The Child Astrology Report

image The Child Astrology Report has been written to act as a guide for parents and mentors of children, to help them reach their full potential. This can be achieved by recognizing and accepting each childs individual gifts and weaknesses and help overcome obstacles to provide them with as many opportunities as possible to develop their talents.

The report, averages 12 pages, includes easy-to-understand text and beautiful graphics.

Price - $20
Availaibility = 24 hours through email or add to your Astro Selfie.

Included in The Child report are:

  • Introduction
  • Family and Friends includes interpretations for the Moon and Venus in the signs and houses
  • Talents and Schooling includes interpretations for the Sun and Mercury in the signs and houses
  • Goals includes interpretations for the Ascendant and Mars in the sign and houses
  • Childhood Journey includes interpretations of hard and soft aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
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image Rico Rodriguez (born July 31, 1998 time unknown)
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Rodriguez had not considered becoming an actor until around 2006, when his sister began acting. "I thought I'd be a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) chef going to the moon", he said regarding this in an interview in 2010. .

Rodriguez is a co-winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series on two occasions (2011 and 2012), and a nomination for the same award was garnered in 2010. Rodriguez has published a book titled Reel Life Lessons...So Far that was released in 2012



This report has been written to introduce you to the concepts of astrology and how to get started with a childs natal chart. Astrology is a complex and meaningful science which takes years to study and apply successfully; however, we would like to whet your appetite with this report, and encourage you to deepen your understanding through other means. A birth chart with an accurate birth time is required to do a full and accurate astrology report. This report has gathered together threads of your childs birth chart, but is not a full report because you do not know the birth time. Nevertheless there is still enough information to provide an interesting and informative introduction to your childs chart. Most planets move quite slowly, so we can be sure that they were in a particular sign at your childs time of birth, regardless of the actual time of day. However, in cases where a planet did change sign during your day of birth, you will see two paragraphs describing that planet - one for the sign that planet was in in the first part of the day, and one for the sign that planet was in for the last part of the day. In these cases, you should read both paragraphs to determine which one describes your child better, and this might then help you determine which part of the day your childs birth actually occurred in.

Family and Friends

The Moon

The Moon tells you about your children's emotional nature and basic needs. It is also the key to how they experience intimacy in relationships. The Moon tells you about your children's relationship with their mother, how they experience their mother's nurturing. As a result it can also give you insights on how to best nurture your children as babies and maturing young adults. When a child feels safe and has their basic needs met, they are better able to achieve their goals later in life. The Moon is a fast moving point in a birth chart which changes sign about every two days.

The Moon is in Scorpio

Baby Rico is born wise. He looks like he has been somewhere deep and mysterious and is ready for a new life. Intensity is a key word for baby Rico's life, both his own intense feelings, and those surrounding him. As such it is possible that baby Rico's birth is surrounded by dramatic circumstances. His birth may have been dramatic causing strong emotional responses from his parents. Or perhaps Rico's birth coincides with a crisis in his parents' lives. Whatever the scenario, Rico needs to be dealt with in a sensitive and careful manner. Rico may be a demanding baby and child. This is because he needs to feel an emotional response from those around him. This is best done if parents acknowledge Rico's need for company, keeping him close by. Music may also be soothing in the absence of parental company. As he grows up, Rico may live in a world of his own keeping his emotional depths well and truly hidden. Alternatively this child could form a very close bond with a woman, probably his mother. If this is the case then Rico may feel that only his mother truly understands him. This could be a comfortable or uncomfortable feeling in adulthood when the bond may be maintained or broken. This child may enjoy forming a strong bond with a pet. As Rico grows older he may also enjoy games of hide and seek, mystery books, a tape recorder and art activities.


The planet Venus describes your children's personal relationships with family and friends. Like a Moon, Venus is important in describing how your child prefers to interact. This planet also gives vital information about your childs receptivity to love. This is important because a child feels loved in different ways. Some children feel cherished when loved ones are paying them lots of attention, whereas others feel most loved when given the freedom to go their separate ways. Therefore gaining an understanding of the planet Venus in your childs chart can give you insights into how to encourage rewarding relationships with family and friends.

Venus is in Cancer

Rico thrives on love and affection. Parents can never give Rico too many cuddles or too much praise and tenderness. This little softie really enjoys feeling enfolded in the love of family and friends. A kind-hearted child, Rico tends to form close bonds with family members and perhaps a few selected friends. He doesn't want to stray far from home and enjoys helping loved ones with cooking and other kitchen duties. As Rico develops, he also enjoys relating to babies and younger children. He also benefits from the warmth and unconditional love of pets. In turn, pets benefit from Rico's need to nurture others. Soft and cuddly toys can comfort Rico in times of tension. The key ingredient to successful relationships is how confident Rico feels within himself. Any form of criticism from parents, mentors, or family friends is likely to prompt feelings of insecurity in young Rico. At times Rico is shy and in need of reassurance to help him relate others with self-confidence. Rico does not need lots of friends, but benefits from forming a close bond with one or two playmates. The transition from home to school is also much smoother if a friend or sibling can accompany Rico. Home is likely to become the centre of Rico's social life, even at a young age. He prefers his friends to visit him in the comfort of his own setting, rather than venturing out to public venues. Parents need to create a welcoming home environment for young Rico's friends, but he may also need some encouragement to participate in community events occasionally.

Talents and Schooling

The Sun

The Sun represents your childs identity. It describes your childs basic personality traits and their talents. It also tells you how your children think of themselves; how they need to express themselves; how they need to shine in their lives; how they feel alive. It is the centre of a childs self-expression. The Sun can also tell us about a childs father.

The Sun is in Leo

The Leo Sun child has a sunny nature brightening any room with his presence. Parents are delighted by young Rico's playful and enchanting antics. In turn Rico loves attention and will have many lively and creative ideas for becoming noticed. If an extrovert, Rico shines in the limelight, perhaps even having a noticeable talent, which requires him being on stage at an early age. However, if an introvert, Rico shines in the attention of those closest to him. Either way Rico is a loving child thriving on affection and praise. Adults do well to encourage Rico's self-esteem with plenty of love and approval. Although demanding and seemingly self-confident, Rico can be easily hurt by critical words. Rico's self-confidence needs to be nurtured while at the same time behaviour that does not recognise the rights of other people needs to be discouraged. In other words Rico can be bossy and needs to be taught to take a back seat occasionally. This also helps Rico's transition to childcare, kindergarten and school where considering other children's needs and adapting to someone else's schedule is a necessity. Rico is likely to be talented at anything that ignites his passion. Depending on other aspects of his chart Rico may prefer activities which require public relations or creativity.


The planet Mercury describes your children's intellectual abilities. The sign and placement of Mercury can describe whether or not your child finds it easy to concentrate at school. Your child may be a daydreamer or have great concentration. Your child may be shy or interact easily with other people. Either way it is possible to boost your childs self-esteem by choosing study methods and schooling that suits their needs rather than forcing them to fit into an alien environment. Gaining an understanding of the planet Mercury can help in these matters.

Mercury is in Leo

"Learning is meant to be fun" is a commonly expressed maxim and is particularly true for Rico. Young Rico, more than other children, learns much more when educated in a fun and light-hearted manner. This is an important approach for parents and mentors to remember, whether it be teaching Rico to crawl, walk and talk in early childhood or more complex schooling later. Rico responds best to play, praise and encouragement. Any criticism or parental pressure is likely to quickly squash Rico's natural enthusiasm for learning. When permitted to develop at his own pace, Rico is able to learn new skills easily, perhaps even topping his class at school or in his chosen activities. He has a creative mind, with plenty of ideas and opinions to be expressed. However, parents and mentors see a completely different side to Rico if he feels forced to achieve beyond his own limits or to conform to other people's expectations. Under stress, Rico either becomes introverted and shy or becomes the class clown, depending on other factors of his birth chart. Both types of behaviour are an attempt to hide his lack of self-confidence. Rico needs to be encouraged to speak his mind, debate opinions with other people and appreciate his own worth. He may benefit from, or have a talent for, creative writing, drawing, painting or the dramatic arts.


The Ascendant

The Ascendant, or Rising Sign as it's sometimes called, is considered to be an important component of an astrology chart. Ancient astrologers believed that the Ascendant depicted a person's primary motivation. Some believed that it was one of the links to discovering what makes a person happy. It could be said that when we're accomplishing our primary motivation then we're happy. By gaining knowledge of a childs Ascendant and discovering this childs primary motivation in life, parents and mentors can then help them achieve their goals. Caring adults can encourage the child with love and support. In turn your child experiences a sense of happiness and fulfilment. The Ascendant is a fast moving point in a birth chart and has therefore been left out of this untimed birth chart report.


Ambition and drive, like many traits, can be powerful positive forces in your childrens lives, helping them achieve their dreams. Too much ambition can hinder your childs ability to collaborate. On the other hand, without motivation your child may not be able to establish a healthy sense of self and successfully leave home and family. Studying Mars, the planet of drive and energy, assists parents and mentors. Mars describes vitality in your childs birth chart. If our children are free to pursue their own dreams and ambitions, their joie de vivre is a wonderful thing to see. By understanding the placement of Mars in your childs chart, you can help support their goals. You gain insight into whether or not your child lacks motivation in certain areas and why. You can also see if your child has an excess of passion. As a result you can either patiently try to motivate your child, or you can provide plenty of stimulation and direction.

Mars is in Cancer

The astrological placement of the planet Mars in the sign of Cancer is not an easy one for young Rico. The fiery energy of Mars is a strange mix with the watery energy of the sign of Cancer. In other words the more upset Rico feels about something, the harder he finds it to express himself or to take action. Therefore, Rico is easily frustrated when trying to achieve his goals. Frustration often results in tears. He needs to be in the right mood before tackling most tasks.

Self-confidence plays a major role in Rico's ability to achieve his goals. If pushed to do something he doesn't want to do then he may dig in his heels or resort to passive behaviour. He seems to lack motivation, more likely to withdraw into a brooding silence rather than pursue his talents. Parents and mentors are probably best advised to leave young Rico alone to sort through his strong feelings, waiting for an opportune moment before approaching him. Anyone who tries to provoke little Rico into action when he is really upset is likely to encounter resistance. Rico can switch from sulking to tears very easily. The best approach is to gently encourage Rico to apply reason to unsettling situations. Rico needs to learn that neither sulking nor tantrums ultimately serve anyone's purpose. Of course young Rico is simply trying to protect himself from further upset; however, he needs to be gently taught to positively express his feelings and how to assert his own rights.

Although Rico has some trouble following through on his own goals, he is adept at fighting on the behalf of loved ones. He is a real fighter when it comes to looking after younger children, pets, anyone who he loves or anything that he is passionate about. With encouragement Rico learns to direct his emotions in to activities that are emotionally satisfying. He is likely to enjoy activities such as swimming, cooking, sports fishing, sailing and starting his own collection. He may also be motivated, from a young age, to fight for causes such as environmental ones.

Childhood Journey

Wouldn't it be ideal if we could isolate one trait in our personalities, capture it in a glass for observation and dissection? Of course this is not possible. Neither is it possible for us to isolate one part of a birth chart. The different aspects of our children's birth charts intermingle in a complex manner to make the little person that we know and love. However, it is possible for us to influence the development of our children, to support them in their journey. The aim of this section is to give vital clues for parents and mentors on how to guide, but not coerce, the development of your child.

Pluto is Trine The Sun

Rico is a powerful child, challenging himself and those who love him to stand up and take notice of life's abundance. He is curious and keen to explore new territory. If extroverted then young Rico is likely to end up in trouble as a result of his curiosity and resulting adventures into the outside world. He is a real character, a regular Tom Sawyer or Pippi Longstocking. However, a more introverted child may simply enjoy spending time on his own studying the inner workings of toys, nature and/or household equipment. From the moment of birth Rico's father plays a pivotal role in his life. His childhood relationship with father, or a strong father figure, determines the extent to which he feels able to carve his own niche later in life. Rico is likely to adore his father as a young child. As the patriarch of the family he earns respect of those surrounding him. A growing child keenly notices this. However, there may be a time when this adoration is transformed by a sense of betrayal. This is not necessarily within father's control. No-one can live up to God-like expectations. However, he can make sure that Rico feels supported as much as possible.

Both Rico and his father have strong personalities and therefore they clash, each determined to express their own views or have their own way. It is important that Rico's father shows self-restraint, otherwise these clashes could become violent. He needs to ensure that young Rico is kept safe, away from emotional, verbal and physical abuse. In other words Rico's father needs to provide a safe environment in which he and Rico can both assert their own wills and gain greater understanding of themselves and each other. If this is not achieved then young Rico loses a sense of his own identity and cowers in the face of adversity. He eventually rebels, probably in his teenage years. However, if Rico's father can allow him the freedom to develop his own powerful personality then young Rico is likely to develop great personal power, the ability to lead others and to achieve his own goals.

The theme of death can also play an important role under this influence. Young Rico is both more sensitive to the grief process and also more able to grow in strength through this process, be it the death of a family member or the death of a pet.

Saturn is Square The Sun

Rico's relationship with his father plays an integral role in his life, probably from the moment of birth. It is even possible that young Rico has been named after his father or the father's family's name, or a close friend of his father, or that his father chose his name. Hence the bond starts at birth. This bond can be a positive one in the long term; however, it is possible that Rico's father is initially somewhat strict or oppressive. Perhaps he feels protective of young Rico, not realising that all young people need freedom to explore. Or perhaps he is simply a disciplinarian with difficulty expressing the love that is in his heart. Either way Rico is likely to feel limited in his self-expression as a child, particularly before the age of 14. As a result his self-esteem could suffer. He may be a serious and somewhat shy child. It is important that Rico's father, or father figure's in his life express a lot of praise and affection to help balance the discipline. This way Rico grows into a well-balanced young person, secure in the knowledge of his ability to achieve his goals with the support of important men in his life. He will have the self-discipline to succeed. In some cases it is not Rico's father that takes this stern role, but another adult male in his life. Therefore all of the above would apply to this man, not his father. It is also possible that problems can be experienced early in life because of Rico's relationship with his father or a father figure. If this is the case then it is likely that Rico will face these challenges, grow in wisdom and achieve success later in life, particularly from the age of 29 years.

Uranus is Opposite The Sun

From the moment Rico is born, family life takes a different direction. In fact even his birth may have taken his parents by surprise and challenged family members to make changes. Rico is one of a kind. He is a restless baby, fed up with inactivity and eager to be on the move. It is true that Rico is easily bored. He quickly outgrows activities, friends and even family members. He may not enjoy cuddles and the safety of a warm home, but rather takes pleasure in exploring new things. Rico enjoys doing things on his own, as well as playing with others. However, he is more likely to be a leader than a follower. He is also likely to be impulsive and determined to have his own way. Young Rico can be quite stubborn. This can cause friction with any adult in a position of responsibility, particularly men.

Rico's father, or a father figure, plays an important role in his life. In some cases his father may have an unusual occupation or hobby that takes him away from his family responsibilities. Or perhaps Rico's father is absent at a crucial stage of his development. As a result Rico may become rebellious, even uncontrollable for a period. In other cases, it may simply be that his father is an independent person capable of encouraging Rico's independent spirit in a positive manner. It is important that Rico's father provide safe limits for little Rico's explorations so that he can discover new activities without taking unnecessary risks. Rico's father, or a father figure, needs to have an abundance of patience as he tests the limits.

Jupiter is Quincunx Mercury

The positive planet Jupiter has a beneficial influence on the planet Mercury even though this combination can present some difficulties. Rico is eager to learn all that he can about his environment. He has an inquiring mind and is naturally curious.

Rico enjoys activities that provide stimulation. However, at times he can be a bit too pushy in his endeavours to explore his environment. Rico is so keen to learn new things that he may try "walk before he can crawl". Rico also has difficulty concentrating on one thing at a time, lacking the self-discipline to complete projects. Parents and mentors need to encourage Rico's development, but also provide some guidelines. Indulging Rico's whims does not help him develop self-discipline. Rico needs to be taught self-restraint, although he won't appreciate these lessons.

Rico is eager to attend school, but may lack the self-discipline required by a more traditional school. He enjoys the company of other students and the excitement of new ideas, but is eager to study at his own pace rather than fit in with other people's expectations or routines. With positive teaching methods Rico excels at school and copes ably during his developmental stages.

Saturn is Trine Mercury

Now here's a child who needs a lot of approval and support, particularly from his father or an important male mentor. The more love and kindness that Rico receives, the more he is able to express himself in his daily life with confidence. The reason for this is that the combination of the planets Saturn and Mercury can be a difficult one, presenting some pitfalls in early childhood development. In other words young Rico may face difficulties in his ability to learn and communicate. This, in turn, affects his self-confidence. Rico may be shy, preferring the safety of his home rather than venturing out and about. Rico could be slow to talk and read. Perhaps school seems a bit overwhelming to young Rico. He prefers to spend time reading in his own room rather than socialising with his friends. Rico is sensitive to criticism, particularly any harsh words from his father or a prominent male member of the family. On the other hand Rico slowly blossoms when praised by his father. He also responds well to a male mentor's patient words of wisdom. Rico needs a slow, methodical approach when being given any instructions. He works better within a structured environment. With calm handling Rico gradually gains self-understanding and a wisdom that is beyond his years. Another positive note that is most of Rico's learning difficulties are experienced in his early youth. As he matures, social and communication skills and study becomes easier. It is almost as if Rico is born with a greater intelligence that needs to be carefully nurtured during childhood in order for it to be fully expressed as he matures.

As Rico grows older, he is likely to excel in a specialised subject of his choice. His selection of topic depends on other aspects of his birth chart. Parents need to make sure that Rico is able to choose his own study topics as much as is possible. Excessive parental control could have a detrimental effect, eroding Rico's budding self-confidence. It is interesting to note that the famous scientist Albert Einstein experienced learning difficulties at school, and yet later rose to prominence in his field. Einstein had a powerful combination (conjunction) of the planets Saturn and Mercury in his birth chart. The strength of this association depends on the nature of the astrological link. Parents may wish to consult an astrologer.


Each particular zodiac sign has it's own characteristics. If you click on the sign you can read about some of the traits of that sign. Or order one of our reports and use the power of the planets to your advantage and tap into what should come naturally to you.