The Planet

Venus has been associated with Libra since ancient times. In fact, according to Macrobius, Venus appeared in this constellation at the time of Creation (you can not go any further back than that). He also said that the goddess bound human couples together under the yoke of matrimony.

Venus is a planet of exquisite beauty. The third brightest object in the skies (behind the Sun and Moon), it was once thought of as two separate planets as it rises at both Sunset and Sunrise. The ancients knew, however, that the morning star Eosphorus and the evening star Hesperus were one in the same, but to this day Venus rules two signs Taurus and Libra.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the sixth largest. Because it is closer to earth than any other planet, to us it appears the largest. When Venus is in Taurus, or in our sign, our desires seem larger than anything else in our life.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the sixth largest. Because it is closer to earth than any other planet, to us it appears the largest.


The God

Aphrodite rules Venus, ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra. In Taurus we meet the earthy sensuality of Venus. Taurean energy is very old, dating back to the beginnings of time when matriarchal society ruled. It was a time of fertility rites. Motherhood was revered and statues of well endowered feminine forms have been found by archaeologist s world wide (all aspects of Aphrodite). In Taurus, Aphrodite is associated with the earth.

In Libra we see the more intellectual side of Venus and one of more modern times. Venus was a complex goddess. She represents love and harmony and it was said that wherever she walked, flowers grew in her footsteps. Yet she could be vengeful and vain.

The Judgement of Paris is one of the stories that illustrate this aspect of Aphrodite. In Greek mythology there was a lot of vying for power amongst the goddesses, although Aphrodite proclaimed herself No. 1 (as Venus energy does). Out of spite for not being invited to a wedding banquet a miffed goddess threw a golden apple into the Hall, written upon it were the words To the loveliest goddess . A squabble broke out between Aphrodite, Hera and Athene as to who should get the prize. So Zeus commanded Paris (Prince of Troy) to judge the contest. Paris was an impressionable and hormone filled youth. He quickly realised he was in a no win situation, as you do not make enemies of any one of those girls. In fear he offered to cut the apple in three. No way!
Hera offered Paris ruler ship of all the lands of the earth, Athene offered to make him the mightiest and most just of warriors. Aphrodite, clothed in garb that left little to the imagination, opened her robes to reveal her naked body. She offered Paris love and the heart of the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, it was a foregone conclusion that Paris would pick Aphrodite. While Aphrodite set about to give Paris, Helen (most beautiful women in the world) the other two goddesses, although proclaiming no hard feelings, walked off quietly plotting Paris s downfall. The events of that scene held tragic reverberations. Helen was very married and when Paris took her back to Troy, an event happened that comes down to this day as The face that launched a thousand ships . Helen and the thousand ships belonged to her very disgruntled husband. What followed was the Trojan War and the downfall of Troy.

Thus, Aphrodite also rules the consequences of inappropriate choices that come from the heart.

Libra is one of the most harmonious and balanced of signs, prepared to stand behind others. For centuries she was prepared to give away her glory to Virgo and Scorpio. It was not until Roman times that she was given her own rights.

Whatever the Scales were called and no matter which constellation they were assigned to, there has always been one central theme. That of balance and harmony, of measuring right against wrong and ensuring that justice is done.

Venus s energy is strong here in this sign. In the myths, going right back to the Creation where she bound couples together, right through to Greek times when Venus became Aphrodite.

Libra is a sign drowning in the concept of love and therefore rules the 7th House, the house the ancients called the House of marriage . This house rules committed relationships and lasting partnerships. Cupid himself belongs to Libra and the 7th House, as does Aphrodite, but not in the sensual way she rules Taurus. In Libra, she works through air energy and therefore the mind.

Zodiac Signs with Planetary Rulers


At the time of year that the harvest was being stored and sorted, the long winter months were looming close. It was a time of finding a partner to keep you warm and help you through those times. In ancient times life and death often came down to having a mate or partner.

Thus, Libran energy is very much one of balance, harmony and love. Not the romantic love we meet in Leo. This is deep and committed love, the love to be found between married couples and long term connections.

In the Libran realm, which is that of relationships, Venus/Aphrodite brings an important concept. That of choice.

In Paris we saw the consequence of the wrong choice. In another important Aphrodite myth, of Psyche and Eros, we see the consequence of having trust and integrity and risking all in the pursuit of truth. Thus, Libran energy is very much one of choice. The story of Psyche and Eros is one of divine and mortal urges, the very ones we face in our own lives.

When any planet moves through Libra it is filtered down to us through this Libra energy. Libra, being the seventh sign on the zodiac wheel, rules the seventh house. Any planet moving through your seventh house is filled with rich Libran vibes.

Each particular zodiac sign has it's own characteristics. If you click on the sign you can read about some of the traits of that sign. Or order one of our reports and use the power of the planets to your advantage and tap into what should come naturally to you.