Live by the Sun,
Feel by the Moon

The weekly horoscopes are my sun scopes that tell you what is going on in the sky for the week. The daily Feel by the Moon is designed for you to to concentrate on feelings. This may actually change more than once a day. The moon is the celestial body directly responsible for our feelings. I give you a couple of words, one picture, for you to be able to feel and utilize the mood of the moon. I want you to think about it, to feel it, and to apply it to your day. If we all do this together, then we can harnass the energy of the moon and how it relates to the other planets. This in turn, will magnify, and intensify the blessings it bestows upon us.

Move with the Stars
by the Light of the Libra Moon

My wish for you is that you understand yourself. That you love yourself. That you understand the people that are in your life. You help them work through their issues and fears and hopes and wishes and dreams. Get an astro selfie and or get astrology reports and read them as many times as it takes for you to really get it. God made everybody different. We are all here for a reason. I want you to better you understand you and those around you. I want you to take this knowledge and help them because when you help them you help yourself, and then the happier you will be. I will show you how with what I call Zodiac Therapy.

zodiac signs

The Zodiac Signs

zodiac constellations

The Constellations