Scorpio
Jupiter position is  8 deg. 06 min. of Pisces
Saturn  position is 18 deg. 48 min. of Cancer
Uranus  position is 29 deg. 25 min. of Libra
Neptune position is  8 deg. 35 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto   position is  8 deg. 13 min. of Libra
Asc.    position is 28 deg. 54 min. of Virgo
MC      position is 28 deg. 48 min. of Gemini

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 10:27:00     Time Zone: 8 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 34 N 03 08   118 W 14 34

Sidereal Sun position is 25 deg. 08 min. of Libra
Sidereal Moon position is 22 deg. 02 min. of Virgo

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  8 Deg. Applying and  7 Deg. Separating
Opposition :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating
Square     :  6 Deg. Applying and  5 Deg. Separating
Trine      :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating
Sextile    :  5 Deg. Applying and  4 Deg. Separating

Harmonious aspects are: Trine or Sextile
Inharmonious aspects are: Square or Opposition

Your Past Life Report begins on the following page . . .

Your Sun harmoniously aspects Saturn.

         From several past lives you have developed a powerful drive to succeed through trying fresh angles, making new beginnings. Your endurance and persistence come in part from your resourceful capacity to rub out the past and begin over again. In other words, you have considerable capacity for endurance of changes in this life experience. Your personal relationships often serve as a means for getting you into situations you ultimately need for your development.

         For example, you have the uncanny yet practical know-how for developing relationships in which you can better serve the needs of a specific environment, institution, or organization. Further, you are able to change your associations and surroundings toward more efficient activity without running away from your home and family responsibilities. With your close friends, you are very direct and are known for your honesty and integrity. You have the innate ability to be of service to a great many people, by helping them make connections in a wide variety of endeavors.

         Know that the most important experience you can have is to know what IS your ideal spiritually. Once the ideal is set, if you then entrust your purposes to such an ideal, you will find guidance and support when doubts and conflicts arise. With an ideal that can relate to all aspects of your life -- physically and mentally, as well as spiritually -- you can surely become a leader in your chosen vocation. Indeed, your past lives karmically exert a benevolent influence in your natural inclinations for success in your career, especially through travel and the people you contact through travel.

         Regarding your career, you have special talent in management, sales and handling large sums of money as, say, treasurer, financial secretary, budget officer, or accountant for a large organization. You have probably experienced past life patterns of involvement with trading or banking families like the Astors in early New York, or as a lender-treasurer in ancient Persia, or as the quartermaster during even earlier rebellions in prehistoric Egypt.

         In addition, you are one who enables others to see themselves in a light that they have not yet seen. But your abilities run more to that of a career as a leader or manager, or as one who will be a force behind leaders and executives. In this way may you excel or exceed the most in the present, both for your own soul development and for the service or aid which you may provide for others. [1916-5, 1213-1]

Your Sun is conjoined with Venus.

         From your previous lives you have an especially strong home- and community-loving influence. Often having a very friendly feeling toward others, you enjoy being supportive and nurturing toward those in whom you are interested. And your artistic talents -- whether decorating and design or photography, or even music -- should be developed. You are also encouraged to consider an avocation or creative hobby like making ornamental ceramics and pottery that is both beautiful, artistic and practical. All of these Venusian talents have originated in past lives when you followed either identical or closely related pursuits (for instance, you were probably an artist at least once in your cosmic past).

         These inclinations from your prior incarnations, as well as a soul journey in the Venus dimension between lives, additionally give you a love for peace, understanding, contentment, hope, faith, vision, longsuffering and loving-kindness. You especially identify with love and peace, having a broad vision dealing with things that grow in nature. The manifestations of LIFE greatly interest you, particularly sights of such beauties in nature as it opens to the blessings of rain in the afternoon or sunrise in the morning. Birds singing, bees buzzing and the rose -- by just being beautiful -- express joy to you by their using a portion of LIFE, of God, even for only a short time.

         This is not to say that you should worship things that bring material pleasures and ease, whether they be natural or manmade. Instead, keep your heart singing: see images of the Master's face in the rising and setting of the sun and the loveliness of bright moonlight as it turns everything into the radiance of His glory. See in rain, storms, everything in nature, even the ugly, painful things in people's lives, as desires for growth and expression rather than as disorders and hate.

         Hope springing anew would spread to all people everywhere if they could become aware of and appreciate this consciousness of life which is yours. For your love of life blesses your associations with those to whom you can do good through your kindness and gentleness to them. You are thereby truly using God in the life He gives you. [2060-2, 2100-1, 1434-1, 2185-1, 2385-1, 2328-1, 1745-1, 2402-2, 2895-1]

Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn.

         The Moon reflects your subconscious urges and emotions from past lives. Your soul journey in the Saturn dimension between lives probably involved a very profound change which involved a basic reprogramming of your emotional drives. One result of this experience is that you may be challenging yourself this lifetime with opportunities to meet and successfully grow through troublesome conditions between groups, as well as political and foreign affairs. However, when you meet these situations in your quiet manner, you will probably turn them to your advantage, especially as regards your financial affairs.

         It may also be said that as a mediator you are able to build upon the failures of others where there is the expression of doubt or fear on their part. In other words, where others have failed in communicating or making the right connection with each other, owing to some cross or error over which there has been dissension or discussion, you can take this challenge and build upon it. This may often bring into your experience very satisfying conditions. Yet you may constantly be changing in your relationship to groups, sometimes becoming very close, and at other times much further apart.

         Do try to refrain from making or drawing comparisons between you and others, thereby belittling yourself. Your inclination to do this will not become a stumbling stone if you hold to the ideal that he who would be the greatest among his associates will be the servant of all, a helpful force in his experience in every way. Moreover, it is better to be "had" by all than ever taking advantage of any.

         Therefore, in your prayer and meditation periods, seek help from the Creative Forces for guidance as to how you may better express your feelings. You might pray for forgiveness to come to those who have inhibited you in the past. By so doing, you may free yourself to be more affectionate, expressive and less inhibited in your own feelings in the present. You will then love more freely, feel more joy in living and be more free to give to others! [165-2, 329-1, 994-1, 1792-2]

Your Mercury is conjoined with Uranus.

         You may gain a world of influence for good from your brilliant mind as well as your powerful psychic and occult forces. Mercury rules the mind and Uranus, as a higher octave of Mercury, tunes the mind to higher clairvoyant levels. Especially in the intellectual arena, you are very quick to perceive and intuit patterns, whether they be linguistic, mathematical, mechanical or more symbolic, like those of astrology and religion.

         From your Uranian experience, as well as a very eventful Atlantean previous incarnation, you are eccentric, actually something of an extremist, independent -- to the point of being too self-sufficient at times -- progressive, but most of all, psychic. All of these characteristics arise from your real efficiencies, yet can be used for weal or woe (like most Atlanteans, you are either very good or at times simply awful!)

         The more you parallel your psychic experiences with mental studies -- psychology, parapsychology, astrology, religion and philosophy -- the more you will become attuned. Do remember that your psi faculties are well to be developed if they are for giving aid, knowledge and understanding to others. If for self-glorification, such psychic powers and high mind forces will be a stumbling block for yourself as well as others. In the latter case, clairvoyance and clairaudience could become for you experiences to be dreaded rather than accepted in the joy that belongs to any sensitive spirit.

         Because of the extraordinary intensity of this aspect, there is a tendency to become overstrung, like tuning a sensitive musical instrument too tightly. One likely drawback lies in how individuals can become so burdensome and unbearable at times that all you can do is get away from them. This challenge is contradictory to your otherwise cooperative inclination to work together with others. However, through will's application towards moderation, compromise and humility, you have the ability to draw upon all your past earth experiences to use your psychic forces to influence many. You might best achieve this through your abilities as a writer, teacher and lecturer. [934-1, 2741-1, 2487-1]

Your Venus harmoniously aspects Saturn.

         The greater gains for you this lifetime, both financially and spiritually, will be from the middle age on, with the earlier part of your life seeming to be much more difficult. That is, you are likely to experience and share with others a great joy in life during your latter years: in fact, your soul development may well advance you in the afterlife to the higher spheres of Jupiter and the Sun (or beyond this system, to the central stars Arcturus or Polaris).

         On the more personal level, one of your main worries in the first half of your life will probably concern your love life. You are likely to be the one who is hurt rather than the one doing the hurting: that is, contentions arise more often in the other camp than in your own. Most of your saddest experiences this lifetime have come through the breaking up of friendships, family and marital and relationships. At the same time, many of your happiest, most pleasant and most peaceful experiences have come through these same relationships.

         You have a definite spiritual beauty which develops out of your successfully overcoming these adverse personal challenges. In other words, you are one who has found and overcome many vicissitudes and changes in your present lifetime. Yet you eventually attract tried and true partnerships. In your later years, in fact, may well come the great love of your life, a companionship that will bring a contentment that will be very satisfying. Your financial affairs are also likely to get better as you mature further.

         To insure such positive outcomes as these, one tendency should be addressed. This is your inclination to see difficulties in your relationships with others as being no fault of your own and that action on the part of the other person is necessary in order for the relationship to flow smoothly. At times you may too easily carry this to extremes. Remember that to be forgiven, you must forgive; to have friends you must be friendly; to be loved you must love. And if you wish to make for peace, joy, happiness, understanding, you must understand, must emanate peace and reflect joy.

         Whether reworded for your more personal needs, or rephrased as an affirmation to repeat in meditation, you may wish to use all or just selected portions of the following prayer. "Thank You, Lord, for the profoundly meaningful, yet often difficult experiences in my life. From these I have emerged the victor, for You have blessed me with the inner strength and determination to master each and every obstacle I have encountered. I am grateful, too, for the older people in my life that have pointed the way when I was young, and sincerely cared about my welfare. As I get older myself, Lord, may I not begrudge the passing of time. Let me know that the companionships I share with others will grow richer, deeper, and more rewarding as the years go by." [4255-2, 1123-1, 1918-1]

Your Mars is trine Jupiter.

         It is likely that your immediately previous life was lived in the land of your present nativity. In this prior life and throughout your experiences in different lifetimes, turmoils of many kinds have probably arisen. These troublesome periods were probably characterized by animosity and irresponsibility on the part of individuals, groups and masses of people in your life, yet you have kept an equal balance with these challenges, especially in what may be termed tolerance. Also, patience, as engendered by mercy, has accompanied these experiences.

         Moreover, the warlike, wrathful forces you experienced in the Mars realm between lives has been greatly moderated -- or positively overpowered -- by your experience in the Jupiter dimension.  Prior lifetimes prompting you to experience these interlife dimensions include one in ancient Rome.

         In other words, while in the past there have been some combative or even dangerous elements in your life as a result of your experience between lives in Mars' realm, your latent tendencies toward anger and to attract destructive conditions are well under control. This is mostly due to your ability constructively to exercise your will. While you may at times be in quite close contact with physical dangers, any bodily injuries you suffer are likely to be accidental, say through sports, athletics and outdoor activities.

         In addition, you wield considerable influence on groups of people, including different social classes with varying levels of education and the public at large. Your strong influence on others is shed through the magnetism of your personality, which shines through your unique individuality or soul force.

         Also, having a marked inner stability which rests in respect and trust from others, you are especially suited to deal with those under your employ or control with love and consideration. Yet you have an indomitable spirit of law and order, of justice and the necessity to stick to principles and moral rules of behavior.

         That is, from your afterlife experience in the realm of Jupiter you are helpful in making associations with those in power or in positions of prominence in which you stimulate them to create for others conditions -- whether in the workplace or elsewhere -- which make for developments toward brotherly love.

         In the present, once your own purposes and ideals are corrected or prioritized in yourself first, then you may aid in correcting, uplifting again on a large scale the spiritual, moral and social order of others. If you keep to this high level of spiritual development, you are a soul who may make your peace in such a manner as for there to be few or none of the turmoils of the earth in its experience again.

         Another way of putting this is that if you continue to be patient, tolerant, merciful and help others be more loving, you may not need to reincarnate very many more times.

         You are one, then, whose stability will rest in the respect of others by their trust in you, with your greater potential in being able to control others through your love for them. Also, this aspect related to Jupiter indicates the universal nature of your activities in relationship to large groups and masses of people.

         That is, while the application of your spiritual principles and abilities would first be personal -- involving individuals, one on one -- they would at the same time be of a universal, group or mass-oriented nature.

         Following this individual-yet-universal approach, you are able to go far as a keeper of records, data and activities in which the basic principles are for higher, protective, healing influences in the lives of many others. Yet these tenets are first to be personally and continually applied by you through your day-to-day lifestyle and philosophy of living.

         Hence, from a constructive past life as one in authority -- say during the Roman Empire or at the court of kings -- you developed as a soul and thus earned your experiences in Mars and Jupiter. Such a previous incarnation also contributed to -- and carried positive karma into the present from -- your choice of a fortunate, resourceful soul flight path (the trine aspect) from these two planetary dimensions at your rebirth. Deep in your cosmic past you have guided those with great influence and power in national affairs. In the present, once your own purposes and ideals are corrected or prioritized in yourself first, then you may aid in correcting, uplifting again on a large scale the spiritual, moral and social order of others.

          These tenets are first to be personally and continually applied by you through your day-to-day lifestyle and philosophy of living. With this coordination of your private and public application of spiritual principles, you will find expression, acceptance and service among many people this lifetime. You will also find the greater amount of money coming to you in your middle age and later years. More important, with consistent constructive service and soul development through application of spiritual principles, you may make your peace in such a way as for there to be few or no earthly turmoils to experience again. [1143-2, 953-4, 953-13, 1235-1, 1757-2]

Your Jupiter is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.

         Your experience in the Neptune and Jupiter dimensions between lives carries over into your present life an interest in universal principles, mystical beliefs, philosophical and religious mysteries, as well as the mysterious and magical sides of peoples lives.

         In these schemes and dreams, you are more inclined than the average soul to go through periods of daydreaming, pondering, musing, whether inward wondering or emotional wandering, you keep many things to yourself. Yet during these periods of inner mental activity ask yourself if you are fully exercising your own true abilities and opportunities this lifetime.

         You may long ago have been exposed to the Ultimate Mystic and Universal Principle, the Messiah, or some of His close followers, in the Holy Land during the New Testament period. Yet, in addition to afterlife soul journeys in Jupiter and Neptune, sometime since then, perhaps in your immediately previous life, you may have unlearned some of what you gained in your Early Church experience through, for instance, an early American incarnation when you may have opposed those whose beliefs were different from yours.

         As a karmic result, then, when faced with disappointment resulting from deception and domination by others, you may ask yourself whether you are strong enough in your faith. This is emphasized because, in addition to having a pleasing outer temperament and tremendous inner resources from your lifetime in ancient Israel, you have a great deal of strength in your spiritual inclinations and marked leadership potential, especially involving groups and larger numbers of people even in the business world.

         However, you may tend to allow your own beliefs, ideals, intuitions and unique capacities to be made subservient to the circumstances, attitudes and beliefs of others. This may have more than once brought you the feeling that you were hedged in by outer circumstances and if you could only have the opportunity for your wishes to be realized, how different things would be for you socially, financially and psychologically!

         One likely consequence of this is a tendency toward exaggeration and at times confused shifts of feelings. For instance, you may find yourself going from near elation over some circumstances in your life to downright despondency with other ones.

         Moreover, your true beliefs and feelings concerning your relationships with individuals and groups (for example feelings involving deception, exaggeration or simple confusion) are likely to be hidden from those close to you. However, because you are very impressionable, make a special effort to apply your will to stabilize yourself inwardly so you can better use abilities you have in many different directions, whether as a leader or in building and binding friendships. Bear in mind always that through your free will you can always CHOOSE to loose yourself from and stay aloof from relationships that take advantage of you.

         Also, remember that the ability to pursue constructively your opportunities as a leader on one hand and to control these challenging situations you are meeting from past life links with others nonetheless lies entirely within you and not another. You must simply will yourself actively to express your innate abilities, perceptions, feelings and intuitions in a direct, straightforward fashion. This includes saying "No" to false friends as well as false beliefs. Were you to do this, supported spiritually with consistent meditation and vigilant prayer to be guided by the Divine Will rather than the will of another, you will find a far freer and greater potential for expression this lifetime. [1929-1, 240-2]

         NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are
         analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in
         the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are
         different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they
         will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.
         Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac
         sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;
         the Moon position, being the same as the Sun
         position, does not need to be interpreted in
         this case.

              Your Sun is in Scorpio (Tropical zodiac).

         At times you may be considered by others as somewhat different, although on your own part, when those of comparable mental ability are part of your experience, you are known as a soul with nobleness of purpose and high-mindedness of principles. You are, in other words, one who is ABOVE the ordinary and may go far in leading, directing and assisting many souls to reach a better understanding of elemental, universal principles.

         Long ago you may have been part of the once mighty Mongolian people of the ancient Gobi desert, or among the culturally advanced Chinese.  From such lifetimes as these, you have the ability to perform what is expected of you and to do what is necessary without being held back by your feelings or by considerations of a personal nature.  This is a strength you inherited from one or more past lives in these remote Asian cultures, whose people shared this self-denying trait.

         Perhaps you were once a young Chinese woman who gave birth to many children, ran a large household and pleased the master of the house.  You may have done all this while quietly enduring the agony of brutally bound feet which was once a rather cultural requirement of the true ladies of ancient China.

         Bear in mind that Mars is the planet of energy, power and war which rules or best symbolizes the essence of Scorpio. It may not be surprising then, that you may have been a Mongolian warrior who fought to the death for your tribal leader without hesitation or concern for your own injury or pain.

         Above all, in these Asian past life settings, you had dignity, as you learned to cope with harsh conditions and challenges without wasting your energy on your personal needs.

         A more recent incarnation among Native Americans like the plains Indians is also likely. Yet whether your life was among Orientals or American Indians, your characteristic past life suppression of individual feelings in sacrifice for the larger interests of your family, group or tribe may in the present make you appear cold, insensitive or uncaring, when you are actually very caring and compassionate. [2710-1]

              Your Moon is in Libra (Tropical zodiac).

         You may remember, in your deeper meditations and dreams, experiences from long ago when you were among great artists, sculptors, poets, and craftsmen of ancient India as well as the more recent leaders of prosperous, classical Greece.  Even later day Venice, Florence and other Italian cities developed some of this love of culture, beauty and appreciation of art which you were closely involved with then and which you find rewarding still.

         Venus is the planet of love, beauty and art, so it is very appropriate to convey the symbolic essence of the sign Libra, which it rules.  Venus' influence through Libra also makes that which is crass and primitive quite unnatural for you to accept gracefully, or to participate in willingly.

         You may also have been among many who reincarnated in the American South just before the Civil War.  In the present you may have to learn the lesson of providing for your own needs, luxury and comfort rather than having others do provide these things for you.  In fact, one of the challenges of Libra lies in being too liberal or indulgent with oneself.  With prayerful application of your will, this too can be overcome. [303-31]

              Your Moon is in Virgo (Sidereal zodiac).

         As to the activities which are innate or outwardly manifested in your life, coming in the astronomical constellation of Virgo, at times you may have the appearance of being too self-sufficient in your relationships with others. Hence you may be considered somewhat eccentric, especially in your choice of associates and friendships.

         There is also a likely tendency for you to approach life in a very rational way, resulting in your being considered by others as having a rather materialistic turn of mind.  At the same time this also gives you the ability to train or direct the training of the minds of young people.

         Long ago, one of your likely past lives was in an ideal nature setting, where you were known for your courage and for your ability to heal.  From this distant lifetime you are less likely than most people to be dominated by others and you are usually inclined to carry your share of responsibilities. This experience may have been in South or Central America as a member of one of the native cultures in the Amazon forest of Brazil or the Aztec Indians of Mexico.

         Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of the sign Virgo.  Higher levels of learning and teaching, then, have been yours in these lifetimes, from successful interaction with nature to more religious pursuits like participating in the Holy Crusades to Palestine and neighboring lands.  You may also have followed Alexander the Great on his history-making and Greek culture-expanding military excursions into Arabia and India. [365-3]

                  Your Past Life Decanates

          According to an ancient Vedic astrology method
     still practiced in India, Past Life Planets are realms
     in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes.  They
     are identified through the position of your sidereal
     Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a one-
     third division of a zodiac sign; each is ruled by a
     planet).  Any patterns involving these Past Life
     Planets are therefore of special importance.   Pay extra
     attention, then, to any sections of your Report which
     interpret these planets.

     NOTE:   If your Sun and Moon are both located in a
     decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then
     only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon's
     decanate position, being the same as the Sun's,
     therefore does not need to be interpreted.

            Your Sun is in Gemini Decanate

     Your sidereal Sun is in GEMINI decanate, which is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury as Past Life Planet gives you a high intellectual capacity, marked data handling or communications skills, a distinct thirst for knowledge and a natural aptitude for writing, teaching and research.  A prominent Mercurian lifetime as an Egyptian or Hebrew scribe and/or teacher in colonial Asia, Africa or the early Americas is also likely.

            Your Moon is in Taurus Decanate

     Your sidereal Moon is in TAURUS decanate, which is ruled by Venus.  Venus as Past Life Planet points to high priorities in creativity, sociability and relationships, especially in your family/home life and in the world of nature.  Urges toward these experiences and interests from your sojourn in the Venus dimension are likely to originate in parallel lifetimes of soul development through these areas of self-expression.

     Especially indicated are lives in the early Jewish-Christian Church and later as an artist-musician in modern times, whether in the West (Europe and/or America), or in modern or colonial Asia.


Each particular zodiac sign has it's own characteristics. If you click on the sign you can read about some of the traits of that sign. Or order one of our reports and use the power of the planets to your advantage and tap into what should come naturally to you.